Woman’s equal rights in islam: Links 3 on March 19 – 2015

1. Mark Levins conclusion may or may not be correct. But facts are facts.

2. Afghanistan? “They beat her to death and then threw her on the river side and burned her. Firefighters later came and put out the fire and took the body.”

From Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty: A mob in the Afghan capital, Kabul, killed a woman and set her body on fire for allegedly burning a copy of the Koran. Police and witnesses said the incident took place near the Shah-e Doh Shamshira shrine on March 19. Police said they were investigating the incident.

(My guess is the police investigation will be thorough and they will conclude that yes, she really did burn a koran)

(In the modern age, when a large group of superstitious, murderous blood-lust filled savages decide to beat a woman to death cause she burned a symbol of her oppression, there will be lots of people with easy-to-use phone cams ready to film it. Now about letting Iran have nuclear weapons…)

3. Arrests over deadly jihadist attack in Mali

Malian police have arrested three men suspected of aiding militants behind a deadly attack that killed two Europeans and three Malians. A jihadist group has claimed responsibility saying Westerners were targeted.

Mali Polizeiabsperrung bei Bamako

Malian police have arrested three men suspected of aiding militants behind this month’s deadly attack that killed a French citizen, a Belgian and three Malians at a popular nightspot in Bamako.

Thank you Wrath of Khan, M., and all who are sending in material and a team of great translators who are working on a few items for later today.

You know, perhaps in Islam, women do have equal rights. All women are equally entitled to be beaten to death by a mob shouting “Allah is the greatest” like drunken soccer fans then burning their body burned as any other woman if they are accused of burning a koran or having sex with someone they actually want to have sex with.

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