Major media today seems to write suicide notes rather than report on truth: Links 2 March 19 – 2015

1. The Nike and Adidas add you will never see.

(Caution: Photo of dead islamo-fascists)

2. Newsweek writes obscene little piece covering for islamic horror

Every Muslim is in utter shock about the senseless, appalling and cowardly attack on Charlie Hebdo in Paris, and the other senseless violence against innocents we have seen since in Copenhagen and Libya.

Let us say it plainly: These horrific acts are a complete violation of Islamic law and norms, and the perpetrators are in no way representative of Muslim people or the religion of Islam

(Are they now? Are they indeed.)

3. Meanwhile, the Saudis publish a self contradictory defense of sharia law using what is now the familiar, child-like logic of islam.

“Shariah laws are not made by Parliament or people’s representatives. They are divine laws given by the Almighty for the welfare and security of the whole humanity,” he explained. […] “We are not imposing Shariah on others. Why do then Sweden and other Western countries criticize the Kingdom when we are implementing Shariah in accordance with our faith? This is clear interference in our internal affairs and Saudi Arabia will not tolerate such attacks,” he said.

(“For the whole on humanity” or “we are not imposing it on others”. Take your pick. You don’t get both)

4. I think the Canadian military could use a few of these

5. Tunisia arrests suspects in museum attack; Islamic State claims responsibility

After Tunisia’s president vowed to expand a “merciless war against terrorism,” the Islamic State asserted Thursday that two of its fighters, both Tunisians, struck a “malicious group from the citizens of the Crusader countries,” according to a translation by the SITE Intelligence Group. There was no immediate confirmation that the militant organization, an al-Qaeda offshoot also known as ISIS and ISIL, was actually behind the assault.

6. IS Yazidi attacks may be genocide, says UN

Jihadists from the Islamic State (IS) group may have committed genocide and war crimes against the minority Yazidi community in Iraq, the UN says.

In a new report, it says IS had “the intent… to destroy the Yazidi as a group.”

Tens of thousands of Yazidis fled villages in northern Iraq amid IS advances last summer. Many were killed, captured and enslaved.

Yazidis follow an ancient faith that jihadists regard as devil worship. […]

“A pregnant woman, repeatedly raped by an ISIL ‘doctor’ over a period of two and a half months, said he deliberately sat on her stomach.

“He told her: ‘This baby should die because it is an infidel; I can make a Muslim baby’. “

(This article should be read. It is one of the rare activities of the UN which conforms to its mandate)

7. U.S. government officials: We are considering recognizing a Palestinian State within 1967 borders

According to sources, the consideration is in light of Prime Minister Netanyahu’s remarks against the idea of two states.

The United States is considering to support the decision of the UN Security Council in defining the boundaries of a Palestinian state with the 1967 borders, reported the New York Times.  According to the report, officials in the U.S. government are considering recommending the move after Netanyahu’s remarks against the establishment of a Palestinian state in Judea and Samaria, and due to his warning against the high voter turnout in the Arab sector.

8. U.S. Air Force Veteran Arrested Attempting to Join Islamic State

Jihadi tries to join muslim state. Americans shocked. Nothing to do with islam


A US Air force veteran has been charged with attempting to join the Islamic State. Tairod Nathan Webster Pugh, 47, originally from New Jersey, was arrested by the FBI two months ago, but the arrest was made public today.

Pugh converted to Islam in 1998. The FBI said that his views steadily became more radical from that point.

Thank you M., UK Pete, and all. More to come.

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  1. Arrests over deadly jihadist attack in Mali (DW, March 19, 2015)

    ” Malian police have arrested three men suspected of aiding militants behind this month’s deadly attack that killed a French citizen, a Belgian and three Malians at a popular nightspot in Bamako.

    Mali’s security services said the arrests targeted individuals believed to have assisted two militants who carried out the attack on March 7 before being killed in a shootout with police.

    “Two major links in the organization of the deadly attack on the restaurant-bar La Terrasse were arrested on Wednesday and during the night by the special forces of Mali’s intelligence agency,” State Security (SE), a government source told AFP.

    The Islamist al-Mourabitoun claimed responsibility for the attack – the first of its kind in years – saying it was in retribution for French cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed “whom the miscreant West insulted and mocked,” the group said in a statement.

    Eight other people – including two Swiss nationals – were also wounded in the attack carried out with grenades and assault rifles.

    The latest arrests came less than a week after police fatally shot a man suspected of playing a role in the attack on the La Terrasse bar.

    A weapons cache believed to be linked to the attack was also seized….”

  2. Afghan woman beaten to death for allegedly burning Koran

    An Afghan woman was beaten to death and her body was set on fire by a mob in Kabul Thursday for allegedly burning a copy of the Koran, police officials said.

    “A woman burned a copy of the Koran in the Shahi Doshamshira neighbourhood,” the head of Kabul’s criminal police General Farid Afzali told AFP.

    The woman’s body was then thrown into the Kabul River, Afzali added.

    The police were trying to disperse the angry crowd of “thousands of people” who had gathered in the densely populated neighbourhood, he said.

    Interior ministry spokesman Sediq Sediqqi also confirmed the incident, saying a probe into the “very unfortunate” event was underway.

    Photos of the attack were circulating on social media late Thursday.

    In 2012, the revelation that copies of the Koran had been burnt at the US-run Bagram prison sparked five days of violent anti-US riots and attacks across the country, which killed 30 people.

    A mob in Afghanistan’s capital Kabul has lynched a woman after she allegedly burned a copy of the Koran near a mosque, police say.

    Local police commander Saleh Mohammad told the BBC she was killed when “hundreds of locals and passersby attacked her with stones and sticks”.

    Witnesses say her body was then set on fire. Four suspects have been arrested but the woman has not been identified.

    The killing is thought to be the first incident of its kind in Afghanistan.

    However, correspondents say it is fairly common in neighbouring Pakistan.

    One eyewitness told the BBC how the lynching was carried out near the Shah-Du-Shamshaira mosque and shrine.

    “I heard noise, I went and people said that a woman is burning Koran. When I went closer I saw angry people shouting they want to kill the woman.

    “They beat her to death and then threw her on the river side and burned her. Firefighters later came and put out the fire and took the body.”

    Interior ministry spokesman Sediq Seddiqi said officials were not sure exactly what caused the incident.

    Afghan’s Tolo news agency said quoted the parents of the woman, named only as Farkhunda, as saying she had suffered from a mental illness for 16 years.

    The parents, who were not named, told Tolo she had not intentionally burnt the Koran.

    www ( )bbc ( ) com/news/world-asia-31973742

  3. #7 U.S. government officials: We are considering recognizing a Palestinian State within 1967 borders

    The 1967 borders were established after the Israelis beat the Arabs in a war of aggression in which the Arabs were openly intent on committing genocide against the Israeli Jews. By what twisted logic do the Jews owe the Arabs anything at all on that score? The Arabs should be apologizing as they sincerely thank the Israelis for every inch that they have given back in the name of peace, but all they ever want is more.

    If Obama does recognize the “Palestinian State” with the ’67 borders, President Romney will just rescind that two years from now. Oh… One year from now there’s going to be a pole that puts the Mitster ahead of all the other candidates and then there’s going to be a big “draft Mitt” movement and, well, he’ll win. A little bit of exposure will be all it will take – like “fighting” Evander Holyfield for charity. Mitt Romney really is an extremely impressive guy, if people can just get over being so damn envious of him…

  4. KABUL AFGHANISTAN –Burqa-clad suicide bomber kills provincial Afghan police chief

    A suicide bomber wearing a burqa blew himself up in the Afghan capital Kabul, killing an influential provincial police chief, officials said Thursday.

    The Taliban immediately claimed responsibility for the death of Matiullah Khan, head of police in central Uruzgan province, where he had worked closely with NATO troops during their combat mission.

    Afghanistan’s interior ministry said in a statement that a “terrorist clad in a burqa” had killed Khan and strongly condemned the murder.

    General Farid Afzali, head of the criminal police in Kabul, confirmed to AFP the attack, which took place late on Wednesday.

    “Last night, Matiullah Khan was targeted by a suicide attack in Kabul and killed,” said Dost Mohammad, a spokesman for the governor of Uruzgan.

    It was not immediately clear why Khan was in Kabul, more than 300 kilometres (miles) from his province.

    Taliban spokesman Qari Yousuf Ahmadi claimed responsibility for the killing, which comes as Afghanistan prepares to celebrate Persian New Year called Nowruz.

    Taliban insurgents have been waging a deadly campaign in Afghanistan since they were overthrown from power 14 years ago.

    They have stepped up suicide attacks on government targets following an Afghan army offensive which began in southern Helmand province two months ago, but are under pressure to enter peace talks.

    The offensive in Helmand is seen as a key test of the ability of Afghanistan’s military to curtail the insurgency following the end of the U.S.-led NATO mission in late December.

  5. Netanyahu’s Victory
    President Obama loses his bid to defeat a U.S. ally.

    The Israeli election that looked like a cliffhanger when the polls closed on Tuesday had turned into a decisive victory for Benjamin Netanyahu and his Likud Party by Wednesday morning. With at least 29 seats in the parliament compared to 24 for the main center-left party, Israel’s Prime Minister should be able to put together a ruling coalition of center-right parties that is more manageable than his last majority.

    The victory is a remarkable personal triumph for Mr. Netanyahu, who is now Israel’s second longest-serving Prime Minister after David Ben-Gurion. He gambled that he could assemble a more stable center-right coalition, as well as by giving a high-stakes speech to the U.S. Congress on Iran two weeks before the election, and in the final days stressing above all the security themes that must be Israel’s abiding concern.

    Mr. Netanyahu and Likud were trailing in the polls in the final week as the opposition stressed the rising cost of food and housing and an economy that had slowed to about 3% growth from near 6% in 2010. But in the closing days Mr. Netanyahu played up that foreigners (read: President Obama) wanted him defeated, and he rejected statehood for Palestinians, reversing a position he had taken in 2009. The reversal gave the impression of opportunism, even desperation, but it also rallied conservative voters who had hinted at growing “Bibi fatigue” after his long tenure as premier.

    While the results may dismay Mr. Netanyahu’s detractors abroad, especially in the White House, they surely reflect Israel’s security consensus. Opposition leader Isaac Herzog also opposed Mr. Obama’s emerging deal with Iran.

    As for peace with the Palestinians, Israelis have seen Gaza become a launching pad for missile attacks on innocent civilians after Israel left. They have seen the Palestinian Authority reject reasonable land-for-peace offers and the terror group Hamas join the PA’s governing coalition. Israelis have shown they will take risks for peace—recall Oslo in 1993 and Ehud Barak’s sweeping concessions in 2000 that Yasser Arafat rejected—but they are not suicidal.

    President Obama might also reflect on his own contribution to Mr. Netanyahu’s victory. Israelis surrounded by hostile nations sworn to their destruction are most likely to take risks for peace when they feel secure in America’s support. But Mr. Obama’s looming concessions to Iran’s nuclear program have united Israelis and Arabs in opposition. The President has also been so personally and overtly hostile to Mr. Netanyahu, even trying to stop and then belittling his speech to Congress, that he invited a backlash.

    It isn’t Mr. Obama’s habit to admit error, or to be gracious to his opponents, but it would serve the interests of both nations if he were. Israel’s raucous democracy is imperfect, like America’s, but it is the only reliable one in the bloody cauldron of the Middle East.

    • You can’t get housing if every site is considered a “settlement”. Even “Area C” – which would remain part of Israel under any Two-State Solution agreement – has not been built-up in deference to POTUS. How do you house a population under this barrage of relentless, vicious criticism?

      Yes, Bibi should’ve done more to make housing affordable. He should have built within the designated blocks and damned the critics.

      Then what? Be faulted for disintegration of the flaming Mideast? Blamed for Iran’s nukes? He wanted to make nice.

      You can’t have it both ways. Since the critics will scream bloody murder anyway, he should’ve gone ahead and taken care of his domestic responsibilities.

      He has a chance to put it right now. Expect the volume to increase, the stones to be sharper, and the wolves to take off their sheepskins.

  6. In 1951, Israel instituted a civil defense law requiring all homes, residential buildings and offices to be equipped with shelters or “safe rooms.”
    Documentary photographer Adam Reynolds has been photographing the myriad bomb shelters. Many have been re-purposed for broader uses like dance studios, community centers, pubs, mosques, and synagogues.

    Hidden in plain sight: The anatomy of Israeli bomb shelters

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