Tyranny crushes freedom and celebrates barbarity for suppression. Links 2 on March 18 – 2015

1. More on the arrest of the soccer fan in Scotland jailed for months for singing quite a popular song

The Song, which is quite a popular one

(Could be worse I guess. Could have been Kung Fu Fighting)

2. The Obama admin cannot be accused of being inconsistent when it comes to which side they are on in the ‘islam Vs. the World’ conflict.

3. Chris Jones asks this in a comment under another post:

 How many of those “disasters” we’ve been hearing about over the years are actually examples of Jihad? Remember the Biafrans? How many of those “conflicts” we’ve heard about over the years that they call are actually just people defending themselves against Jihad? The media has been running interference for the Muslims for a long, long time. How much anti-Semitism is caused by the hateful words of the Quran? I would be interested to see just how much war there would be if the Muslims weren’t there to start them. Islam has got to be the only religion on earth that actually encourages hatred and war… […]

(What about East Timor, the only conflict that Noam Chomsky got right and if he realized it was an act of jihad, would probably reverse his stance, and how about Pakistan and India itself? I bet there are many conflicts which are jihad and our media has carried water for the muslims. I’m pretty sure any Serbian national could think of a few)

4. Tunisia

5. US Guv report: Iran and Hizb’allah penetration of Latin America

6. UK: Outlaw ‘designer vagina’ surgery, say MPs

(More desperate false equivalence to try and spread the evil of islam onto anyone else possible. Ideally its victims.)

7. Kenya’s Wajir town hit by deadly ‘al-Shabab’ attack

Security sources said a group of hooded men threw a grenade at a small shop in the town of Wajir, about 100 km (60 miles) from the Somali border.

Local police said the shop caught fire, burning the bodies of the victims beyond recognition.

The attack is the fourth in five days in Kenya’s remote and restive north-east region.

“They locked [people] inside the shop, set it on fire and left. Three died inside while one [died] while being ferried to hospital,” Reuters quotes Mohamed Siyat, a county government official saying.


Thank you  Ox AO, Richard, M., Gates of Vienna, Don C., Wrath of Khan, and all. Almost certainly more to come today.

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20 Replies to “Tyranny crushes freedom and celebrates barbarity for suppression. Links 2 on March 18 – 2015”

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if the Egyptians take him up on his suggestion. There is no other way, no way to negotiate or deal – only kill or be killed. There are 18 million people in the Greater Cairo area. What happens when the economy gets so bad they begin to starve? With no tourist industry and constant violence taking place they will be forced into total destitution. This is not the time for mercy or “proportionality”. The more aggressive the government is, the sooner the Muslim Brotherhood will be defeated and never mentioned again. That is, after all, what the Egyptian People want.

        • What I’m referring to is the 30 million Egyptians who hit the streets in protest against the Muslim Brotherhood. I thought that represented a rare glimpse into the actual minds of the Egyptian People. I think it is safe to say that the majority of them are vehemently opposed to living in a medieval theocracy. Without that mandate, Abdel al-Sisi wouldn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of eliminating the Brotherhood, but with it, who knows…

      • Fighting like that is coming to all nations in the future, and it will probably be arriving faster then anyone thinks.

  1. 6. ““We cannot tell communities in Sierra Leone and Somalia to stop a practice which is freely permitted on Harley Street,” said Keith Vaz, the chairman of the select committee. ”

    “Vaz was one of the MPs who agreed to be on the all-party parliamentary group on Fiji proposed by Patrick Mercer MP as part of his paid advocacy for fake lobbyists. Mercer was recorded describing Vaz as “a crook of the first order”, adding that he had “never met an operator like him… I mean it’s not always completely ethical but it’s stunning, he is an operator”. Mercer’s comments on Vaz and the other Parliamentarians were a reason for the Committee on Standards deciding that he had brought the House of Commons into disrepute.”

  2. I am a fourth degree Orangeman in Canada. I am a “Billy Boy” and as Orange as the sunrise. That said, I believe that the Irish nationalists should smarten up and see the danger of Jihadists in their midst. The Jihadists have nothing in common with them and would like to see them convert to islam and accept Sharia law. How can the nationalists be so blind to not see the enemy amongst them?

    • The Irish Nationalists accepted help from the USSR while it still existed, they are not looking to the jihadists for help thinking they can control what happens latter. History is full of stories like this and th4e vast majority of them end badly for the nationalists.

  3. #1: Billy Boys
    Anyone here old enough to recognise the WWII song this sounds like?
    Listen to the second verse, I can remember my father’s generation singing a similiar song, about their homeland.
    Maybe these courts hate to be reminded that we were once a proud nation, and that’s why the sentence was so harsh.

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