Is reading the counter jihad sites, looking out the windows of the Titanic? Links 2 on March 17 – 2015

1. Tommy Robinson on policing double standards.

(An interesting excerpt from TR’s speech at Oxford Union on their ownYT channel)

2. Women with vaginal piercings to be classed as having suffered female genital mutilation says Department of Health

(Classic contemporary UK government new-think. In order to remove stigma from islam for things uniquely islamic, spread the horror around to other groups. So now, an 11 year old who is held down and had her genitalia removed so she cannot feel sexual pleasure or much much worse, the total excise of her visible aperture in the name of islamic conformity is now equivalent to a woman freely and of her own choice ornamenting herself, usually for the enhancement of sexual pleasure. Much like how they are now blaming changes in institutional diets etc. on Jews as well as muslims)

Women with vaginal piercings are to be classed as victims of female genital mutilation (FGM), health chiefs have said.

Under new NHS rules to be introduced next month, any woman whose labia or clitoris has been pierced must be recorded as suffering FGM, a procedure which is illegal in the UK.

The mandatory reporting regulations were sent to medical staff by the Department of Health, which said it is would start classifying the piercings ‘within an abusive context’.

It means that even women who have consented to the piercing for cosmetic reasons will be deemed as a potential victim of crime. Those responsible for carrying out the piercing could also be implicated for committing a criminal offence.

(Photo utterly unnecessary)

3. Lawyer for Pakistani doctor who helped the CIA track down Bin Laden is shot dead months after receiving death threats from Taliban militants 

Suspected Taliban gunmen have brutally murdered a Pakistani former lawyer who represented the doctor that helped the United States track down Al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden.

Senior police officer Shakir Khan said unidentified assailants shot and killed Samiullah Khan Afridi this morning in the northwestern city of Peshawar before fleeing the scene.

Although the Pakistani Taliban have not yet claimed responsibility, they are considered the most likely candidates for an attack that took place close to the border with Afghanistan, in the terrorist organisation’s heartland and just over 100 miles from Bin Laden’s Abbottabad compound.

4. Tachikawa teen ‘inspired by Islamic State’ held for trying to kill goat

A teenager in the Tokyo suburb of Tachikawa, apparently inspired by online video footage of recent gruesome killings of Japanese nationals by the Islamic State extremists, was arrested in February after attempting to kill a goat as “practice” for his plan to kill someone, police said.

According to sources at Tachikawa Police Station, the third-year junior high school student, whose name has been withheld because he is a minor, allegedly crept into a Tachikawa elementary school facility at about 1 a.m. Feb. 15 with the aim of killing a goat kept there.

(While at this level the scale remains extremely small, islam has managed at a large scale to renormalize horrific behaviour and savagery, in terms of what shocks, that the world has not believed possible since the 1400s.)

5. Saudi Arabia: No bargaining on Islamic rules

The Saudi Council of Ministers on Monday reemphasized that the fundamentals of Islam being followed by about 1.5 billion Muslims around the world are not subject to any bargaining.

The weekly session of the Cabinet, chaired by Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman at Al-Yamamah Palace here, also underscored that the Islamic Shariah guarantees fair equality between men and women and it allows no discrimination against women.

The Cabinet made the remarks in the backdrop of the recent statement by the Swedish foreign minister offending the Kingdom and its Shariah-based judicial system.

In a statement to the Saudi Press Agency following the session, Minister of Culture and Information Adel Al-Turaifi said the Cabinet reiterated its condemnation of the Swedish minister’s statement.

(This story is of serious importance despite the misdirection on equality of women)

6. As suspected, SUN News Network was lost to Canadian viewers thanks to what can only be said after analysis to be a highly partizan Liberal party government regulatory agency called, the CRTC. This is no surprise to those of us who gave it thought. But its great to have the facts and figures.

7. High Court judge bans 16-year-old British-Libyan boy from travelling abroad after TWO of his brothers died fighting jihad in Syria

8. Danish People’s Party: Help Muslims leave Islam

(It is amazing how long it has taken for someone to take this approach. The obviously correct one)

Danish People’s Party (DF) spokesman Martin Henriksen wants to see the Danish state step in and offer help to Muslims who want to leave the religion but feel bullied into staying.

“We unfortunately have seen many examples of someone wanting to leave Islam but having a hard time doing it or not daring to do it because they fear reprisals from certain groups within the Muslim communities of Denmark. This is a way in which we can begin doing something about it,” Henriksen told Politiken.

Henriksen stressed that the programme would not be proactive but would rather only help those who reached out for assistance.

9. It appears that Bibi won the election in Israel and the government should look pretty much the same as it did. This according to Tundra Tabloids who is following it closely. The Arab parties got more seats than before as they formed one block however.

10.  State Dept. has no record of Mrs. H. Clinton signing the agreement of separation

Thank you M., Buck, Tundra T.,

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  1. A better option for Denmark (and all non-Muslim countries) is to help Muslims leave the countries period. Offer to send any Muslim citizen on the Hajj, provided they renounce their citizenship and never set foot in their former country again. In the long-term it would probably be a bargain, even for Canada. Let the Saudis deal with them.

    • If your approach is taken they will return as an army trying to conquer with military force what they couldn’t with lawfare. You have to follow the course of helping them leave Islam as well as deporting all who reject assimilation into the host nations culture.

  2. “Freed” to become slaves of the Islamic state system… Literally…

    Official: ISIS attacks Libyan hospital, kidnaps — then frees — 20 foreigners (CNN, March 17, 2015)

    “ISIS militants kidnapped 20 foreigners working at a Libyan hospital, then released them — under the condition, if they want to live, that they stay put so they can treat members of the Islamist extremist group, a hospital official said. About 30 gunmen tied to the group calling itself the Islamic State stormed Ibn Sina Hospital in Sirte on Monday while a bus was waiting to take the workers to Tripoli, Libya’s capital.

    The medical workers were later released and sent back to their homes near the medical facility, a hospital official said Tuesday. But they can’t go far, with ISIS militants ordering them not to leave Sirte, according to the official. One of those kidnapped, a doctor from Uzbekistan, was told he is safe as long as he didn’t leave, and he treated any militants who were wounded, the hospital official said.

    “They told him that, for your life, you (stay) and work in the city,” the official added. Like the doctor, the other medical workers aren’t Libyan. Most are from the Philippines, with others from Ukraine, India and Serbia. The kidnappings came days after people of Filipino, Austrian, Czech, Ghanaian and Bangladeshi descent were taken from Libya’s Al-Ghani oil field, an operation that Libya’s internationally recognized government blamed on “ISIS militias.”

    The abductions are more evidence of the turmoil Libya has experienced since 2011, the start of an uprising against longtime dictator Moammar Gadhafi. Sirte was Gadhafi’s hometown, where he was killed, and where his loyalists held out the longest. In the years since, Sirte has become a home to ISIS….”

  3. #4 Tachikawa teen ‘inspired by Islamic State’ held for trying to kill goat

    I also don’t remember Mexican drug dealers beheading people by the hundreds until the Jihadists showed them how. Who knows how much of the darkness in this world has been inspired by the actions of the Islamists. How much does the fact that every Muslim on earth despises the Jews affect worldwide anti Semitism? How much of the suffering in Africa is due to the Muslims telling them the medicine is white man’s poison? How many victims of human rights abuse are denied help because of the Muslim-dominated UN Human Rights Council? Militant Islamists pump a hell of a lot of negativity into the world on a daily basis. Who knows how that is effecting our entire environment. If the Muslims simply disappeared one day, would the result be world peace?

      • How many of those “disasters” we’ve been hearing about over the years are actually examples of Jihad? Remember the Biafrans? How many of those “conflicts” we’ve heard about over the years that they call are actually just people defending themselves against Jihad? The media has been running interference for the Muslims for a long, long time. How much anti-Semitism is caused by the hateful words of the Quran? I would be interested to see just how much war there would be if the Muslims weren’t there to start them. Islam has got to be the only religion on earth that actually encourages hatred and war…

        Dear Muslims: Mohammad did not really meet with The Angel Gabriel and there is no such thing as “Allah”. Your “Prophet” simply made it all up and told it to some illiterate goat herders in order to get power, money, and beautiful girls, and control of the Mecca tourist industry. Your religion is an offensive lie and you are making the rest of the world very, very angry. Quit Islam immediately before some future Infidels get fed up with the horror and decide to start really defending themselves. Quit Islam and join the fucking Human Race – now!

  4. NEWSWEEK – There’s No Place for Terror in the Teachings of Islam

    By Shawki Allam, The Grand Mufti of Egypt

    Every Muslim is in utter shock about the senseless, appalling and cowardly attack on Charlie Hebdo in Paris, and the other senseless violence against innocents we have seen since in Copenhagen and Libya.

    Let us say it plainly: These horrific acts are a complete violation of Islamic law and norms, and the perpetrators are in no way representative of Muslim people or the religion of Islam.

    Allah upholds the sanctity of life as a universal principle. The koran states in 4:29: “And do not kill one another, for Allah is indeed merciful unto you.” Islam views murder as both a crime punishable by law in this world and as a major sin punishable in the Afterlife. As prophet Muhammad said, “The first cases to be decided among the people on the Day of Judgment will be those of blood-shed.”

    This is in keeping as well with Muslim tradition, which rejects terror and violence. This teaching is best shown in the example of the prophet Muhammad, whose honorable birth was recently celebrated by 1.6 billion Muslims. For Muslims, Prophet Muhammad is the beacon of mercy, the sparkle of compassion, the spring of wisdom and the perfect guide in their journey towards Allah.

    It is therefore ironic and sad that fanatics and extremists have reduced the prophetic example to a set of rituals, crooked projections and warped logic that run counter to the true essence and mission of the prophet.

    They have reduced Islam to slitting throats, burning schools and oppressing women and to killing religious minorities, terrorizing communities and violating the human rights of people in the most blatant manner possible.

    They ignore the prophet’s well-documented and indisputable example. They fail to comprehend that faith is ultimately about cultivating a relationship with Allah, one that cannot be complete unless humans abide by the divine attributes of mercy, compassion and kindness and treat their fellow man accordingly.

    Prophet Muhammad was repeatedly subjected to terrible treatment by his enemies but he consistently disregarded these insults and instead took the path of forgiveness, mercy and compassion.

    This is why he is known to Muslims as “the Mercy to all worlds.” Indeed, this example is most succinctly summarized in the koran itself, which instructs believers as follows: “The good deed and the evil deed are not alike. Repel the evil deed with one which is better.”

    The world is sorely in need of such lessons, which represent the authentic teachings of the koran and the prophet of Islam. It is important to separate these noble messages from messages that are inappropriately used by those who have no competencies in religious interpretation, Koranic hermeneutics or the history of Islamic thought.

    Unfortunately, the current state of the Muslim world is such that institutions and structures of legitimate authority have been challenged to such an extent that inflammatory rhetoric has taken the place of thoughtful analysis as a motivator of action and a guide for religious sentiment.

    Let me be clear again: Islam is utterly against extremism and terrorism. But unless we understand the factors that provide a rationalization for terrorism and extremism, we will never be able to eradicate this scourge. These things must be understood in order to build a better future and bring an end to this grave situation that is threatening the world.

    It was unfortunate to see hasty responses and reactions in the news that immediately blamed the Islamic faith for recent incidents. Blaming an entire religion for the acts of these unwell men is clearly unfair and serves no purpose.

    It is important for us at this time of great sadness to stand together and process these horrific incidents in a way that is fair and reasonable. It is important that we do not demonize Muslims without cause—not because it is good for Muslims but because our future ability to coexist in peace depends on it.

    We are today in desperate need of serious religious leaders who understand the reality of the modern world, complete with its challenges and difficulties, in order to create an environment in which people can coexist. This must be a joint effort from members of all faith groups and cultures.

    Shawki Allam is the Grand Mufti of Egypt and the country’s most influential Muslim cleric.

  5. 2. Politics and religion.
    Communism is politics, (dissent is a thought crime); Socialism is religion, (dissent is a hate crime).
    Mohammadism is politics, (dissent is a thought crime), Islam is a religion, (dissent a hate crime).

    These are the two parts of their Father and Sacred Cow trinity, (the third pedophillia and pedarasty respectively, to represent the conduct of Their Son to demoralize their child victims with excessive praise or stalking critique). Father is a thug and mother has performed his enablement, how else will Johnny behave?

    When one brother sees the other feasting on the host sheepled nation too, it is impolite to draw attention to them.

    “(Classic contemporary UK government new-think. In order to remove stigma from islam for things uniquely islamic, spread the horror around to other groups. So now, an 11 year old who is held down and had her genitalia removed so she cannot feel sexual pleasure or much much worse, the total excise of her visible aperture in the name of islamic conformity is now equivalent to a woman freely and of her own choice ornamenting herself, usually for the enhancement of sexual pleasure. Much like how they are now blaming changes in institutional diets etc. on Jews as well as muslims)”

    • (Classic contemporary UK government new-think

      That is what is being as regards the tens of thousands og young girls gang raped ny Palistani Muslims.

      • Hi Yucki,

        Thank you for the query.

        Do you understand there are people ‘who love death more than you love life’?

        If you do, please tell me the difference, and then I’ll take it from there.

          • Hi Yucki,

            When the Muslim looks you in the eye with her glint of sadistic pleasure when offeing you the prescibed submission of praising Allah and His Prophet or die, taunting,”we love death more than you love life” and you reply, “there are fates worse than death, yes, I understand that.”

            I have no neural pathway to go with this. There’s your kosher food. There are the celebration and mourning feasts. There are the tithing duties and gifting responsibilities. A boyant trade in carbon taxes.

            I can only recommend therefore whatever is asked of you walk two miles and pay unto Mohammad what is Mohammad’s.

            • Yucki,

              You kindly wished me well on is my recovery due to a recent dense stroke.

              I will try to use the importance of having two well-developed brain hemispheres to explain it is the only way to understand anything. (Children are born with them and have no problem with seeing).

              I today willingly partook in a new research project. The Initial Assessment had the specialist stroke nurse follow the scripted cognitive and motor function tests.
              I asked her if she knew the Bobath Concept of rehabilitation and she had never heard of it.

              I then noticed she wrote with her Obama-hand and I briefly touch on lopsided thinking of a single dominant brain and why training myself from a child to be ambidextrous was inspired by John Milton’s writing prose with his right hand and poetry with his left.

              We got to the question about emotional feeling about stroke in last three months and I told her about despair for suicide, (twice the national average). I then explained I researched methods of how to do it, famous people who have done it, and the effects on the living. I even met a psychologist for 10 minutes to identify a rational mind at work exploring best and worst scenarios to my situation.

              What did she hear? The Obama-brain of hers only heard my right-brain too, that quivering left lower lip world that says it’s not fair. My healthy and strong left brain had logically gazed along the pros and cons of this import and found the argument of suicide flawed because
              1. It doesn’t find any symbolic value in giving up when it believes it will live forever on Earth and later in Heaven by birthright of being made in the exact image of God, and
              2. You friends and family you invested in have an investment in you too. (Love the God you are the image of, and love your neighbor as yourself). You have a duty to inform them you can’t go on, and if reasonable you will have their blessing to be put out of your misery – even willingly assist you with dignity.

              So what did she do?

              She called the police and phoned Social Services.

              What she had glimpsed in my right brain she was not able to handle, because she didn’t have a left brain with a ‘man’s voice,’ (“the Tea Party are racists”), so her world-view reacted exactly as it had been trained to do, by her gut. She was unqualified to ask and receive the answer to this question.

              Now, of course I forgave her, because to any little stress, she reacts and votes Democrat. She will be clueless on this weblog – “we love death more than you love life” is an obscure Ramadan Christmas Card greeting, it doesn’t have any sense, who would love seeing death and decay, they are just angry, give them a happy-pill and a Welfare Check.

              We don’t use 10% of our brains, we only use 50% of that 10%.

              I will have to write that book on dual-brain exercises just for healing such blind. Working out Jesus’s parables, used for not to get himself killed, have no one in the church to explain them. No one has the mind of Christ.

              I had hoped to have gone deeper on the subject I started, but; I think this sufficed.


              • Careful: When you reward a question with such a magnificent response, I’m apt to pester you to death.

                I always knew he was saying something enlightening, if I kept at it, I'd get it. Despite the obscurity of context - murky European socialist constructs where islamo-fascist gender dysphoria is expressed.

                There’s an outline for your book right here. I’d like you to expand each concept you introduce so cogently here, but I can wait.

                Seems you’ve got to watch what you say in a medical setting as carefully as you would in an airport. Idiots.

                I hope you’ve found a swimming pool so you’re exposure to them is increasingly limited.

                Fondly as ever,
                Yucki, YankeeKafir

            • To understand the phrase “We love death more than you love life,” uttered from those walking into each others’ sect mosques and blowing themselves up, is to appreciate the weaknesss of the ‘lovers of life’ that is rejuvinating and invigorating them.

              Communists hate each others’ sects too. But when they come to a deconstructed population with moral-relativism, they rise to the glory and pure ideal of Statism, “we love death more than you love life”.

              And the Sexual Heaven Day Adventists among the affectionateless, ” we love death for a sense of life more than you love life.”

              It it to understand what they see: their attachment to the eternal background and your attachment has been made to the blind foreground that brings them in their thousands to make a home.

              They say they do not fear death… Nothing bothers them at all… but send them away on a pig’s blood dipped bullet, a husband and wife team working on frontline and munitions factory, and the complete individual who likes the skin they are in, and you find the fear of Hell lives within each and everyone such as these. You were listening to the false narrative of those living off Dutch Courage. Their brittle facades crumbling down.

              This pseudo superiority mantra can be said no more.

              The people ‘in the world but not of the world’ cannot be conquered by these satanists.

              Don’t give them any ground to prance around and have Pride Months and Marches. See those who betray, and what they do.

              Know, because you have the brains to know it.

              • Don’t give them any ground to prance around and have Pride Months and Marches.
                For sure. Don’t play the fool to his folly.

                I’d just as soon stop all the preferential class marches. Save the parades for the 4th of July, St. Patrick’s Day, and Patriot’s Day.
                [I’m willing to negotiate here.]

  6. “Who knows how much of the darkness in this world has been inspired by the actions of the Islamists.”

    Well, I think we do know at least how much, across the centuries, has been due to their actions, and islam: the answer is ‘a lot of it’, across all of those unfortunate parts of the world that have been occupied by muslims at any point in their history.

  7. Imagine that! Obama demands of Israel…

    via twitter

    “Elizabeth Drew@ElizabethDrewOH 3H…Admin officials told Bibi that if he’s reelected, his egregious ambo to US Ron Dermer, co-plotter with Boehner, has to go”

    2,099,428 votes counted: Likud 24.67%, Zionist Union 18.82%, Yesh Atid 8.75%, Joint List 8.3%, Kulanu 7.63%, Jewish Home 6.27%.

  8. Israeli elections take dramatic turn as official tally gives Likud sweeping victory

    With nearly 95 percent of precincts reporting before dawn on Wednesday, the Likud holds a major edge over Zionist Union in the distribution of Knesset seats.

    The Israeli elections took a dramatic turn in the early morning hours on Wednesday as official tallies from nearly all precincts indicate that Likud has opened up a significant lead over Zionist Union, a far cry from the virtual dead heat that television exit polls had reported Tuesday evening.

    With 99 percent of precincts reporting before dawn on Wednesday, the Likud has emerged as the clear, undisputed victor in the elections.

    According to the official up-to-the-minute tally, Likud wins 30 seats while Zionist Union comes in second at 24 seats.

    The parties that follow are Joint Arab List (14); Yesh Atid (11); Kulanu (10); Bayit Yehudi (8); Shas (7); United Torah Judaism (6); Yisrael Beytenu (6); and Meretz (4).

  9. 2/ I don’t know that it was mentioned in the Daily Mail article that the home affairs select committee is chaired by Keith Vaz.

    “We cannot tell communities in Sierra Leone and Somalia to stop a practice which is freely permitted on Harley Street,” said Keith Vaz, the chairman of the select committee.

    A truly heinous false equivalence.

    I have no idea what the ‘mitts off my muff’ woman thinks she’s protesting.

      • Who does the WHO cite to support their contention that there is no support for FGM in Islamic scripture?

        ‘Even though the practice can be found among Christians, Jews and Muslims, none of the holy texts of any of these religions prescribes female genital mutilation and the practice pre-dates both Christianity and Islam (WHO, 1996a; WHO and UNFPA, 2006).’

        Why, the WHO cites the WHO! Who else?

        Specifically, a Saudi professor they found to say the hadiths are weak, and even if they are authentic, that doesn’t make cutting obligatory, and in any case Mhd, being Mhd, would not have approved practices which harm the gentler sex, the good treatment of whom he commended even as his soul left his body, and if he did say to cut , he meant just enough and no more.

      • It gets better.

        ‘”There are different views concerning women, whether circumcision should be performed for them in general or distinction is to be made between women of the east, in whose case it should be applied, and women of the west, in whose case there is no need for it, because, unlike women of the east, they do not have the additional flap of skin which is supposed to be cut.”

        ‘This is a good point…’

        p. 23.

  10. The thing I find most interesting about the statement about Hillary is the way the spokeswoman is trying to say that signing the document isn’t mandatory or even common.

    • I don’t believe it. Keys are transferred, files closed, top-secret with one or two witnesses checked. Can’t be that simple.
      Even when you go to a safe deposit box, you have to sign something. Monkey-business.

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