The necessary polarization begins. Links 2 on March 15 – 2015

1. Jihad triangle. A video by David Wood

2. John Voight weighs in on Obama and Israel and the Western World.

(Typically what celebrities think shouldn’t concern us other than it can be so influential one must ay attention because of its influence more than its truthfulness or information value. But when they come out against the left or for Israel these days, they are basically giving up their careers to tell us what they feel is important and that shows integrity. Very few up to now who actually side with reality in Hollywood ever get any significant work again while those who do the Obama narrative have to get an agent for their agent. Daily mail link above)

3. Harrowing footage of the moment teenager was dragged from bus stop before being hit with a rock and brutally raped in garden

These are the horrific scenes where a teenage girl was grabbed at a bus stop, dragged into a garden, beaten with a rock, and then brutally raped.

Detectives are hunting for the attacker who pounced on the 18-year-old girl last Friday.

Officers described the footage as ‘harrowing’, but released it in an effort to identify the attacker, who struck at a bus stop on the outskirts of Leeds in the Beeston area of the city.

The attacker, is described as being of Pakistani or Middle Eastern origin, and is in his early 20s, with receding black hair. He is of slim build.

The footage shows the man drag the girl onto an area of grass behind the busy bus stop.

Detectives believe that several motorists passed the scene during the attack and fear that the man will strike again if not caught.

Officers said the man hit the defenceless girl with a large stone to subdue her before subjecting her to a serious sexual assault.

(Many Pakistani muslims basically are reverts to the simulacrum of the cave-man mating ritual)

4. Why my own Royal Society is wrong on climate change: A devastating critique of world’s leading scientific organisation by one of its Fellows

(It is nice to see a scientist ignore politics and threats from organizations and actually do science)

The implication was clear: the Society seemed to be saying there was no longer room for meaningful debate about the claim that the world is warming dangerously because of human activity, because the science behind this was ‘settled’.

We hoped we would persuade the Society to rethink this position. That document was revised so that the uncertainty involved in trying to model the climate was admitted. But since then the Society has become more, not less dogmatic – despite the fact that since we sent that letter, it has become evident that there is even more uncertainty than previously thought. Carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere have continued to rise, but since 1998 there has been no statistically significant rise in global temperatures at all.

5. At the University of Oklahoma if you shout the name of a river in Africa you will be expelled but if you beat on a white woman you can stay and even rejoin the football team. Just so we have our priorities straight.

6. Sources: Egypt sacks 41 judges for supporting the Brotherhood

(Get ready for a new round of significant new Obama hires)

An Egyptian disciplinary court ordered 41 judges into compulsory retirement on Saturday for supporting the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood, judicial sources said, the latest move in a sweeping crackdown on political dissent.

The government has implemented a harsh crackdown on Islamists as well as secular political opponents since then army chief Abdel Fattah al-Sisi ousted Islamist President Mohamed Mursi in July 2013 following mass protests against his rule.

The Disciplinary Council headed by judge Nabil Zaki did not immediately release the reason for its decision, but the judicial sources said 31 of the judges were sent into compulsory retirement for signing a statement that condemned the removal of Mursi.

Another 10 were removed from their posts for joining “Judges for Egypt” group which used to be supportive of the Brotherhood even before Mursi’s removal, the sources added.

7. Islamic State militants ‘caught cross-dressing in attempt to flee battlefield unhindered’ 

Islamic State fighters are shaving off their beards and dressing as women in a bid to escape from battle, Iraqi forces have claimed.

A series of pictures have emerged showing men who have reportedly been caught trying to escape from northern Iraq wearing dresses, bras and make-up.

The photographs, posted on Instagram, show authorities appearing to pull back burkas to reveal young boys and even men with moustaches.

Islamic State fighters are using bras and dresses to disguise themselves as women in a bid to escape from battle, Iraqi forces have claimed

Abdullah’s Secrets: Official mascot of the islamic jihad

8. Robert Spencer live lecture on, ‘Is the Islamic State Islamic’. This is a nearly 2 hour video with Q&A and Don C. recommends it as very informative and a virtuoso intellectual performance.

9. BBC: Islamic State: Vatican backs using military force

(Now that the Vatican itself is in the cross hairs. But while a genocide against Christians in Egypt, Syria, Iraq and elsewhere was taking place at the hands of jihadis, it was all love peace and understanding towards muslims)

The Vatican says force may be necessary to stop attacks on Christians and other Middle East minorities by Islamic State (IS) if no political solution is found.

Archbishop Silvano Tomasi, the Vatican’s top diplomat at the UN in Geneva, said jihadists were committing “genocide” and must be stopped.

The Vatican traditionally opposes military intervention in the region.

However, Pope Francis decried the beheading in February of 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians by IS in Libya.

The militants have targeted minority religious groups in the parts of Syria and Iraq under their control. Thousands more people have been forced to flee their homes.

More at Ahram, The Telegraph, Cruxnow  

10. US shuts down Saudi embassy amid security fears

The US embassy in the Saudi capital Riyadh has cancelled all consular services for Sunday and Monday due to “heightened security concerns”.

In a statement, the embassy said consular services in Riyadh, Jeddah and Dhahran would not be available.

It urged US citizens to take extra precautions when travelling in Saudi Arabia and to keep a low profile.

Thank you M., UK Pete, Buck, Don C., Richard, Wrath of Khan, Tundra T., and many many more. Still more to come.

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  1. The Vatican says force may be necessary to stop attacks on Christians and other Middle East minorities by Islamic State (IS) if no political solution is found.

    If we go in again, then it must not be just to rescue Christians, to be slaughtered after we have left. This time we go in, and re-arrange the ME. The Sykes-Pico arrangement which was useful then, is not out of date. We need to create a state for Christians, possibly an amalgum of parts of Lebanon and Syria, and invite it to join NATO. Then we will have a real presence in the ME, alongside Israel.

  2. #4. Why my own Royal Society is wrong on climate change: A devastating critique of world’s leading scientific organisation by one of its Fellows

    The one fact about “climate change” that nobody wants to even mention is that there simply is no unusual weather to observe. There was the “Little Ice Age”, then a warm period ending early in the twentieth century (dust bowl), then a cold period through the war and into the 70s, then another warm period up to ’98, and now a nothing-in-particular period. In other words, folks, the climate has been gently fluctuating, just like it always does. There is literally nothing to see here, so move along folks. The UN “scientists” are lying to line their own pockets with other people’s cash, just like Bernie Madoff only a hell of a lot worse…

      • Great video. Watched it all the way through. Unfortunately, I lack the education to really evaluate it, but at least the cosmic ray theory of climate change makes sense. CO2, on the other hand, makes very little sense, with high CO2 periods corresponding both to warm periods as well as cool periods (post WWII, for instance).

        Besides, the fact that the UN is the driving force behind the climate change hysteria should tell you all you need to know. Aren’t they supposed to be off doing something about the poor Yazidis, or the current genocide against Christians? Isn’t that their actual job? Anyone who trusts the UN has severe mental retardation…

        • The main thing for me is that this model has a 100% predictive accuracy rate. You can backdate the data right to Galileo who discovered sun spots and you will find the correlation. When a model has good predictive value you can assume it has validity. Even when the model is incorrectly understood, as was a model of metallurgy until recently.

          However the CO2 model has not made one accurate prediction. Not one. So it cannot have any validity.

          • People think that the findings of the Vostok ice-core samples, which prove the “positive causal relationship” between CO2 levels and global temperature – which actually exists – is proof of CO2 caused warming, but it’s really proof that global warming causes changes in CO2 levels. Tricky little sleight-of-hand, that. That one fools practically everybody. Very deceptive and disingenuous of them…

        • I don’t have a science degree but know enough to know that it is hanging together, I couldn’t find any flaw in the theory or the methodology.

  3. 3/ ‘This is a completely out of the ordinary event.’

    No, it is not. It is a completely ordinary event. It is the baseline assumption about male-female relations in Islam. The girl is at fault for being out of the house unaccompanied – and at night! She caused the Pakistani to revert to his non-Muslim nature. She violated him, causing him to lose his Islam. If the girl herself had Islam, she wouldn’t have done that. She wouldn’t have done what she did to a good Muslim. In court next month, his sister will flip the kuffar the bird. Her brother is an innocent rapist.

    What a disgrace that a British police superintendent should not know any of this, or be constrained to pretend he doesn’t.

    • There’s a chapter in the Quran about “Women”. The first line of that chapter is, roughly, “Women are inferior to men”. It then goes on to say how their testimony in court is only worth half as much as a man’s and that they only inherits half as much as a man, and so on… Do Trudeau and Mulcair not know that? Questioning whether Islam is anti-woman is like questioning whether the NRA is pro-gun or questioning that MADD is anti-alcohol. Do they think they ban women from driving in Saudi Arabia as a sign of respect? The Saudis are miserable evil misogynistic fascists who like to build up their own inflated machismo egos by stepping on the necks of their own women, and it’s all based on their holy Quran. Islam is anti-woman. Shame on Mulcair and Trudeau for their lack of courage and honesty. Islam is anti-women. Mohammad hated women except as sex objects. He even said that most of the residents of Hell were women. He was a rapist, for God’s sake! These people stone women to death for being raped! I don’t know how you could get more “anti-woman” than that!!!

      • It’s hard to think of anything more anti-women than a rape victim up to her waist in a hole in the sand being stoned to death by a bearded circle of gloating self-righteous male Muslim accusers. May Mulcair and Trudeau be taxed with their whorishness over this issue at every turn, and at their next transmigration may they wake to find themselves Afghan women in Afghanistan after the Taliban have retaken control.

        But we don’t seem to be able to state the obvious about this issue without causing ourselves problems. I see Western men faring poorly in the argument all the time when they take up the cudgels on behalf of Muslim women. Muslim women born into Islam do not appear to want to leave it, on the whole. How would we know what they really want, how could they know what they really want, they have false consciousness, they have never been free, it’s Stockholm Syndrome, etc. etc., and this may all be the case. But apart from it being patronizing, not to say dismissive, to not credit their own accounts of their own experience, it seems to me ill-advised to decline to take Muslim women at their word.

        In conflicts between the West and Islam, for example, Muslim women generally side with Islam. The ones who know something of the unsavory proclivities of Mohammed say the most astonishing things in defense of him, but defend him they do. Converts are an order of magnitude worse in every regard, as many of us have learned to our cost. One does not get in an argument with a Western hijabi about her hijab if she is in a position to cost one one’s job.

        I only mean to say that I’m not sure Harper is taking the right tack with the anti-woman line. For the moment, at least, it appears that most Canadians agree with him (looking at the poll at Rebel Media yesterday. He had the least support where one would expect, in the Stupid Group, the 18-34s). But men/women issues in our degraded discourse are such shifting sands. One of those dhimmi CBC women in the ‘Sunday Scrum’ clip above goes on about how ‘nuanced’ the whole niqab issue is for her now that she has started ‘thinking’ about it. She is old enough to know better, but she doesn’t. I think Harper is on safer ground making this a Canadian values vs. Islam issue, if he is willing and able to make his way onto that ground and stay there.

  4. @ 5 – This shows the clear double standard that is being applied to racism, the Whites are held to one standard and all other races to a different standard, usually a much lower standard. This shows the racism of the left since it implies that the other races are so undeveloped they can’t be expected to live up to a civilized standard.

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