LIVE: Salafist, PEGIDA demos take to the streets of Wuppertal

To the Jewish people of the Western World.

There are certain eventualities which seem to be inevitable and even, with a moment’s thought, obvious.

It is time that official Jews, organizations that claim to speak for the Jewish people and other forms of Jewish leadership as well as Jewish media, get behind groups like PEGIDA, the EDL (although it is probably too late for that) and any other rational group that truthfully and courageously exposes Islam and its ambitions and assist them in every way possible, most importantly with their Jewish identity.

Because what seems to be inevitable is that should these reasonable people’s movements fail to deal with a problem that still, to this day, most Jewish groups will not admit is a problem, even though it is the single most lethal existential threat to Jews of all time, groups like PEGIDA etc. etc. will join with Nazi movements out of desperation as it will seem better to have an imperfect alliance to save their own cultures and civilizations than it is to lose it all on behalf of a people who would have been the prime beneficiaries of these groups but would not support them.

Churchill even made such an alliance with Stalin to fight Hitler even though Churchill was acutely aware that the difference between the two leaders was Lilliputian at best. Something most today still do not know.

History has certain constants because people and groups will make certain choices under certain circumstances. Events will unfold no matter how many people bury their heads in the sand. A strategy which tends to expose one’s neck to an enemy with no compassion for the unbeliever.


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  1. We are entering into a “BRAVE NEW WORLD”, no matter what laws are passed others will continue this research and end up modifying and upgrading the human genome.

    Besides Brave New World science fiction has explored this idea in Heinlein’s “BEYOND THIS HORIZON” and in David Weber’s HONOR HARRINGTON series, the latter is not finished.

  2. I agree with everything you have said, the Jews of Europe must help the non Jewish Europeans fight the Moslem conquest or suffer a new holocaust.

  3. GERMANY – German Jews should stop ‘making themselves recognisable’ in Muslim neighbourhood, says president of Central Council of Jews

    Jewish people in Germany should avoid making themselves too visible in Muslim neighbourhoods, according to the president of the country’s Central Council of Jews.

    Speaking to rbb radio, Dr Josef Schuster said: “The question is whether it makes sense for Jews to make themselves recognisable by wearing a kippah (skull cap) in what I call problem neighbourhoods.”

    He then clarified that he was talking about neighbourhoods that had “a large proportion of Muslims in the population” and mentioned Berlin as a city with a particularly high number of such areas.

    He added: “This is a development that I didn’t expect five years ago and which is certainly a little horrifying.”

    Schuster’s comments come in the wake of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu calling for a “massive immigration” of European Jews to Israel, following a shooting of a Jewish guard in Copenhagen, last month.

    Mr Netanyahu said: “Jews were killed on European land just because they were Jewish.”

    Jewish German journalist Terry Swartzberg refuted Schuster’s recommendations and told The Local that he had made a point of wearing his kippah every day for the last two years.

    “I’ve worn the kippah in places like [southern Berlin district] Neukölln. I walked through there a couple of years ago and nothing’s happened to me. I’ve been to a lot of supposedly dangerous areas.”

    Despite Swartzberg’s claims, there is a strong feeling that anti-Semitism may be on the rise in Germany.

    In July 2014, Molotov cocktails were thrown into the Bergiche synagogue in the Westphalia city of Wuppertal whilst last month Berlin imam, Anu Bilal Ismail, called on Allah to “destroy the Zionist Jews… Count them and kill them, to the very last one.”

    Shakah Shapira, a young Israeli man, was attacked by seven “Arabic speaking” men in Berlin on New Year’s Eve. He filmed the men making racial slurs and singing: “F*** Israel, f*** Jews” on the subway.

    In February the German government was heavily criticised for creating a commission to tackle anti-Semitism that did not include a single Jew.

  4. Wuppertal – Germany – March 14 2015

    Germany: Protesters attempt to block Salafist demo in Wuppertal

    Hundreds of protesters tried to block access to a Salafist rally taking place in Wuppertal on Saturday, in an attempt to stop people from joining in. Salafist peacher Sven Lau, also known as Abu Adam, was among those speaking at the rally, which saw over 1,000 police deployed to keep peace between the demonstration and two counter-protests, as supporters of PEGIDA also took to the streets to march against the event.

  5. I am an American Jews, and a strident anti-Islamist. I support the English Defense League, Marine Le Pen, Geert Wilders, Heinze Christian Strache in Austria, Vlaams Belang in Belgium and Pamela Geller here in the United States.

    Jews who vote Democrat or support the Muslim Barack HUSSEIN Obama are voting for genocide of our Jewish race. Any Jew who votes for any liberal for any office, or supports the modern incarnation of the Nazi Party – Democrats, is a Jew for Hitler. May Democrat Jews rot in hell.

    Eric Dondero, Publisher
    Libertarian Republican

    • Great comment. Thank you.

      This conflict is, and actually should be, ripping families and friendships apart and all along the lines of clarity of vision.

      Its good to read that you have 20 20.

      Lets hope the message gets out to the rest of the Jewish community. One would imagine after the last time, the 50% of the surviving Jewish people would be from stock that could read the writing on the wall and got out or fought back.

      What a shame that it looks like the ratio will be the same this time.

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