Real information can leak out in the media. But you have to watch closely: Links 1 on March 12 – 2015

1. Another muslim caught trying to blow up buildings and kill people for allah. This time in Toronto Canada.

(News reports struck out any reference to Islam although it does allow someone to say, ‘jihadi, Al-Qaeda and ISIS in the report)

2. Prime Minister Stephen Harper and leader of the third party in Canada fence over Islam and Canadian values

3. Angry Egypt feels the squeeze from jihadis, US and Hamas

Officials in Cairo nonplussed as Washington stalls shipment of military aid for fight against Islamic State; Sissi present list of demands to Hamas for thaw

There is one thing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu can take comfort in regarding his relations with the US administration — he is not the only Middle Eastern leader struggling to understand American President Barack Obama. Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sissi has also been at a loss in recent weeks amid the administration’s almost surreal conduct towards Cairo.

(One of the great questions that face the human race is, ‘when does an event represent policy as opposed to an isolate incident’. I think by now it should be obvious how the US administration thinks and what they are trying to achieve)

4. Starnes: San Francisco Demands Catholic Schools Stop Teaching Catholic Doctrine

The Archdiocese of San Francisco is under attack from the San Francisco Board of Supervisors for insisting that Catholic schools teach Catholic doctrine.

It seems the Board of Supervisors is upset over a morality clause that includes language against homosexuality, same-sex marriage and contraceptives. They unanimously passed a resolution rebuking the Catholic Church and demanding the archbishop ignore Catholic doctrine and respect the rights of teachers and students.

Supervisor Mark Farrell, who sponsored the anti-Catholic resolution, said the archbishop’s policies conflict with the values of San Francisco.

5. This is interesting

6. Bahrain arrests student for singing verses from Quran

(The question I find interesting about this is, how long will that video remain on Youtube. The answer to which will be highly revealing as to the state of the world)

DUBAI: A Bahraini high school student and two teachers have been charged with “insulting Islam” after the boy sang verses from the Quran accompanied by musical instruments, the official BNA news agency reported Wednesday.

Islam allows intonation of Quranic verses, and recordings of chanting are frequently heard in marketplaces or on the radio and television, but singing them to musical accompaniment is prohibited.

7. More on the Toronto muslim who wanted to serve his faith by killing Canadians and wrecking our buildings

8. At Least 17 Killed in Attacks Around Baghdad

9. Jake Bilardi, reportedly killed in Islamic State suicide bombing, planned to attack Melbourne, blog says

Australian jihadist Jake Bilardi, who apparently died in a suicide attack in Iraq, released an online manifesto describing his radicalisation process and how he planned to carry out deadly attacks in Melbourne, and, ultimately, his decision to volunteer for martyrdom in Iraq.

[…] The impression is backed up by an interview he did with a BBC reporter, in which Bilardi said after his arrival in Iraq: “I came here chasing death, I might as well kill as many kuffar [infidels] as I can.” […] “Fearing possible attempts by the increasingly-intrusive authorities in Australia to prevent my departure I began drawing up a Plan B. This plan involved launching a string of bombings across Melbourne, targeting foreign consulates and political/military targets as well as grenade and knife attacks on shopping centres and cafes and culminating with myself detonating a belt of explosives amongst the kuffar,” he wrote. The ABC is reporting that Bilardi’s family discovered a number of improvised explosive devices at their home following his departure for the Middle East. The family reportedly alerted authorities, who began tracking Bilardi’s movements overseas.

(this article speaks to a suspicion this author has that government lies about the nature of islam actually fuels the conversion to violent actions on behalf of islam more than telling the truth about it may do through the alleged offense it carries.)

10. Ben Shapiro video on some of the events of the last number of weeks and reactions to it by authority

Thank you M., Dumbstruck, Richard, Yucki, M., CB Sashenka and all who sent in material. It is very appreciated. There are many more in the comments for those looking for more, and some great analysis of the articles in the posts.

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  1. 4. Teacher-Minister agrees, without limitation, to comply with all policies, handbooks, rules and regulations of the School and of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati. Teacher-Minister also agrees to exemplify Catholic principles and to refrain from any conduct or lifestyle which would reflect discredit on or cause scandal to the School or be in contradiction to Catholic doctrine or morals. Such conduct or lifestyle that is in contradiction to Catholic doctrine or morals includes, but is not limited to, improper use of social media/communication, public support of or publicly living together outside marriage, public support of or sexual activity out of wedlock, public support of or homosexual lifestyle, public support of or use of abortion, public support of or use of a surrogate mother, public support of or use of in vitro fertilization or artificial insemination, public membership in organizations whose mission and message are incompatible with Catholic doctrine or morals, and/or flagrant deceit or dishonesty. Teacher-Minister further agrees to teach and act consistently in accordance with the mission statement of the School and to strive to aid in the formation of students by personal witness to the stated philosophy and teachings of the Roman Catholic Church (these can be found in the Catechism of the Catholic Church ).”

    • Sums it up well:
      “Germany is very aware of its moral obligation to keep alive the memory of Germany’s guilt for the Second World War and the suffering it caused in many countries. That doesn’t change anything about the legal and political assessment of the question of compensation and reparations.”

  2. TURKEY – Muslim politician to sue over French airport ‘humiliation’

    The Justice and Development (AK) Party’s deputy representative in Brussels, Asiye Bilgin, has said she will file a lawsuit after she was forced to take off her jacket at a secur?ty checkpoint in a French airport.

    Bilgin, who wears an Islamic scarf, said on Wednesday she was asked by security personnel at Strasbourg Airport to take off her jacket even though she had told them that she was only wearing a sleeveless shirt underneath.

    She said: “I have been living in Europe for 31 years.”

    “Although I have faced many types of discrimination, I was never humiliated this much.”

    After her first refusal to take off her jacket, a male security officer then loudly asked her to remove it, she said.

    Bilgin replied that, as a Muslim woman, she could not take off her jacket in public and requested a private cabin.

    She said she told the security officer: “What you are doing is against religious freedom and human rights.”

    Bilgin said another officer yelled: “This is Strasbourg and there is no cabin here, you have to take off your jacket.”

    After another failed attempt at requesting a suitable place to take off her jacket, Bilgin said she eventually took it off to go through security.

    Contacted by The Anadolu Agency, the head of passengers’ control post at the Strasbourg airport, who asked not to be identified, said that the airport does have private cabins, contradicting what Bilgin said police at Strasbourg airport had claimed.

    The Turkish politician told The Anadolu Agency she plans to file a complaint against Strasbourg airport and the police, not only for the discriminatory behavior but also because for giving false information.

    Bilgin said that the incident had taken place in front of several parliamentarians, without specifying which, and added that the fact none of them had intervened was sad.

    She said: “All Muslim women, especially the ones wearing hijab, can face inhumane treatment despite the universal values.”

    “And this treatment took place in front of the ones who attempt to lecture Turkey on so-called humanity and freedom.”

    “European Muslims are treated as second-class citizens in Europe. The treatment that blacks face in the U.S. is experienced by Muslims in Europe,” she added.

    • what is interesting to me is how news media was able to look at an anonymous name on youtube find that real name with great ease. Also how the news media is using that information that is anonymous against people they find offensive

        • We have to just deal with this corruption that we live in.

          We can’t just stay away. Without correct information there will never be any freedom.

          We have to try.

          • The LSM in all western nations are working hand and glove with the left, they will help destroy anyone who opposes the leftist agenda.

  3. Speech by Tom Mulcair at ISNA Mosque in Mississauga, Ontario

    As-Salaam Alaikum.

    I’d like to thank Shaikh Abdullah for the gracious invitation to be here today.

    And thank you to Feras Marish for that wonderful sermon.

    I’m so pleased to be here with all of you, and to be joined by Fayaz Karim, the NDP’s incredible candidate for Mississauga-Streetsville… who many of you already know.

    Fayaz is a strong voice for your community and I know he’ll do a remarkable job as MP representing your concerns in Ottawa.

    For years, this mosque has played a vital role in Mississauga—promoting education and charity for all.

    And it’s been a leader in promoting unity—a lesson so important to the Prophet Mohammed, peace be upon him.

    It’s that unity—the rock-solid belief that we are all stronger when we support one another—that brings me here today.

    You know, I grew up the second oldest of 10 children.

    We didn’t have much, we had to work hard just to get by—like many of you here today.

    It wasn’t easy, but we learned the importance of looking out for one another, sticking together, of community, of generosity.

    These are the values that guide me every single day.

    These are the values that guide Fayaz, and these are the values that guide the NDP.

    That’s why our party is so committed to fighting Islamophobia in all its forms— hate has no place in Canada.

    And that’s why we are the only party standing up to Stephen Harper’s dangerous new anti-terrorism legislation—legislation that threatens the very values that Canada is built on.

    Like everyone in Canada, New Democrats were shocked by the horrific and cowardly attacks in Ottawa and Quebec last fall.

    On the night of the Parliament Hill shooting, I spoke to the nation and said that violence should never make us more fearful of our neighbours or less confident in ourselves.

    Unfortunately, the Prime Minister has chosen a very different approach.

    He’s chosen to divide, to drive fear and to weaken the very freedoms we’re supposed to protect.

    He’s chosen to make Muslims—your family and friends—the scapegoat of his political debates.

    Why else would he openly suggest that Islamicism is Canada’s biggest threat, or that Canadian mosques are home to radicalization?

    The Prime Minister’s comments are offensive, they fuel Islamophobia… and he should apologize.

    And why else would the Harper government try to convince Canadians that they have to choose between their security and their freedoms.

    You and I know that’s a false choice.

    Of course, protecting the public is the top priority of any government—and we understand that the threat of terrorism at home and abroad is very real.

    Government responsibility also includes protecting our way of life, and our shared values.

    Yet Mr. Harper’s Conservatives have introduced a bill that is sweeping, dangerously vague, and likely ineffective.

    Mr. Harper’s bill could target any Canadian who disagrees with his government, regardless of whether or not they are a real threat.

    Despite the deep concerns of a growing list of experts—including four former Prime Ministers—the government is rushing this bill through Parliament without any meaningful consultation or oversight.

    The truth is, the Harper government isn’t interested in working together to make Canadians safer… they’re only interested in playing politics.

    Unfortunately the Liberal Party has chosen to side with the Conservatives.

    Just a few days ago, the Liberals stood with the Conservatives and voted in favour of this new bill—despite its obvious dangers.

    Mr. Harper’s Conservatives appear to have intimated Justin Trudeau and the Liberals into weakening your fundamental freedoms.

    That’s not the kind of leadership Canada needs.

    Mr. Trudeau has shown poor judgement and a lack of principle… and that’s going to hurt your community and your family.

    New Democrats will not be intimidated.

    It’s more important than ever for leaders to show courage … to have a responsible, principled and balanced approach.

    In the United States, President Obama is working with communities and faith leaders, supporting them in their efforts to fight radicalization before it starts.

    Canada needs a similar approach—yet there is nothing in Mr. Harper’s bill to fight radicalization.

    The fact is, we don’t have to give up our cherished freedoms in order to be more secure.

    That’s why New Democrats are calling on the Conservative government not to rush its anti-terrorism legislation through Parliament, and to listen to the concerns of experts—and ordinary Canadians.

    And that’s why we’re calling on the Liberal Party to reverse its support for this dangerous bill, and to work with the Official Opposition to protect the fundamental freedoms of all Canadians.

    New Democrats will always be committed to fairness and justice…

    Whether it’s pressuring the government to boost aid for Syrian refugees…

    Or pressuring the Prime Minister to personally intervene and help bring Mohamed Fahmy back to Canada.

    Friends, I’m here with you today because New Democrats understand that Islam is not our enemy.

    Muslim-Canadians make remarkable contributions to this country… you deserve to live and raise your children without fear and suspicion.

    I’m proud of the close bond that New Democrats have with Muslim-Canadian communities right across the country.

    And I’m committed to continuing our work together, building prosperity for the middle class, opportunities for your children and unity for all Canadians.

    By working together, we can build a better Canada… and a more peaceful and respectful world.

    Thank you.

  4. Mosque vandalized in St-Sauveur neighbourhood

    A mosque in the Quebec region received a visit from the Quebec police this Wednesday evening to denounce acts of vandalism perpetrated on their place of worship. Even to the point where one “begins to worry.”

    On the phone, a volunteer confirms that the windows of the basement of the mosque on Marie de l’incarnation were broken, as confirmed by police. “They broke the windows from the outside, but there was no intrusion, it was just to do damage,” assumed the volunteer on the phone. The man who preferred not to be named, emphasizes that a statement from the Association Mosque in the capital will be released soon to take stock.

    Our contact states that at the mosque, “one begins to worry [because] it’s not the first time” that incidents have occurred.

    People have poured glue or other liquids through the basement window. Surely the “kids wanted to imitate the act of those in Saguenay”, where pig’s blood was smeared walls of a mosque there in early September 2013, during the time that the debate on the Charter of secularism was making headlines.

    “We also had hate stickers a few months ago,” he says.

  5. IRAQ – The Anbar provincial division of the Islamic State (IS) released a video of a suicide bombing by a Saudi fighter in the al-Huz area of Ramadi.

  6. TORONTO – Via Rail terror trial – The Kooky Koranic Krap the jury never heard

    Since the trial began on Feb. 1, virtually all of Esseghaier’s words and actions in court — save for a brief, rambling statement at the end, read out by a court-appointed lawyer — have been kept secret from the jury and public under a court-ordered publication ban that has been lifted today as the jury goes into its deliberations.

    They include:

    Asking the judge to help him persuade members of Parliament to change the Criminal Code to reflect the Qur’an
    Praying in the prisoner’s dock and ignoring the judge’s order to stop
    Displaying an unusual aversion to the number three
    What those words and deeds suggest is a man whose level of religious zeal is unmatched by many, and whose unorthodox actions have clearly tested the patience of Judge Michael Code and the conduct of the trial.

    Perhaps the most unusual of Esseghaier’s interjections are those surrounding the number three. On at least two occasions, with the jury absent, he spoke about his apparent aversion to matters involving three.

    Last month, noting that Esseghaier was falling asleep in court, Judge Code asked him whether he was sleeping well in the prison where he is being held.

    Esseghaier told him he realized not long after his arrest that the jail had given him one blanket and two sheets and he saw it as a symbol, a symbol he could not accept.

    “I told them I cannot accept symbolism because one blanket and two sheets suggests God has a son and a wife and God does not need to have a son and a wife because God is the creator of all things. So I can’t accept the metaphor.”

    Esseghaier said he decided then to use only the blanket. When guards removed his blanket, he said he began using a towel.

    Judge Code then asked that the prison instead provide him with a blanket.

    A few days later, the number three came up again as Esseghaier asked whether a police officer who was testifying had raised only three fingers on his hand as he swore an oath to tell the truth. The officer had in fact raised all five fingers.

    There is language in the Qur’an that rejects the Holy Trinity, in favour of one God. But the number three “has no sinister evocations,” according to Walid Saleh, a professor of religious studies at the University of Toronto.

    There have been other occasions where Esseghaier’s actions have been deemed “shameful and unacceptable” by the judge.

    Earlier this year, as jury selection was about to begin, Esseghaier refused to leave his jail cell.

    The judge said he had to be carried to the police van, then into the courthouse cells.

  7. 1/ Could be one of those Pakistani Christian jihadists with links to Al Qaeda and ISIS making visits to Saudi Arabia and Libyan terror training camps.

        • It will force them into alliance with anyone who will stop the Shiite from killing them. During the early stages of the Nazi invasion of the USSR entire the NaSoviet Armies shot their political officers and went over to the Germans. They didn’t know much about Nazi’s but did know what the communists were like. After the war most of the Russian soldiers who survived the war were forced to return to the USSR where they were killed.

  8. #3 Angry Egypt feels the squeeze from jihadis, US and Hamas

    Did you see the two-minute-long facial expression extravaganza that exploded across Abdel al-Sisi’s face when asked about Obama’s Egypt policy on the Fox interview? It’s just so abundantly obvious that President al-Sisi is the one to follow, and yet, “The West” just can’t snub him often enough. The BBC is the same way – always with the snide, left-handed, disingenuous comments about human rights abuses and the like. Somebody has given the words and the liberal lackeys have jumped to obey, as usual.

    I’m pretty sure there’s a 400-pound bald-headed evil genius with black lips and fingernails stroking an angora cat behind all this. There is simply no other explanation.

    Oh, that is unless Hussein and the Muslim Brotherhood actually conspired together on the creation of the “Arab Spring” phenomenon, and Abdel al-Sisi has spoiled their secret plans for MB domination. That would explain a lot, actually…

  9. Japan’s asylum laws

    No entry

    As the world’s refugee problem grows, Japan pulls up the drawbridge

    AROUND 9m people have fled their homes in Syria. Over 3m have taken refuge in neighbouring countries. But thousands more have fanned out across the world, some to as far away as Japan. There, they have found the drawbridge up. The world’s third-largest economy has yet to grant asylum to a single Syrian.

    The treatment meted out to Syrians is consistent with Japan’s stingy record on sheltering people fleeing conflicts of all kinds. In the decade to 2013, the country gave asylum to just over 300 refugees. In 2014, the number fell to 11.

    […]Not surprisingly, criticism is growing. On a visit to Tokyo last year, Antonio Guterres, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), said Japan’s asylum system is rigid and restrictive.

    Japan accepts just 11 asylum seekers from record 5,000 applications in 2014

    TOKYO —

    Japan accepted 11 asylum seekers out of a record 5,000 applications in 2014, Ministry of Justice data showed, drawing criticism from advocates and lawyers that the country is not doing enough to provide protection to refugees.

    The number of asylum applications rose 53% from the previous year, while the refugee recognition rate was 0.2%, one of the lowest among industrialised economies.

    “The low recognition rate is shameful,” said immigration lawyer Shogo Watanabe.

    In 2013, Japan accepted six refugees, its lowest for 15 years.

  10. The National Post article from link #7 contains the following gems:

    …he came to Canada on a student visa issued in Islamabad on April 13, 2004, allowing him to study at York University in Toronto.

    Over/under on MSA membership?

    Just over a year after he arrived, he was arrested for fraud, possession of credit card data and using fraudulent credit cards to obtain goods. He received a conditional discharge and a 12 month probation order.

    Truly a valued member of York’s student body.

    Despite the arrest, he was accepted as landed immigrant on Feb. 23, 2009 after his wife sponsored him.

    Let me guess, her daddy didn’t want her consorting with some dirty Kaffir, so he sent back to the old country to find a strong Muslim man to keep her in line.

    But on April 22, 2012, he was arrested again, this time for two counts of assault and uttering threats. He was arrested a third time on June 12, for failing to stay at least 500 metres away from his wife.

    That was all a big misunderstanding. You see, in Pakistan, that’s called being a devoted husband/first cousin.

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