Leftism and Islam, compensating for the failure of their vision with cruelty and tyranny: Links 2 on March 11 – 2015

1. Venezuela to install finger scanners in supermarkets to tackle hoarding, panic buying amid shortages

(This is a very bad portent for the future in Venezuela)

2. US makes non-binding deal with Iran? Wait what?

3. UK Muslim group seeks to brand depictions of Muhammad as “hate speech”

The Muslim Action Forum (MAF), a group that describes itself as “working on the front line to deal with affronts to global civility” has announced a legal and political strategy to have depictions of the prophet Mohammed banned in the UK. And according to a press release published on the group’s website last week, the group will work towards its goal via a combination of litigation and lobbying MPs.

4. Mark Steyn weighs in on Queen Hillary

5. An Iranian journalist speaks eloquently on the meaning of freedom for those of us not in an Islamic country

6. An interesting article from the Tehran times. Some are interpreting it as a foretelling of a rather major Sunni-Shiia bloodbath about to erupt across the middle East. I certainly find it interesting that they will not be held to task for threatening the “annihilation” of enemies the way for example, Israel would if it used language remotely like that.

7. Canadian Public Safety Minister likens jihad to Naziism

8. ISIS destroys Sufi shrines in Libya

ANSAmed) – ROME, MARCH 11 – The Islamic State (ISIS) has reduced a number of Sufi shrines in Libya to rubble, reported the Daily Mail on Tuesday.

The newspaper published photos showing militants destroying a Sufi shrine using a sledgehammer and a bulldozer. The photos were reportedly taken from a site run by the Tripoli branch of ISIS, but it is unclear when the destruction occurred. Sufi sites and especially the tombs of saints have been targeted in the past by other Libyan extremist groups.

9. Chinese authorities say Muslim Uighurs have joined ISIS
China Xinjiang_Cham(1)640360.jpg

March 10, 2015: A delegate, left, from the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region speaks during the Xinjiang delegation group’s meeting on the sideline of the National People’s Congress in Beijing. (AP Photo/Andy Wong)

Chinese officials say that members of the country’s Muslim Uighur ethnic minority have gone overseas to fight with ISIS, which controls sections of Syria and Iraq, and returned to take part in plots at home.

Thank you Yucki, CB Sashenka, M., Richard, Shabnam, GOV., congratulations Don! and to all who watch a crazy world with the hope of making sense of it together. You are all the life raft of my sanity.


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7 Replies to “Leftism and Islam, compensating for the failure of their vision with cruelty and tyranny: Links 2 on March 11 – 2015”

  1. Banning satire? depictions of mo? since there have never been officially sactioned pictures of mo,how can anyone prove that what is drawn is a likeness of the murderer?we are being banned from depicting pictures of someone that no-one knows what they look like,and if no-0ne knows what they look like how can they say that this is a depiction of mo,let alone legislate against it?

    • To make it fair, Socialists will ban all images depicting Prophets, so any picture of a guy with hands held downward, palms out with eyes rolling heavenward can be seen as a Hate Crime.

  2. Extra ecclesiam nulla salus.

    SSPX ‘spokesman’ : Theology of Vatican Council II is in agreement with the strict interpretation of extra ecclesiam nulla salus

    Vatican Council II (premise-free) agrees with the SSPX position on an ecumenism of return and non Christians needing to convert for salvation

    • Hi lionelle,

      You wrote, within the link to your blog:
      “For me, there is no change in the teachings of the Church before and after Vatican Council II .Vatican Council II tells us that most people are on the way to Hell at the time of death.
      Since they do not have ‘faith and baptism’.It tells us that all non Catholics need to formally convert into the Church with ‘faith and baptism’ to avoid Hell and that Catholics have the promised Jewish Messiah. They are the new people of God , the Chosen People ( Nostra Aetate).”

      It is nice to see all roads are coming to Vlad’s blog for help with sanity, to heal the sick.

      You speak of an exclusive ownership and continuation of the faith in The Jewish Messiah which the ‘stiff-necked’ Jews lost and henceforth damnation to enter Hell.

      But, this isn’t the case. Before Jesus, those unable to understand what a child could were living in the kingdom of hell, and therefore could not see the kindom of heaven right in front of them. He set their minds and thus spirit and souls free. They came out from the Socialist Religious-Cultural-Creed-Gender-Fornication mind-drug.

      Jesus could not have spoken to Moses and lived. Moses had to write things down lest he forget. Jesus did not.

      Judaism became a series of improvements. It started under severe duress and the camp split into left and right brain hemispheres. The voice of God to dictate in Death or the Earth’s Nature to dictate in Life by symbolism of a golden calf. The stronger males won by killing 3000 of the sensitive ones. This single mind was in perfect harmony only if the world was made perfect, and would ruthlessly enforce The Law and ascribe demons from a nether-world to what it did not understand. Jesus brought back the right brain. He did not change the left brain perception, not a cross of a ‘t’ or dot of an ‘i’. He therefore encapsulated and represented their true Messiah, the One to heal the sick.

      And now you bring your Roman Empire gobbledygook.

      Meanwhile, Mohammad witnessed the remaining still-half-brained Jews and saw this was good. Unlike Moses who presented as sincerely believing and was completely rational in mono-brain paranoia, Mohammad wrote and created horror for his own vain glorification. His sexual perversions and bloodlust fulfilled.

      • Neurologist VS Ramachandran explains the case of split-brain patients with one hemisphere without a belief in a god, and the other with a belief in a god. Clip taken from talk at 2006 Beyond Belief Conference.


        The Left Brain doesn’t believe in a Director, as it is its own director; the Right Brain view of the world believes something Intelligent came this way.

        Fine. Now point the Cutlass of Mohammed at their head.
        Left Brain: “What can I do?”
        Right Brain: “What can I become?”

        In submission: pray five times a day and act like a tree. Anything outside of this is haram.

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