The fog of war or the stench of islam? You decide. Links 3 on Feb. 21 – 2015

1. Part of fundamentally transforming America is controlling what you eat and what you do in your leisure time, presumably when you aren’t at the mosque.

2. Niqab ban during oath of citizenship escalating into a full-fledged pre-election issue

In her affidavit filed with the court, Ms. Ishaq wrote that through research, she came to the conclusion that wearing a niqab was “mandatory to my faith” and “integral to the modesty that a Muslim woman must show.” (Only a small minority of Muslim women wear niqabs in Canada.)

(I find that paragraph very revealing. Nonetheless the government of Canada is using the wrong argument. The correct one is that it is or should be illegal to wear a disguise in a government building or while undergoing any sort of identification or certification process. It makes exactly no difference if that disguise is a burka or a rubber Nixon mask)

3. Twisted new ISIS video shows ‘Kurdish Peshmerga’ fighters paraded in cages through the streets and interviewed by their captors who hint heavily that death awaits

In the latest propaganda video from Islamic State, hostages are paraded in cages through the packed streets of Iraq to cheers and jeers.

But in a cruel twist, the orange jumpsuit-clad prisoners are interviewed by their captors – ahead of their presumably grim fate.

The nine-minute video allegedly shows 21 Kurdish Peshmerga fighters, who are paraded through the crowded streets of the Iraqi province of Kirkuk, before being seemingly marched to their deaths

(And somehow mysteriously American weapons found their way to these guys again)

4. Full interview with Taqyyia artist, Omar Shahin.

5. On police advice, Berlin Jewish magazine now delivered in plain envelope

The Jewish community in Berlin sends to their approximately 10,000 members a monthly magazine entitled “Jewish Berlin”.

This newsletter is sent by post. Up until now it was placed in the mailbox directly, with only an address label. Starting this month, it is in a plain envelope. You pull it out of the mailbox and do not know what’s inside.

6. Federal government of Venezuela arrests the Mayor of Caracas!

CARACAS, Venezuela — The abrupt arrest of the mayor of Caracas on accusations that he had plotted an American-backed overthrow of the government threatened to plunge Venezuela into new political convulsions on Friday, as his supporters rallied in the capital and pockets of protest erupted elsewhere.

The arrest of the mayor, Antonio Ledezma, on Thursday evening by intelligence agents who fired weapons in the air, was viewed by the opposition as the kidnapping of a political rival to President Nicolás Maduro.

Mr. Ledezma’s backers called it another assault on democracy in Venezuela, the oil-endowed nation that has been reeling from a severe economic decline under the watch of an increasingly unpopular president.

7. In this interview with Anjem Choudery, he seems to have managed to get the station anchor, interviewer to wear some sort of cloth on her head, perhaps as a condition of his being allowed to do dawa (islamic proselytization) on her show? Anyone know more about that?

Thank you Richard, Grace, M., UK Pete, Yucki and a host of people who sent in material. It was a busy day and I didn’t even manage to get to it all but for those interested it can call be found in the comments under previous posts for Feb. 21 2015.

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37 Replies to “The fog of war or the stench of islam? You decide. Links 3 on Feb. 21 – 2015”

  1. 3. Oi, Obama !!! Boy !!! over here !!!!! Your plans are working out, aye ? !

    4. When I see this guy I think of these quaint little “moderate” child molestations, welcome under Sharia, after all the profit did it:

    7. Can whores-for-islam come any uglier? Like former Playboy “readers” I only lingered for a few seconds for the pictures – didn’t stay for the verbal diarroeah.

  2. 1/ Sinister as you could want. The findings will show next that spending time not just on the internet but on certain sorts of websites negatively impacts health (reading about stealth jihad raises stress levels) and so should be taxed accordingly to cover the costs to public health. Golf courses will have to be taxed more, all that grass where there could be soybeans, but the higher green fees will help keep the plebs off the links. Animal meat will become the preserve of elites although the rest of us, true zombies at last, will be encouraged to cannibalize each other. As a thin person I am myself in favour of scaling air ticket prices according to body mass.

    • I actually placed a comment at the site in which I said…
      Why don’t you start a pilot program with the food stamp recipients to try to make them more healthy? How about you ban all high sugar, high fat foods like ding dongs, fruit loops and soda from the food stamp program? Why don’t you start a voucher program that limits the amount of meat they can buy? After all, they are buying the foods that you deem unhealthy and wish to tax (for our own good) with the American taxpayer’s largess. I would like you to study this with a food stamp pilot program.
      Can’t do that> Why not???

      I would ask any United States viewer to send a comment in as well. I think the food stamp program is the perfect place to start… The fact that EBT cards are allowed at Kentucky Fried Chicken is an outrage. I don’t eat that crap and I shouldn’t be made to pay for it.

  3. 2/ I have a hard time getting to the niqab/hijab issue past the sheer fact that there should not be any Muslims in Canada in the first place who have not signed on to the complete and utter denazification of Islam, something along the lines of Sam Solomon’s Proposed Charter of Muslim Understanding.

  4. 4/ I called Alrahma English on 5:32 (it’s a slow day).

    ALRAHMA ENGLISH5 days ago

    It is a free country , you get to say your opinion but before you do, take your time and learn about it. Thank you ;)?

    Don Christie1 second ago

    +ALRAHMA ENGLISH Educate us, Alrahma English. Let’s start with something simple. Omar Shahin cherry-picks not merely from the Koran, but from one verse. 5:32 in its entirety actually reads, in Yusuf Ali’s translation (my caps):

    On that account: We ordained for the CHILDREN OF ISRAEL that if any one slew a person – unless it be for murder or for spreading mischief in the land – it would be as if he slew the whole people: and if any one saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of the whole people. Then although there came to them Our messengers with clear signs, yet, even after that, many of them continued to commit excesses in the land.

    Of course you already knew that this was ‘ordained’ not for Muslims but for Jews. Omar Shahin knows this as well. Why does he lie?

    Would you care to expand on the jurisprudential meanings of ‘spreading mischief’ and committing ‘excesses?’

    Shall we then discuss the following verse, 5:33??

    • The teachings of Islam are like one of those hundred-page car-lease contracts that are so complicated lawyers can’t even understand them. Actually, that’s the basis of any good con, when you think of it. The idea is to make it so arcane that the average person sort of intellectually gives up and just takes your word for it that it all makes sense. Very clever…

      “Some secrets are so important they must be accompanied by a bodyguard of lies” – Churchill (approximately…)

      • Added to which, it’s something they do full-time, and have done from the time the Koran was read to them in the womb, whereas we have to pick up what we can while we’re busy with the things we actually do.

        And that they don’t recognize evidence, logic, reasoned argument when it doesn’t suit them. And that they lie like rugs. But they have to, since their religion is evil from top to bottom, and that at least is a gift to us as much as an instrument for them.

        • Right! And their entire structure is based on ridiculous BS, which is why they are so adamant that no one say anything at all about Islam. They know it will unravel instantly the moment the truth gets out. Islam is nothing but a joke, but they’ll kill you for laughing…

    • If you sit down at a poker table and the only words coming out of your mouth are, “Call, check”, and “fold”, the other players will most definitely eat you alive. That is not a wild theory, that is a fact. It is essential that you know how to say the word, “bet”. Ronald Reagan knew how to play poker and Barack Obama does not. All those poor bastards in the black cages and the orange jumpsuits can thank Barack Hussein Obama for what is happening to them. It’s all 100% Obama’s fault!

  5. Anjem C’s interviewer in that clip is Tony Blair’s sister-in- law Lauren Booth, a Press TV hack and “revert” to Islam.

  6. 4. When Catholics in their Golden Era, known as the Dark Ages of Europe, there would have been apologists speaking about the perfection of God’s Religion. To achieve this mindstate they would have declared: Education, Education. Because accepted facts are believed from a teacher with a straight face. And today, the Socialists and Islamists are involved massively in their social-political correctness conformity in Education, Education, Education.

    To indoctrinate you must alter their perception of history and promise their future to control the present. Muslims already have their Koran. Socialist had to start from scratch and write out new History Months to expand one day into an Ultimate History in one volume called The Human Struggle that every child must read and memorize. It won’t be factually accurate like none of the religious books are, but that won’t matter, because you will feel the imprinted Holy Spirit calling you in order to interpret it. The Intended Message entering the Willing Intendee: the child.

    Surrender and submission. All schools teach, to unquestion the fabric of the web that holds them.

    • This one doesn’t seem to have a lot of arrows in his quiver. Or his experience, with the FBI and everyone else, has been that the same two or three suffice for every occasion. Sensing a direct challenge he falls back on evasion. They need to be ambushed and cornered and their lies thrown back at them, thrown hard, and their unpreparedness to meet an informed interlocutor recorded. Perhaps we’re a bit closer to reporters reading their Korans, marking them up and carrying them with them to these interviews. If she had simply been able to read 5:32, 5:33 at him she would have thrown him off his game entirely.

  7. 7. Anjem Choudery was asked if he claimed Job Seeker’s Allowance and he said The Socialists taxed you heavily and gave back your money so that a Wealthy Person would unconsciously receive Child Benefit instead of querying the waste of adminstration and increased manpower involved and the learned reliance upon Government which becomes more powerful physically and psychologically. At least, I think that is what he meant when going on to say he had Allah’s Will not to work and let the Kuffar pay for him and his Muslimites with shelter and food, and stated the energy to your home would be free , each according to his needs, evidently.

    A slacker, with a greater reason than the dog ate his diary not to attend.

  8. Of course… This kind of fascist conduct “totally makes sense” under these circumstances…

    Immigration Street: TUC calls for Channel 4 to drop documentary (BBC, Feb 21, 2015)

    “The leader of Britain’s trade union movement has called for Channel 4’s Immigration Street documentary to be shelved.

    The programme, due to be broadcast on Tuesday, has been criticised by residents of Derby Road in Southampton where it was filmed.

    TUC general secretary Frances O’Grady said it would “encourage social division and hostility”.

    Channel 4 insisted the street would be “represented fairly and accurately”.

    The show was originally intended to be a six-part series but will now broadcast as one hour-long episode after filming was disrupted by protests.

    Derby Road residents raised concerns that the show would stigmatise the area. It was produced for Channel 4 by independent outfit Love Productions, which made Benefits Street.

    Residents also held a demonstration outside Channel 4’s headquarters in London in January.

    Ms O’Grady said Channel 4 should “respect the views of the Southampton community”….”

  9. Nigerian army retakes Baga town from Boko Haram (BBC, Feb 21, 2015)

    “The Nigerian army has retaken the north-eastern town of Baga, held by Boko Haram militants since 3 January.

    In a tweet from its official account, the army said that “mopping up” operations were continuing.

    It also claimed in a separate statement that it had killed many Boko Haram militants, though this has not been independently verified.

    Nigeria says 150 people died when Boko Haram took Baga and nearby Doron Baga, but locals said up to 2,000 died.

    Will Ross reports from Abuja: ”We have been able to verify that the town is no longer under the control of the jihadists”

    Residents were left largely undefended as the military deserted when the jihadists attacked the towns.

    This time, the army claims it was the militants who fled, with some drowning in Lake Chad as they tried to escape the aerial bombardment.

    It added that 1,000 mines had been laid in Baga, which soldiers had to negotiate before entering.

    The BBC’s Will Ross in the Nigerian capital, Abuja, say other sources have confirmed that Boko Haram no longer control Baga….”

  10. Al-Shabaab threatens malls in Canada, UK, the U.S. in new video (CNN, Feb 22, 2015)

    “Terror group Al-Shabaab has released a video calling for attacks on shopping malls in Canada, the UK and the United States.

    In the propaganda video released Saturday, the al Qaeda-linked terror group talks about its September 2013 attack on a mall in Kenya. The brazen siege, which went on for days, left more than 60 people dead at an upscale mall in Nairobi.

    In its new video, it calls for similar attacks on malls in the three countries. Al-Shabaab identified specific malls, but CNN will not list them unless they respond publicly.

    Mall of America said it’s aware of the threatening video that named it as a potential target. …”

  11. Top Muslim cleric urges education reform to curb extremism

    Mecca, Saudi Arabia: The head of Al-Azhar, Sunni Islam’s most prestigious seat of learning, called on Sunday for education reform in Muslim countries in an effort to contain the spread of religious extremism.

    Speaking at counter-terrorism forum in the Saudi holy city of Mecca, Al-Azhar grand imam Ahmed al-Tayib linked extremism to “bad interpretations of the Koran and the sunna”, the teachings of the Prophet Mohammed.

    “There has been a historical accumulation of excessive trends” that have led some people to embrace a misguided form of Islam, he told the gathering.

    “The only hope for the Muslim nation to recover unity is to tackle in our schools and universities this tendency to accuse Muslims of being unbelievers,” he said.

    Tayib’s comments come days after he expressed outrage at the Islamic State group for burning to death a captured Jordanian pilot who took part in US-led air strikes against the jihadists in Syria.

    On February 4, after IS released a video showing Maaz al-Kassasbeh dying in a cage engulfed in flames, Tayib said the jihadists deserved to be killed or crucified.

    On Sunday in Mecca, home to Islam’s holiest sites, he made no mention of IS but denounced “terrorist groups… who have opted for savage and barbaric practices”.

    He blamed unrest in the region on a conspiracy by what he called “new global colonialism allied to world Zionism”.

    Tayib said that this plot has exploited “confessional tension” in conflict-hit Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Libya.

    The opening day of the conference also heard a speech from Saudi King Salman who called for “an efficient strategy to combat terrorism”.

    “Terrorism is a scourge which is the product of extremist ideology,” the monarch’s speech, read by the governor of Mecca, said.

    “It is a threat to our Muslim nation and to the entire world.”

    The three-day conference, organised by the Muslim World League group of non-government organisations, is being attended by senior clerics from across the Muslim world to discuss how Islam can combat extremism.

    video – Al Tayeb in Mecca

  12. Muslim man arrested following business, mosque bomb threats

    AUSTIN — A man in his 50s is accused of making bomb threats at a Muslim business and the community center where he was staying Tuesday, according to a Travis County arrest affidavit.

    According to the Austin Police Department, 54-year-old Azzam Ahmed Baytie made two bomb threats at a North Austin Muslim Community Center and a Middle Eastern-style food truck near the Arab Cowboy Cafe and Hookah Lounge. The community center is in North Austin, and the cafe is located in West Campus.

    Staff at the community center called Austin-Travis County EMS just after 7 a.m. Tuesday. They said the man had some kind of medical issue, possibly psychiatric problems.

    According to the arrest affidavit, police found Baytie rolling around the ground in front the community center. Baytie told medics he had taken five Ambilify to harm himself, a drug that treats schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and depression.

    On the way to the hospital, police said the man told EMS workers he put bombs at the two locations. Investigators did not find explosive devices at either location.

    Officers evacuated about 50 students from the apartment complex behind the cafe in West Campus.

    Baytie is charged with terroristic threat, a third-degree felony.

    Baytie was previously found guilty of making a terroristic threat and criminal trespassing after a 2008 incident at the same mosque at the North Austin Muslim Community Center. Baytie reportedly told police he had a bomb in his backpack. Authorities scanned the backpack with an X-ray machine and found electronic parts inside, prompting them to destroy the backpack as a precaution.

  13. Obama’s National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes told CNN residents in Mosul “hate living under ISIS” because they don’t pick up the trash

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