By this point, the questions we may have had about how history played out as it did should be clear to all who care: Links 2 on Feb. 21 – 2015

1. French Interrior minister in Silicon Valley to talk terrorism

2. Lawmaker claims Turkish tanks crossed into Syria to protect tomb

Turkish soldiers guard the tomb of Süleyman ?ah, which is situated near a town that was seized by ISIL. (Photo: DHA)

A Turkish lawmaker has claimed that a number of Turkish tanks have reportedly entered into northern Syria to protect the Turkish property that was said to be facing a possible attack by Islamist radicals.

National Movement Party (MHP) I?d?r deputy Sinan O?an said on his Twitter feed early on Sunday that Turkish army crossed into Syria and entered into the tomb “without any incident or a skirmish.” He claimed that the army is now in full control over the tomb, which is situated in a territory considered as a Turkish land.

3. Al Shabab makes a ‘documentary’ about the massacre at the West-gate Mall

(I wonder if they hired Michael Moore like in the movie, American Carol?)

4. US weapons ‘fall into’ Islamic state hands.

5. Libyan chemical weapons ‘seized by extremists’

Sources tell Arab newspaper arms could reach Islamic State, as group gains foothold inwar-torn country

The sources expressed concern that the non-conventional weaponry, which included mustard gas and sarin gas, could find its way into the hands of Islamic State fighters.

The report added that militias had apparently already conducted an experiment with the captured weapons.

On Friday Islamic State terrorists unleashed suicide bombings in eastern Libya, killing at least 40 people in what the group said was retaliation for Egyptian airstrikes against the extremists’ aggressive new branch in North Africa.

(Map at link)


Thank you M., Richard, Yucki, Wrath of Khan, WP News roundup and more. More to come I am afraid to say.

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  1. DAILY MAIL – Twisted new ISIS video shows ‘Kurdish Peshmerga’ fighters paraded in cages through the streets and interviewed by their captors who hint heavily that death awaits

    Nine-minute video shows 21 Kurdish fighters paraded through Iraqi streets
    – It echoes video released recently of a similar procession of prisoners
    – But in an abhorrent twist, the prisoners are then interviewed on camera
    – Then dragged from cages and forced to kneel in front of menacing militants
    – Ends with a haunting shot of an elderly man’s face, before cutting to black

    pics on the page :

    A HD copy of the 9 min video – on dailymotion :

    – low resolution copy on Youtube :

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