Obama has moved past Orwell and Kafka at this point and is heading toward Lewis Carroll: Links 1 on Feb. 21 – 2015

1. F.B.I. Chief Not Invited to Meeting on Countering Violent Extremism

WASHINGTON — The White House did not invite the most senior American official charged with preventing terrorist attacks — the F.B.I. director, James B. Comey — to the three-day conference this week on countering violent extremism in the United States and abroad because the administration did not want the event too focused on law enforcement issues, according to senior American officials.

But Mr. Comey’s Russian counterpart — Aleksandr V. Bortnikov, the director of the Russian Federal Security Service, the post-Soviet K.G.B. — was at the meeting, even though international human rights groups have repeatedly accused the Russian security service of unjustly detaining and spying on Russians and others.

The service also declined to provide American counterterrorism and intelligence officials with information before the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings that would probably have led to more scrutiny of one of the suspects.

2. Ezra Levant: Rudy Giuliani: Obama doesn’t love America

(Here is one of about a dozen clips Ezra could have added to that piece)

3. It’s Time for Europe’s Jews To Arm Themselves

(Any free peoples should have the basic right to self defense and this means to be armed. But add to that any people who’s government trusts them, or better put, a people should not require a government’s trust. However Jews are a higher value target to the muslims invading the West today)

Shortly after the attack in Copenhagen, the Danish ambassador to Israel—appalled by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s call for all of Europe’s Jews to make aliyahurged Denmark’s Jewish community to stay put, promising that his country will do “everything in our power so that the Jewish community in Denmark feels safe.”

Everything in the Danish government’s power, however, has not thus far included investing in actual security, which the country’s Jewish community has been requesting for years and which the government refuses to fund.


4. Marine Le Pen openly shows Qatar some of the contempt it deserves for funding Islamic terror

5. Time the Left realised their words are now bullets

A particularly fine Media Watch Dog blog from Gerard Henderson this week. In it, he gives two examples of the dangerous irresponsibility of the Left in this post-Hebdo world.

The first involves ABC presenter Fran Kelly’s decision to give a platform to Uthman Badar, representative of the pro-jihadist extremist group Hizb ut-Tahrir, which preaches hatred of Jews, democracy and Australia and refuses to condemn the Islamic State. Here is a sample of Hizb ut Tahrir’s preaching in Sydney: …

6. Find the ‘Countering Violent Extremism Summit’ at the Intersection of Islamists and Leftists

[…] For the Left, radical Islamic terrorism cannot be called “radical Islamic terrorism”; it must be called “violent extremism,” to avoid offending the Left’s Islamist allies. Still, while the labeling of terrorism may be problematic, the fact of terrorism is an opportunity – a crisis that, like all crises, can be used to advance the “social justice” agenda. Just have a look at President Obama’s op-ed in the Los Angeles Times this week. ISIS and al-Qaeda are on the march, so what does the president suppose this is the occasion for? “Our focus [in the “summit on countering violent extremism”] will be on empowering local communities.” The public is worried about our national security because, after six years of Obama, jihadists have more safe-haven than ever to plot and train for attacks against America,

Thank you Don C., Oz-Rita, M.,  and many more who wish not to be named.

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  1. @1 & 2 – I keep say ing you have to look at the whole pattern of Obama’s actions and you do but looking at how he was raised also tells a lot, Rudy is right Obama was raised by communists to hate America and Western Civilization and his actions show that he is working to destroy what he was raised to hate.

      • You aren’t the only one wondering if he will step down, if he does he is going to remain in DC and call a press conference everytime the new Pres does anything to reverse any of the damage or policies Obama illegally imposed on us. The problem is going to be that the MSM will continue to treat him as Pres and ignore the new person.

  2. France asks US internet giants to ‘help fight terror’

    Google, Facebook, Twitter asked to immediately remove “extremist propaganda” when French authorities alert them to it.

    France has asked Google, Facebook and Twitter to work directly with French officials during investigations and to immediately remove extremist propaganda when authorities alert them to it, the French interior minister has said.

    Bernard Cazeneuve told journalists that he had made the request to the giant internet firms during a one-day visit to San Francisco and Silicon Valley on Friday.

    “We emphasised that when an investigation is under way we don’t want to go through the usual government to government channels, which can take so long,” said the interior minister after a meeting with representatives from the US tech giants.

    “It’s important to have full cooperation and quick reaction,” he added.

    […]”I told them we can figure this out together, we can come up with counterterrorism speech and block these sites that are enticing the most vulnerable members of our society to commit terrorist acts,” he said.

    France is also pushing to treat “jihadi material” on the internet like child pornography, a task that before the attacks in Paris was getting scant traction but now seems to have caught the attention of Europe’s top security officials.

    Cazeneuve said the meeting on Friday was a first step in building a strong relationship between the tech companies and the French government.

    He said he invited them to go to Paris in April to continue the conversation.


  3. @3 – It is past time for Europe to arm all of the Jews and Christians in Europe, something that will only occur after the EU collapses and the individuals start arming themselves.

    @4 She becoming a major power in France, as the situation in Europe deteriorates we can expect to see her becoming more powerful until she is elected to lead France.

  4. 6/ Andrew McCarthy tries to draw a distinction between Islam, or the religion of Islam (okay) and Islamism, or the ideology of Islam (not okay). He offers a somewhat headache-inducing defense of this position in this 2012 article (the top one, ‘The Real Foreign Policy Failure’):


    Toward the end, he asserts:

    ‘…most Muslims in the West, a dwindling majority of Muslims in the Far East, and a minority of Muslims in the Middle East either do not wish to be ruled by sharia or interpret sharia differently from the Islamists — some of them see it as a private compass not to be imposed on others (the same way that Westerners typically view their religions, in keeping with the separation of church and state).’

    What I heard of Andrew McCarthy’s actual presentation at the Defeating Jihad Summit (as opposed to his contribution to the Islam vs. Islamism discussion toward the end) didn’t really support this sort of optimism, but was an account of failures to date and a call to address the cultural problem (as opposed to merely the legal problem) of Islam. Yet as in the quote above, at other times his thinking seems surprisingly wishful and muddled.

  5. Turkey’s ruling AKP rejects parliamentary motion to probe ISIL

    A parliamentary motion asking for an inquiry into the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant’s (ISIL) activities inside Turkey has been rejected by the votes from the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP).

    Nazmi Gür, a deputy from the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) who forwarded the motion late Feb. 20, said that the result of the parliamentary vote was “a sign that the Turkish government still refrains from taking a clear position against ISIL.”

    “This policy brings serious risks about Turkey’s national security,” the main opposition Republican’s People Party (CHP) deputy Refik Ery?lmaz said.

    The Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) Adnan Çelik, on the other hand, pointed to the Tomb of Süleyman ?ah, a formal exclave of Turkey around 25 kilometers from the Turkish border into Syria. “Our soldiers who are on duty at the tomb cannot return, because ISIL besieged the site,” he repeated a claim which was refuted by Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavu?o?lu on Feb. 20.

    Ramazan Can, an AKP deputy, rejected the opposition’s criticism about the parliamentary vote, stressing that Turkey recognizes ISIL as a terrorist organization and finds it unacceptable to link the group with Islam.

    Turkey’s ruling party has a long track record of pushing for its own motions, while rejecting those coming from the opposition even in some issues that it broadly agrees with them. On Feb. 17, the AKP had rejected another HDP parliamentary group motion, which asked for an inquiry into the “parallel structure,” a byword for the movement of U.S. based Islamic scholar Fethullah Gülen, the government’s ally-turned-nemesis.

    Turkish diplomat files complaint against ISIL

    Meanwhile, Turkey’s former consul-general in Mosul, who spent 101 days in captivity at the hands of ISIL, has filed a criminal complaint against the group.

    Consul-General Öztürk Y?lmaz recently testified to a Turkish prosecutor, telling that ISIL militants repeatedly attempted to “hurt the pride of Turkish diplomats” who were “shackled and blindfolded” during the episode that started eight months ago, daily Milliyet reported Feb. 21.

    46 Turkish citizens and three Iraqi staff were kidnapped on June 11, 2014, by ISIL after the militants seized control of all of Mosul, Iraq’s third largest city. Turkey’s hostages were freed Sept. 20 following the Turkish National Intelligence Organization’s (M?T) secret operation. Y?lmaz was interviewed by Turkish televisions the same day, revealing many details about the challenging weeks that the diplomats lived as hostages of ISIL.

    Iraq asks Turkey to be more active against ISIL

    Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davuto?lu discussed security and political developments in Iraq and region with Iraqi Vice President Usama al-Nujayfi in a phone call late Feb. 20, according to a statement made by al-Nujayfi’s office. The struggle against ISIL was also on the agenda.

    “We acknowledge Turkey’s support to Iraq against terrorism attacks. We request Turkey’s role to be more active,” al-Nujayfi said in the statement.

    Davuto?lu expressed that Turkey is ready to support Iraq in countering terrorism in versatile ways and invited al-Nujayfi to visit to Turkey for further detailed talks about Turkish-Iraqi bilateral relations and other topics.

    Al-Nujayfi accepted Davuto?lu’s invitation and is expected to arrive in Turkey in the coming days, according to Anadolu Agency.



  6. Feb 22 2015 -Lawmaker claims Turkish tanks crossed into Syria to protect tomb

    A Turkish lawmaker has claimed that a number of Turkish tanks have reportedly entered into northern Syria to protect the Turkish property that was said to be facing a possible attack by Islamist radicals.

    National Movement Party (MHP) I?d?r deputy Sinan O?an said on his Twitter feed early on Sunday that Turkish army crossed into Syria and entered into the tomb “without any incident or a skirmish.” He claimed that the army is now in full control over the tomb, which is situated in a territory considered as a Turkish land.

    Citing various claims, private Cihan news agency reported that witnesses spotted at least 40 tanks entering into Syria through Mür?itp?nar Border gate earlier on Saturday. Turkish army didn’t confirm the reports. No government official was immediately available to comment.

    The reports, which was widely shared on the social media too, asserted that Turkish units in ?anl?urfa’s Suruç district left their positions and entered into Syria to protect the tomb of Süleyman ?ah, grandson of the founder of Ottoman Empire.

    The reports came two days after Turkish Interior Minister Efkan Ala denied claims that Turkish troops guarding the tomb of Süleyman ?ah have been unable to cross into Turkey due to extremist Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) militants who have surrounded the tomb since March 2014, saying the allegations are baseless.

    The claims were first raised by journalist Metehan Demir late last month. He wrote on his personal blog that the soldiers have been trapped in the tomb for the past 11 months, and that ISIL has been providing water and food to the soldiers, as supplies from Turkey have not been delivered since March. Demir also wrote that there is usually a change of guard every two or three months, but the 40 soldiers stationed there have not changed since last March.

    The tomb, guarded by a few dozen Turkish soldiers, is considered Turkish territory under a 1921 Franco-Turkish agreement.


      • Turkey Attempting to Thwart Syrian Army Operation in the Aleppo Countryside

        Turkey has now involved itself in the battle raging in Aleppo’s northern countryside. Further, Turkey is said to be attempting to thwart the Syrian army’s attempts to cut off the road between the city of Aleppo and Turkish territories and break the siege around the towns of Nubl and al-Zahraa. Ankara opened the border to fighters and supplied them with what they need to preempt a new military reality in the area, where the Turkish state wants to establish a buffer zone.

        […]The border between Aleppo’s northern countryside and Turkey is still wide open, allowing the transfer yesterday of military and human reinforcements to the fighters in the vicinity of Nubl and al-Zahraa, and evacuating al-Nusra and its allies’ wounded to Turkish hospitals through the Bab al-Salam border crossing.

        Regime sources say that the defining characteristic of yesterday’s “ferocious” battle was Turkish support for the armed groups, as evidenced by the transfer of fighters and military supplies from inside Turkey to Aleppo’s northern countryside, including Caucasian fighters who answer directly to Turkish intelligence.

        more on the page :


        several videos on this youtube channel :


        video ( graphic ) massacre in Ratyan near Aleppo –

        • The Turk’s helping al-Nusra, et.al., because Assad appears to be taking back territory in the north, around Aleppo. This is where the Sultan demanded his “buffer zone” in exchange for using the NATO base. It’s greater Turkey, as far as he’s concerned.

          So enter The Turk, directly now against Assad, maybe for the first time. Is this Uncle Vlad’s cue?

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