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5 Replies to “Marine Le Pen expresses disgust at Qatar for funding terror”

  1. Same clip on youtube perhaps, for anyone else whose server ‘close[s] the connection without sending any data’ with that format:

  2. To paraphrase Ms. le Pen: ‘it is with the Communists that we can fight Islam.”

    National Socialist – international Socialist Alliance, the slaves of inhumanity confront the slaves of the Most Ungodlike God.

    You couldn’t make it up. Supporting the wrong systems to validate and support the wrong in them.

    I need to get to Mars for a ringside seat.

  3. It would be very good if we could make it more profitable to promote Western values and oppose to jihad than to support the jihad and undermine the West. Unfortunately, jihad is where the money is. The thousand ways it supports civilization jihad are a bigger problem than the direct support for terrorism, but exposing the terror funding is a good start.

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