The US president practices his dawa on the world stage and the geopolitics of Islam looks like the armies of Satan: Links 1 on Feb. 19 – 2015

1. More than 400,000 rally in Buenos Aires over Nisman death

(This is how democracy is supposed to look. Congratulation Argentina. The US should be taking lessons)

2. Obama says world should address ‘grievances’ that terrorists exploit

(Isn’t there a word for demanding that people do what terrorists want? Oh wait yes there is. Terrorism)

3. Global Aid Trust head steps down over charity’s alleged links to extremism

The chief executive of a Muslim charity has stepped down as new concerns were raised about the organisation’s alleged links to extremism.

Rizwan Hussain has stepped down from the east London-based Global Aid Trust (GAT) education charity, ahead of the broadcast of an undercover TV investigation which looked into whether the organisation was promoting extremism.

The Charity Commission, which has already opened a case against the GAT, has been told of footage obtained by ITV’s Exposure: Charities Behaving Badly documentary. It found an invited speaker at a GAT event appearing to make antisemitic remarks and offer jihadis his blessing.

4. Cairo accuses Qatar of supporting terrorim; Doha recalls ambassador

(I would find it interesting to know what Cairo thinks of Washington)

5. Muslim group outraged by François Legault’s mosque comments

(A reader has noticed that my comments are being removed from websites [even though they do not violate any stated rules] on some stories. So I will paste the comment I responded to and my response from the article above here. In fact there appears to be a missing comment from that same article from a day or so ago already)

Haris Shahid · Doctor at T.A.R.D.I.S.

As a young muslim living in Quebec since I was old enough to talk, I fell threatened and unwelcome in Quebec. And all the negative comments in the media against my beliefs are very discouraging. The worst thing is many people take these politicians very seriously…

(I’ll resist saying anything about TARDIS)

Vlad Tepesblog · Top Commenter · Works at NASA – National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Just because you believe something does not obligate anyone else to respect them by the mere fact that you believe them. To do so in fact would be a symptom of mental illness worthy of medication. Freedom means you get to have ‘beliefs’ which have nothing to do with empiracle reality. But freedom also means we get to notice that those beliefs are a method to the destruction of our culture, our history, our own ‘beliefs’ and our own moral and legal codes.

So you must understand my total lack of sympathy as there are over 50 countries where muslims can live their beliefs at the expense of everyone else.

6. Toronto Imam says Muslims didn’t do 9/11, Charlie Hebdo

7. Obama doesn’t give political speeches. He does dawa.

8. Rep. Gabbard: Obama is misidentifying the enemy

9. In this video, sunnis appear to be burning and stoning a shiia type of tard. Although I am not certain exactly what is taking place here, one thing we can be certain of, is that it has nothing to do with islam.


Thank you M., Draculea, and a large number of people who sent in materials today. Much more to come shortly.

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40 Replies to “The US president practices his dawa on the world stage and the geopolitics of Islam looks like the armies of Satan: Links 1 on Feb. 19 – 2015”

  1. DAILY MAIL – President of Uruguay blasts former Guantanamo prisoners for ‘lacking a work ethic’ after they were resettled in his country and turned down jobs

    – The six men arrived to start new lives in Montevideo last December
    – They had been in Guantanamo Bay since 2002, but were never charged
    – Now president says they are ‘middle class’ and not willing to work hard
    – Unhappy former detainees claim they have swapped one prison for another

    It offered them a residential facility to study Spanish, learn about Uruguayan culture and integrate to their new home – which has about 300 Muslim residents out of a total population of 3.3million.

    A labour union was drafted in to help find the men work, but it has since said the men have turned down jobs they have been offered.

    Local newspapers reported they were supposed to start work this month in the construction industry.

      Here’s some of it:
      Pilot projects, ’empower communities’, blah-blah, in BOSTON, Minneapolis, and Los Angeles.

      “A question that immediately arises is who are these partnerships with? The very same Islamist organizations that are part of the problem in the first place? Does Obama have in mind as potential partners organizations affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood, the jihadist movement that the Obama administration has assiduously courted since the early days of its first term?”

      When, for example, the conference planners decided to invite the Islamic Society of BOSTON (ISB) to participate in the three-city pilot program presentations… did they consider the fact that Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the alleged Boston Marathon bombers, attended a mosque in Cambridge run by the Islamic Society of BOSTON?

      Were they aware of an e-mail from ISB, sent to congregants shortly after the bombing, urging them to contact ISB and the ACLU first before speaking with the FBI?

      Did they know that one of ISB’s former prominent trustees wrote a letter to the Egyptian weekly Al-Ahram Al-Arabi shortly after 9/11 expressing his “absolute confidence that over the next few years, Islam will spread in America and in the entire world Allah willing, much more quickly than it has spread in the past”?

      Were they aware of a lawsuit brought by ISB to discourage unfavorable reporting about the organization in the media, which ISB then dropped?

      More importantly, would any of this have made a difference in view of the Obama administration’s zeal to placate Islamists and avoid any possible slight that might offend them?

    • Sorry!

      I responded to the article to which this one is a response. I didn’t want to read a review of an article before looking at real thing first.

      Right. The first is nonsense: Jump on, we’re all victims together, have a posey.
      The response nails down something important. Why the piece of garbage is garbage, why it’s offensive to the max.

      • There were valid strategic reasons for the Japanese internment, mainly not letting the Japanese know we had broken their codes. Having said that I am torn about whether the lives saved by keeping the secret was worth the price of violating the rights of those interned.

        What I am not torn about is the fact that to a very large extent many of the Moslems living in the US need to be interned for an indefinite period, that may include the rest of their lives.

  2. 7/ These lies have an expiry date now, and Obama’s handlers are making a tactical error having him continue to push them so hard. It will backfire on them. Robert Spencer was amazed to see that article in The Atlantic, after so many years a chink in the MSM wall, but the light will begin to pick out for more people the work he and others (Vlad here) have carried on doing behind the wall. More light will get through and precisely because the lying is now so egregious. People aren’t comfortable with a looking-glass world once they realize they are in one. The left will grow more hysterical and less relevant. Everyone will know we are in a war.

  3. Qatar, GCC Angry After Egypt Says Doha ‘Supportive of Terrorism’

    The Gulf Cooperation Council is siding with Qatar, though, with secretary general Abdullatif al-Zayani saying in a statement that he “rejects accusations by Egypt’s permanent envoy at the Arab League that Qatar supports terrorism.”

    […]Nasser Bin Hamad M. Al-Khalifa, the former Qatari ambassador to Washington, tweeted that his country objected to Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi’s “behavior as it was violation of UN charter and international law resulting in killing and burning of innocent ppl!”

    “After Sisi committed his crimes against Libyan children men and women in Derna, he tried to force Arab states to back him up after the fact,” Al-Khalifa wrote.

    more on the page :

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