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21 Replies to “Newt Gingrich: (Prepare to experience deep joy and relief)”

      • When Newt says, “Drive them off the internet!”, I can just imagine how that would go down in real life. First they’d make a very general law criminalizing “extremist”, or “violent” or “hateful” language, then they’ll immediately start going after the “islamophobes” while carefully ignoring the Islamists, and thus avoiding charges of racism and the risk of retaliation. Beautiful. What could go wrong?

        What needs to happen is for big strong guys to go grab these turkeys, throw them in tiny concrete cells, and then beat on them daily, not for “extremism”, but for “Islamic jihad” specifically. If they know you’re a Jihadi, then you need to go down. There needs to be a worldwide effort to utterly stamp out the Islamic supremacist movement that is currently attempting to conquer the planet. No more jihadi madrassas, no more TV jew-hatred cartoons, no more preaching Jihad in the cause of Allah to impressionable young Muslim males, and no more, “Takfir! – Alahu Akbar!”. That’s what al-Sisi is trying to do; we need to join him. This needs to end now before things get really, really crazy…

      • Can’t wait. And when are the mass conversions going to start up in the West? Obama has personally allowed the Jihadis to found their own Islamic Disneyland over in Iraq/Syria, and they are now attracting tens-of-thousands of idealistic young Muslims from all over the world to join their romantic psychotic little cause. They’ve let that happen. They’ve allowed ISIS to achieve those gigantic victories… Boneheads!

        • The same thing was done prior to WWII, Britain and France allowed Germany and Japan to build massive military machines and in the case of Japan to spend around 10 years taking over most of China. After WWII was over the schools started teaching the mistakes that lead to WWII but in the 1960s the left started pushing to eliminate more and more history so they could use the old tricks to take over the West.

  1. He would make a great President but it is doubtful if he could be elected, the left hates him more then they hate any other conservative and are doing their best to insure that he never again holds elected office. In this speech he lays out the danger we face and tells us how to defeat it, as well as telling the people at the conference how to ensure that the candidates have a police to defeat the Islamic conquest and to insure they campaign to defeat our enemies and ensure the survival of freedom.

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