Suspended jail term for terror suspect Ahmad Naizmand who travelled on brother’s passport


"Jobless and lost": Ahmad Saiyer Naizman outside court after an earlier appearance.“Jobless and lost”: Ahmad Saiyer Naizman outside court after an earlier appearance.

A teenage terror suspect who had his passport cancelled by intelligence authorities used his brother’s passport to undertake a secret overseas trip because he was jobless and “lost”, a court has been told.

Ahmad Saiyer Naizmand, 20, refused to stand for Magistrate Teresa O’Sullivan when he was given a 12-month suspended jail sentence on Tuesday for unlawfully using travel documents issued to another person.

Naizmand was questioned at Sydney Airport on August 6 and told customs officials that he was a second-year law student and was urgently heading to Malaysia to visit his uncle, with $6000 cash and only hand luggage.
Naizmand became a talented rugby league player, the court was told.Naizmand became a talented rugby league player, the court was told. Photo: Supplied

He presented his 21-year-old brother Ahmad Samir Naizmand’s passport and was allowed to board a flight to Kuala Lumpur.

However, when he turned up in Dubai two days later, he was arrested on suspicion of travelling to join the overseas conflicts in the Middle East and brought back to Australia.

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(Then compare this situation to Tommy Robinson’s)

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  1. A lot of people think President Obama doesn’t have a plan (or a clue) for Iran. But what if he does have a plan and that plan does not include stopping Iran from going nuclear? What then?

    This is a long article about a conspiracy. But Mosaic is no tabloid. And just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you.

    Obama’s Secret Iran Strategy
    The president has long been criticized for his lack of strategic vision. But what if a strategy, centered on Iran, has been in place from the start and consistently followed to this day?

    • That’s less conspiratorial than ideas I come up with on my own, in the absence of this degree of detail and analysis. But one can still take it to another level of paranoia by brooding whether Obama’s ultimate motivation is not, or not only, to make himself look like a hero, but to ruin America and her allies, or to ensure that Islam in some form, any form, remains a global menace for the next century, or something nearer the calculating psychopathy that drives the Joker in Batman.

      • Obama wants to destroy the west because of several reasons, 1) his father and grandfather were anti-colonists, 2) he was raised a communist by communists to hate the west and 3) his early religious training (and as far as I know the only religious training he got) was in Islam.

    • He says Obama wants Iran to be a successful regional power but is ignoring the fact that the Iranian leadership are all committed to bringing back the Mahdi, for them to achieve this goal there must be hell on earth and it must be created by Iran.

      • I linked a V.D. Hanson article along these lines yesterday. I read a batch of his articles on Left-Think. You know this stuff, but for me it’s wide-eyed discovery.

        I’ve been working backwards – trying to understand leftist objectives through what I know of history. A cross-index of files dealing with the facts (observed reality), but using a different system, if you know what I mean. Like Dewey Decimal vs Topical Chronological, sorta.

        That’s where I’ve gone wrong: they’re working in bubbles of fantasy, ahistorical dogma. While the theories might be internally coherent – they do manage to seduce otherwise intelligent people – they can’t be sustained outside the bubble framework.

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