“Islam is to a man, as rabies to a dog” -W. Churchill links 3 on Feb 2 – 2015

1. Iraq: Islamic State MASS GRAVE of 25 Yazidis found in northern Iraq

2. Demo Duisburg 02.02.2015 Pegida NRW 3 – 3. Spaziergang

3. Survey: 20 pct of Turkish public approves of use of violence in name of Islam

4. Picture a fanatical muslim, Jerry Lewis but with rabies and in bad need of a large dose of Thorazine ™ and you get the idea of the video below. Even weirder, I am pretty sure I understood every word of about the first 43 seconds of this video even though its in conniption-fit  mode scribbly. Mind you it is somewhat repetitive.

Many thanks to all contributors. Lost track of, but not unappreciated!

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  1. 1/ The Muslim contribution to paleontology, modeling the disarticulation and preservation of human skeletons in desert conditions following violent death. Down the centuries it hasn’t been anything else.

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