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30 Replies to “Time to call a spade a spade on Islam and terror -Former Israeli ambassador to UN on FOX”

    • Taqiyya, taqiyya, and more taqiyya! All the pretty little lies lines up with nice bows around them. And would it kill Alisyn Camerota to actually read the Quran so she doesn’t make such stupid statements with such profound confidence?

      Not only does the Quran instruct Believers to saw off people’s heads, it commands them to cut off their fingertips so they’ll be in agony as they await their murder. And Mohammed most certainly did kill people for saying the wrong thing about him. ISIS are the perfect example of the perfect Muslim, and all these Muslim dissemblers, like Tariq Ramadan and the woman in the video, have bloody well known that since childhood.

  1. I wish the ambassador had mentioned Obama’s poor diplomacy. By screaming about Netanyahu speaking and making threats against the Israeli Prime Minister, Obama has put Netanyahu in a double bind: if he speaks to Congress he offends the president and will pay a price; if he backs down he looks like chickensh**. Obama has effectively left Netanyahu with little choice but to keep his appointment with Congress and bear Obama’s wrath or be humiliated before the whole world. Obama has previously put Netanyahu in these double binds before and Netanya folded: appologies to Turkey for defending against their terrorist boat, release of terrorist murderers, holt building on private property – all undermining of Israeli sovereignty.

    This of course does not touch on the substantive issues of why Netanyahu was invited to speak in the first place.

    • As a commenter observes, Berman writes as though unaware there is more iceberg beneath the surface. There is some truth in what he says, but I think the approach is counter-productive finally (and I don’t know why he would quote Foucault. If I remember, Foucault was actually enthusiastic about the Iranian revolution).

  2. Continue listening to the jew lies about Muslims .
    Muslims are not terrorists .
    If anyone lived in our countries or see our traditions or our religious basics , no one will even listen to all that bullshits about Muslims .
    Dai’sh or what is named by the Islamic state is a terrorist whom payed from Israel to show for the world how Islam is ugly and terrorist , but infact Israel is the terrorist
    Look at the videos of the Islamic State , they don’t even look like Muslims or the behaving of the Muslim
    I can’t even say Islamic state about them , they are soldiers of Israel whom are payed to them to make terrible terrorist in the world with the name of Islam to tell to the world that Islam and Muslims are terrorist but they aren’t really terrorist.
    Islam is a peace religion .

    • If islamic scripture, history, example of the pirate mohamed are what he is referring to, I think we could do without that kind of peace in the world.

      I will concede this though.

      In countries where there is no islam, it is remarkably peaceful, as well as scholarly, progressive, technologically developing, and with a judicial system based on axiomatic equality of rights to degrees apportioned by reality (pre birth control and electricity eras, women clearly did not live in the same reality of consequences as men, so laws would reflect that) taken as fact in law as well as a legal system based on reason as a general rule.

      In countries fully conquered by the barbarians of islam, there is also a kind of peace. The peace where the brutality and arbitrary rule of those who claim the authority of islam execute justice pretty much willy-nilly as politics and optics decry, or more often as personal or tribal vendetta finds convenient. So Saudi Arabia etc. are kind of peaceful if you aren’t the one being beheaded for trivial or synthetic reasons with no real process of determining guilt being applied. And of course this peace comes without all that other stuff like education or rights.

      The real lack of peace is where islam and anything else meets. And the problem there is not, in my opinion, the lack of peace. The problem is the lack of sufficient war by the non muslims to stop peaceful condition 1 from becoming peaceful condition 2.

  3. The survey — taken in August and published Thursday by Chatham House, the Royal Institute of International Affairs — showed a massive surge in negative attitudes toward Israel since the previous such study, two years earlier. Thirty-five percent of Britons said they “feel especially unfavorable towards” Israel in the 2014 survey, compared to 17% in 2012.

    The people of the Uk, Britain, England or whatever those freaks call themselves, loathe Israel more than Iran!!!! No doubt the attitude is the same in Australia and New Zealand.

    The WASP has always been a hateful creature to non-WASPS, why should we be surprised?? As the UK undergoes colonization, the UK WASP will be busy at war with forces within their island and not external to it.

    Justice is served!

    • Johnny, People are going to begin to think you have a chip on your shoulder. I have not noticed myself, at any rate, that ‘the WASP has always been a hateful creature to non-WASPS’, though it does seem clear (‘Justice is served!’) that WASPS are hateful creatures to you.

      What is it about WASPS you hate most? It can’t be the whiteness, since further on in these posts you show enthusiasm for French Canadians, who are also white.

      Could it the Protestantism? But at this point most WASPS, like most French-Canadians, are probably secularists, so it can’t be that.

      That leaves the Anglo-Saxon inheritance. What is it about this heritage, specifically, that you hate? Did you have a bad experience reading Beowulf as a boy? Did they make you memorize ‘The Seafarer?’ ‘The Wanderer?’ Perhaps it was being forced to translate stories from the Gospels in Old English. Those declensions can be a bitch, I know.

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