More and more about Islam oozes out of the muck. Links 3 on Jan. 31 – 2015

1. Ralph Peters Blasts Sean Hannity for Suggesting Bergdahl Deserted Because of PTSD

2. Bill Maher on Obama’s trip to the KSA.

(One thing Mr. Maher misses is how, in his previous trip to India, Obama refused to visit the main Sikh temple there on the amazingly insulting excuse that his American electorate were too stupid to know the difference between a Sikh and a Muslim and he felt that he shouldn’t visit the Sikh temple lest people, already ‘yokeling’ at home in the media that he was a secret muslim might have more evidence that he was one.

The very next day he and his wife went to Indonesia where they visited one of the most significant mosques. I think it may have informed his thinking a bit when he describes Obama’s second trip)

3. Online video purports to show Islamic State group beheading Japanese journalist Kenji Goto

4. Britain First does clip from area rife with Islamic-Antisemitism.

(Nice to see a clear statement from Britain First on this issue)

5. Islamization and Hijacked Patriotism
by Fjordman

(Please click through for this elegant and eloquent summation on American Sniper by Fjordman to Gates of Vienna above)

6. ‘We have an entire army thirsty for your blood’: ISIS releases new video appearing to show Jihadi John beheading second Japanese hostage

Terror group Islamic State has released a new video which seems to show Japanese hostage Kenji Goto being beheaded by the militant fighter known as Jihadi John.

The 1 minute and 7 second clip shows Mr Goto kneeling in a rocky gorge while the masked murderer delivers a scripted message to the camera.

The killer then lowers his knife and the footage goes black, as is common in ISIS propaganda films. When the footage begins again Mr Goto’s body is shown lying on the desert floor.

Scroll down for video

The 1 minute 7 second clip appears to show Mr Goto kneeling in a rocky gorge. A man appearing to be Jihadi John delivers a scripted message before the video cuts out. When it comes back, Mr Goto's body is shown

The 1 minute 7 second clip appears to show Mr Goto kneeling in a rocky gorge. A man appearing to be Jihadi John delivers a scripted message before the video cuts out. When it comes back, Mr Goto’s body is shown

The footage, which was released by the media arm of Islamic State, was entitled 'a message to the government of Japan', and in the footage Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was blamed for the killing
7. Anti-democracy imam gets cold reception from politicians over Montreal community centre plan

MONTREAL — A controversial imam who preaches that democracy and Islam are incompatible should think twice before trying to set up an Islamic youth centre in Montreal, politicians warn.

“I am against all forms of radicalism,” Mayor Denis Coderre said in response to news reports that Hamza Chaoui wants to open the Ashabeb community centre in Montreal’s Hochelaga-Maisonneuve borough next month.

Mr. Coderre, who met with spiritual leaders Wednesday in hopes of fostering dialogue in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris, said he will consult with borough mayor Réal Ménard about the plan.

Thank you Don C., M., ML., Draculea, GoV., Yucki, Richard and all. More to come. May take while but translations are in the pipe now.


Post script: Here is an interesting bit of music trivia. A reader saw the ink and nast post and my post of a great Talking heads tune which suddenly seemed more practical than hip and more prophetic than goth and told me that David Byrne, the singer from the Talking Heads did a video called, “Qu’oran and a song which is parts of that book set to music. Apparently, the main muslim group in the UK demanded it be removed from the record and it was and replaced with another song. I would like to know what verse this is. It would be interesting to see what Mr. Byrne was trying to tell us, or warn us about.

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20 Replies to “More and more about Islam oozes out of the muck. Links 3 on Jan. 31 – 2015”

  1. Bahrain revokes the nationality of 72 people (BBC, Jan 31, 2015)

    “The government of Bahrain has revoked the nationality of 72 citizens on grounds of damaging national security, the state BNA news agency has reported.

    It says that the measures have been implemented in part to “preserve security and stability and fight the danger of terrorist threats”.

    Correspondents say it is the largest number of Bahrainis to be stripped of their nationality since 2013.

    At that time a law was introduced to punish people convicted of terrorism.

    Bahrain has been wracked by unrest since an uprising in 2011 in which the Shia majority demanded democratic reforms from the Sunni-led government….”

  2. Egypt President Sisi warns of ‘long battle’ with militants (BBC, Jan 31, 2015)

    “Egypt faces a long and difficult battle with militants, the country’s president has said, in his first remarks since a deadly attack in the Sinai region.

    Abdul Fatah al-Sisi spoke a day after a group linked to Islamic State said it killed at least 32 soldiers and police.

    “This battle will be difficult, strong, evil and will take a long time,” he said in comments broadcast on state TV.

    Mr Sisi cut short a visit to an African Union summit to return to Egypt in the wake of the Sinai attack.

    On Saturday morning he chaired a meeting of the country’s Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (Scaf).

    Reports say he ended the meeting by issuing a presidential decree to form a new military command for Sinai with the aim of tackling the growing militant threat.

    In his speech, made after meeting military chiefs and broadcast on national TV, Mr Sisi insisted the militant threat was a danger not just to Egypt but to the wider Middle East.

    “It will take a long time and all Egyptians will be paying the price, because soldiers are your sons, police officers are your sons. They are Egypt’s sons.

    “But they are willing to pay the price – for this country. And not only for this country, but for the whole region.”….”

  3. David Byrne’s track “Qu’oran” features voice samplings from an album titled “The Human Voice in the World of Islam” featuring Dunya Yusin a Lebanese mountain singer (Tangent Records TGS131) which is featured on this YouTube link.

    The following comment to this YouTube video by Erik Daugaard posted 3 years ago states:

    After listening to “My life in the bush of ghosts” hundreds of times, it was great to hear this. Thanks for sharing. Some years ago I celebrated christmas with a refugee from Palestine. He told me this song is relatively “naughty” compared to Arabic standards, as she is singing about her hair moving in the wind. Could be funny though to read a translation of the text – and maybe also the explanation of why hair is naughty and must be covered !

    Another comment posted 4 months ago by Areej Khalil

    “Beautiful..this is called “Mawwal”?

    Per wiki: The chant is in the style of “Mawwal”? which in Arabic music is a traditional genre of vocal music presented before the actual song begins in colloquial rather than classical Arabic with links to historical forms of Arabic poetry.

    An online forum discussed the title of Dunya Yunis’ piece, “Abu Zeluf” (in above YouTube link)…some selected quotes from this forum:

    “Do you know the hair that is in front of the ear on the face? It’s called ziluf.”

    “Abu Ziluf means “the one with the ziluf”.

    “Or is it salef? We say in old algerian arabic abu salef for an attractive women.”

    “Nowadays abuz-zelof refers to a type of popular folk music.”

    I’ve often seen descriptions of quranic verses as being poetic with perfect Arabic cadence. (meh)
    Perhaps the ‘lyrics’ are not necessarily from the qur’an. Assuming the above discussions mentioning attractive women and hair, the Arabic mawwal chanting can be related to Surat An-Nur 24:31 which discussing women’s modesty instructing them to guard their private parts and not expose their adornments.

    “For better or worse, Qu’ran was deleted from later pressings of the album and substituted with the track Very Very Hungry by request of the Islamic Council of Great Britain because of the previous selection’s use of Qu’ranic chanting samples. “

      • Thank you for the link Don –
        re: Byrne’s comment at your link:

        ” There’s tons of things you can think of that they don’t print, that they don’t say, that they tiptoe around very carefully. It is a form of censorship, but that’s also the way people are as animals — that you don’t unnecessarily provoke people unless you really are looking for a fight. And you do self-censor certain things, and it’s not necessarily a bad thing. That’s just the way human social interaction works.”

        Begs the question…which came first, the chicken or the egg?

        Islam, by it’s very existence as a doctrine is combative and perpetually begging for a fight to dominate it’s host’s culture/holdings.

        One wishes these gifted artists would take the time to examine Islam a bit more carefully before censoring themselves and their audiences from reality.

        As for the lyrical content to Byrne’s “Qu’oran” …I don’t get the impression that Eno or Byrne considered the meaning behind the lyrics of the incorporated ‘vocal loop’ they chose.
        Don, from your first link, the discography info suggests the lyrics are readings from the qu’ran – offering no further info beyond a link to a blank page.

        From what I’ve read in this internet archived article from 2005, quoting Byrne:

        “I myself had a new fascination with African pop music, although aside from Fela there was little information available about any of the artists. There was no World Music guides at this point and no internet. “

        It appears this pair of musicians explored some high quality vocal recordings, were captivated by certain “vocal loops” and incorporated them into their hypnotic compositions.
        Yes, Byrne capitulated, but not because he was aware of what the lyrics actually meant.
        From the same archived article:

        “…inspired by these records Brian, Jon and I fantasized about making a series of recordings based on an imaginary culture. We’d make the record and try to pass it off anonymously as the genuine article. “

        Based on these quotes I’m fairly certain neither of the two musicians had a clue as to the meaning of the lyrics beyond the information provided at the source (your first link).

        Compare Sound clip of Surat An-Nur 24:31 for comparison to the chants incorporated Byrne’s Qu’oran . There are recognizable segments which appear to parallel this verse, but Byrne’s selections are limited compared to the entire bellyaching verse at the sound clip link.

        • wtd, It drives me crazy that so many talented artists get themselves on the wrong side of this, often, as is probably the case here, just by not thinking the issues through. Islam threatens violence, so they censor themselves; Christianity doesn’t, so it’s open season. Tracks like ‘Jezebel’and ‘Help Me Somebody’ are easily as “blasphemous” as ‘Qur’an,’ by any definition I can imagine, but because there is rarely a threat of violence behind any Christian complaint, there is no need to “tiptoe around very carefully.”

          I’m sure you’re right, Byrne and Eno heard the chanting Algerians and realized they could do something with the rhythms and the exotic gutturals and glottal stops without knowing what the chanting meant, probably without having the foggiest idea really what the Koran was about at all.

          That might be the verse, I don’t know. I seem to hear the Bismillah or part of it at 1:11, which would mark the start of the verse I believe, and if it isn’t chopped up, what follows would be the first words of the verse proper. It doesn’t sound quite the same to me as 24:31, but there is only so much Koran I can listen to. One possibility might be to send the clip in to one of those Ask-a-Mufti sites and pretend to be an outraged revert wanting to know what part of the Holy Koran the infidel musicians have blasphemed. (I might try that myself!)

  4. 4/ Britain First,

    Your warm embrace and outspoken support means a lot in these trying times. Jesus speaks through you, because yours is a voice of love and courage.

    It will take both to defend us all from the angry darkness. Let our prayers rise together to thank the Creator for giving us the wisdom to seek truth and choose life.

    Bless you for reaching out to us. May Britain First prosper and show the rest how it’s done.

    All the best, YankeeKafir

  5. #6

    Does Mr. Baghdadi have any idea who he’s dealing with? Does his Ph.D not include at least a smattering of world history? Is he not aware of what happens when those cuddly, cute, super-polite Japanese decide it’s time to be not nice? This is exactly what Abdel Al-Sisi is talking about when he says that Islam is threatening the entire world. Have the Muslims forgotten the lessons of Genghis Khan? Who will lift a finger in their defense once the entire human race learns to hate and fear them?

  6. Regarding Obama’s visit to India where his speech invoked religious tolerance. Given that India has a sizeable Moslem minority, well, he would say all that, wouldn’t he? Always the same with Obama – Moslems must have more this and more that, including more religious tolerance (meaning power).

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