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16 Replies to “Marine Le Pen: ‘Bring back national borders to stop terror’ European Parliament”

  1. Did you catch the smattering of applause that met Marine’s speech on controlling the borders of France? There should have been a thunderous ovation, but all they could manage was a small spattering. It’s positively creepy how brainwashed everybody is these days. They have that entire room full of French politicians utterly convinced that they have no right whatsoever to decide who comes into their country, as well as being too afraid of being seen to think they even have that right to even be seen clapping their hands. Wanting to control national borders is seen as full-blown Nazi-ism in today’s world. Only Adolf Hitler would want to control his country’s borders…

    • The lack of courage on the part of so many politicians is leading the citizens of all Western nations to start thinking about how they can change their governments to ones that will protect them and their nation.

    • @Chris and Marine LePen….

      Its a globalists wet dream the smattering of applause and a globalists nightmare Ms. LePens’ reference to national borders.

      Personally, the reason we are having the difficulties we are, to a degree, are the absolute lack of worth citizens place on their own nations, their own cultures, after all, if its worthless, who can be heard when one relegates the same to the dust-heap.

      Nationalism, patriotism and a greater historical and cultural literacy and coherence is what’s required to illustrate clearly that what is threatened by the Muslim is worth defending, worth fighting and dying for and that we are losing the same through ignorance, apathy and cowardice.

      Regards, Don Laird
      Dogtown Bastard
      Alberta, Canada

        • Evidence of that found in the arrest of Paul Weston for publicly quoting Winston Churchill on the streets of London……..how bloody obscene.

          Regards, Don Laird
          Downtown Bastard
          Alberta, Canada

      • Oh and by the by……….

        Who was that dashing bespectacled Francais that slide in behind Ms LePen at 00:17?……….the ghost of Toulouse-Lautrec?………. or perhaps Jean Genet with his latest play and jaunty beret?……

        Regards, Don Laird
        Dogtown Bastard

  2. Remember the article yesterday?

    ISIS Operative: This Is How We Send Jihadis To Europe
    “ISIS has more than 20,000 foreigners in its ranks, according to one recent estimate, with more than one-fifth of them citizens or residents of Western European countries. If these jihadis return to Europe in refugee ships, they can travel home via open land borders that receive far less scrutiny than airport security. The ships could also land Syrian or other ME fighters in Europe amid the confusion of a refugee crisis that worsens by the day.”

        • That they do many more then most people think, just as many from Africa are entering over the southern border to get away from Ebola.

      • Between the vertically integrated drug industry of Hezbollah and the ubiquitous Shitte missionaries, Iran has a major presence in Latin America.

        I used to follow a dawa blog in Spanish targeting Latin Catholic girls and women. Foolishness – getting Fatima to play the role of Mother Mary, for example – but quite appealing, in its own way. Beautiful graphics, softly, softly.

        No clue that this was the same cult that sponsors bloody flagellant orgies all over the world. I tried searching the site for that sort of perversion, but nothing came up.

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