More attacks, deceptions and general misery caused by Islam: Links 3 on Jan. 30 – 2015

A computer security person I know well has told me that currently there is a massive cyber-attack against church websites. Massive according to him and the largest attack he has seen against a non-commercial target. The recipients are mostly, it appears, missionary websites and all American. Thats all I know and all I can say. But just so people know that this war, and war it is, continues and escalates on all fronts.

1. Kobane’s streets of death: Executed ISIS fighters are lined up in town’s ruins as pictures reveal scale of destruction after militants’ defeat in epic battle

Kurdish fighters have killed dozens of Islamic State militants in recent days as battles continue to rage around the strategic Syrian border town of Kobane.

In one village, a Kurd was today pictured standing over the bodies of Islamic extremists after they were killed in Halimce, a village east of the town.

Around 20 jihadists also died in the hills west of Kobane days after it was recaptured following months of heavy fighting which has left the town in ruins.

Kurdish forces retook the town on January 26 in a symbolic blow to the jihadists who have seized large swathes of territory in their onslaught across Syria and Iraq.

2. Muslim government of North Sudan bombed out civilian areas and hospitals of areas held by Christian and animist South Sudan to the extent that many Doctors without Borders groups have left the region citing unacceptable conditions.

(Headline interpreted from article)

3. Tajik IS Militant In Syria: ‘We’ll Convert Native Americans To Islam And Build Them Mosques’

(Amer-Indians may want to take a more realistic view of the experience they have living alongside mostly Christian and soft-socialist people who typically subsidize any lifestyle and religious choices they make for themselves in multiple ways)

A Tajik militant claiming to be fighting alongside the Islamic State (IS) group in Syria has told RFE/RL’s Tajik Service, Radio Ozodi, that his goal is to introduce Shari’a law throughout the world, including among Native Americans.

The 38-year-old militant, who gave his name as Nusrat Nazarov, also goes under several other names including Makhsumi Nurat and Abu Kholidi Kulobi. A video of a Tajik militant named Abu Kholidi Kulobi appeared online in August.

Nazarov says that he is from the village of Charmgaron in the Kulob district of Tajikistan and that he went to Syria two years ago and now lives in a suburb of Raqqa, the Islamic State group’s de facto capital in Syria.

According to Nazarov, he had been living and working in Moscow before coming to Syria via Turkey.

“This is not the only route. There are dozens of other ways for our brothers to unite with us. If Turkey closes the route, then there is Yemen and other states,” Nazarov said.

According to Nazarov, he originally fought alongside Jabhat al-Nusra, Al-Qaeda’s Syrian affiliate.

4. Cardiff postman suspended over terror arrest

How can anyone not say this is a uniform, and the uniform of a deadly enemy?

5. Family of jailed Pakistani doc who helped nail Bin Laden in hiding, losing hope

(One could make the case that this man’s story is a powerful data point suggesting that Obama is not acting with American interests but perhaps the opposite. Under any other president, this man would have a nice house, a life in Vermont and at least a 3 part miniseries as a great hero of our times. After promising most of that, the man who led America to Bin Laden has languished in jail in Pakistan instead. What message does Obama send to the word to those who would help them defeat major terrorists?)

The wife and children of the Pakistani doctor credited with having helped the United States find Osama bin Laden are in increasing fear for their lives and should be evacuated from Pakistan immediately, friends and supporters close to them say in exclusive interviews with

Shakeel Afridi, 51 – called a traitor in Pakistan, but a hero in the U.S. after the May 2011 SEAL Team 6 raid that killed the al Qaeda leader – remains in isolation in a Pakistani jail, where his bid for a review of his 2012 conviction for “terrorism links” has been stalled since last March.

Afridi’s wife, meanwhile, is in hiding with their two sons and a daughter, fearful they’ll become targets of groups within Pakistan – Taliban among them – who’ve declared their determination to seek revenge for bin Laden’s killing

6. This article claims that 500 Chinese converted to Islam after being touched by the beauty of the ceremony for the dead Saudi King. The video shows about 145 but maybe there are more. However after reading about the Tai Ping revolution in China and how religion spreads like a cancer in that country, one should take it seriously.

7. ISLAMIC STATE Launches Attack On Oil Rich Northern Iraqi City Of Kirkuk

8. Islamic State chemical weapons expert killed in airstrike in Iraq -U.S.

9. US public high school hosts ‘Hijab Day’: A ‘classic example of religious indoctrination’

A California school is causing quite a controversy for apparently violating the separation of church and state to promote Muslim headscarves for women.

It all started when a student at Natomas Pacific Pathways Prep in Sacramento, who also happens to be an intern for the Hamas-linked group the Council on American-Islamic Relations, gave a presentation on “Islamaphobia” at a mandatory staff meeting at which an official CAIR representative was present.

In response to the presentation, the school decided to sponsor a “Hijab Day” Wednesday in cooperation with both CAIR and the Muslim-Brotherhood linked Muslim Students Association.

Thank you M., Draculea, Richard, Buck, Yucki, Don L., (great whale vid) and all for links and interesting comments.



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21 Replies to “More attacks, deceptions and general misery caused by Islam: Links 3 on Jan. 30 – 2015”

    • There is a group of Indians in Canada who swear sideways to Sunday that we are committing genocide against them, that Canada is more than a little bit worse than Nazi Germany during the final days of the Final Solution. We are rounding them up, putting them on trains, and shipping them to Auschwitz Birkenau all day long, every day of the week. Those characters would love nothing more than to cash fat Islamist checks while pissing everybody off at the same time, as they bang their drums and jump up and down in their new Muslim costumes…

      Nothing good could come of converting the Indians, or anybody else for that matter, to Islam. New converts are the worst time bombs…

  1. Saudi Arabia: American man wounded in Al-Ahsa shooting

    An American resident was shot and wounded while driving with a fellow US citizen in Al-Ahsa on Friday.

    The Eastern Province police said in a statement that shots were fired at the men at 2 p.m. on Friday afternoon as they were driving along Saladin Al-Ayobi Road.

    The man is reportedly in a stable condition at a local hospital. The police have launched an investigation.

    This is the fourth recent attack on foreigners since Gulf states joined a US-led coalition against Islamic State jihadists in Syria and Iraq in September.

  2. Interesting comment in today’s Saudi Gazette:

    Why is the Arab World in this sorry state?

    Children are taught to love the conquests of early Muslims. They are taught blind obedience to anyone who claims to be a religious scholar. They are taught resentment against many (Jews, the west, Shiites), dominance of others (women, the poor, expat) and a general desire for revenge on vague “enemies of Islam.” they are not taught tolerance, patience, respect, honesty. So any religious child is easily drawn to killing. To end extremism, face with honesty the messages we teach our youth.


  3. Meet the flower men of Saudi Arabia: They’ve lived in a remote mountain fortresses for 2,000 years (but don’t be fooled by the head-dresses – they are so violent even the police are scared of them)

    According to Thierry Mauger, a French anthropologist who visited the tribe in the 1990s, the flower men even attempted to rape him.

    A detail that might be in Mauger’s Undiscovered Asir thought I don’t remember it.


      Worth a look if the local library happens to have a copy. The mountains aren’t what people generally think of when they think of Saudi Arabia.

      People who persist with the nonsense that Islam is a religion of peace might ask themselves why the entire peninsula is studded with ancient fortresses and ancient houses that look like fortresses, and why modern structures often remember this heritage even in pointless non-functional details like crenelations on rooftop plastic water tanks.

    • They’re targeting him because he is not white. If he were white it would be child’s play to discredit him, simply by crying, “racist orientalist!”, but his brown skin makes him a little bit more dangerous than say, Newt Gingrich. Their tight little self-protecting ball of lies is starting to unravel. Way more people know about Islam than they did five years ago. It must be getting a might uncomfortable to be sitting on a bus in a Muslim costume these days…

  4. #5

    For his part in getting bin Laden Dr. Afridi he should definitely be getting that house in Vermont, but Ben Affleck will never know that, because Ben Affleck doesn’t watch conservative news and the MSM will take this secret to their treacherous graves. If Ben did know about it, he would probably have a problem with it, but he will never allow himself to look in the direction of the truth. How convenient…

    Like Hitler marching into the Sudetenland unopposed, Obama must be positively shocked that he just keeps getting away with it and getting away with it. Of course he’s sending a message through the good Pakistani doctor that if you trust America and you oppose militant Islam, you will get thrown under the bus in the most brutal fashion. It’s just so obvious. Ben? Oh, Ben…?

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