Venezuela: Totalitarianism takes it’s mask-of-the-people off

Here is a link to the Spanish article that got me to check with Fausta’s Blog, one of the best resources on Latin America and the jihad there on this matter.

Here are a couple of links and snippets to English and Spanish articles on this very serious matter.

Venezuela: Fire at will

The Venezuelan government has authorized its military to fire upon civilians at rallies and public demonstrations:

The armed forces are now directed to use “potentially lethal force, whether with firearm or any other potentially lethal weapon”, as last resort to “avoid disorders, support legitimate authority, and reject all aggression, confronting it immediately and by the necessary means.”
( “uso de la fuerza potencialmente mortal, bien con el arma de fuego o con otra arma potencialmente mortal”, como último recurso para “evitar los desórdenes, apoyar la autoridad legítimamente constituida y rechazar toda agresión, enfrentándola de inmediato y con los medios necesarios”.)

The resolution makes no distinction between peaceful or violent demonstrations, and may most likely be unconstitutional (link in Spanish), but, as Emiliana Duarte points out, […]

Spanish Article:

English Article: (Analysis)

Case in point: Resolution 8610, sanctioned on Jan. 27, through which the Ministry of Defence authorizes the use of “potentially lethal force, be it with a firearm or with another potentially lethal weapon” as a last recourse […], “to avoid public disorder, to support the legitimate authority, and to immediately reject aggression using any necessary means.”

Naturally, this innovation in military protocol is meant to “regulate the Armed Forces when guaranteeing public order, social peace, civil coexistence during public meetings and demonstrations, within the context of a Democratic State, the Rule of Law and the Protection of Human Rights.”

So basically, the military can now shoot protesters. How’s that for short and sweet?


Thank you Shabnam and Fausta

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    • Given the right support the Kurds could do a lot of good in that region, however the proper support is probably not going to be avaible until some time in 2017.

  1. The Marxist Government of Venezuela is ahead of the curve, the societal breakdown is suppose to wait until the entire worlds economy collapses rather then the economy of just one nation.

    As the left borrows all of the money to buy votes and the printing presses melt down from printing feit currency the economic crash combined with the way the leftist governments of the world have been oppressing their citizens to help immigrants will cause actions like this around the world.

    FVI the left likes to say that any government that has to fire on its citizens has lost control of the nation, but they only say that when non leftist governments are doing the shooting.

    • Venezuela’s been a hellhole for Jews for generations.

      After the Holocaust some surviving families decided to split-up, just to improve their odds. The mother of one of my friends, originally from Hungary, went to Venezuela while her aunt went to Israel.

      My girlfriend described some of the vicious spasms of Jew-hate that forced them to leave Venezuela and start all over in the USA. Her cousin, Giora, grew up a Sabra. He was badly injured in the October War, but nonetheless became fruitful and multiplied.

      His children are spectacular. Gorgeous Gypsy-eyes, brilliant, and devious. They’re fluent in Hebrew, Hungarian, Spanish, English, and Russian. And I love them, but so does everybody else, they’re irresistible.

    • It should creep you out, it should creep everyone out, the tunnels will probably vary in size from small ones people walk or run through to (possibly) ones large enough to drive vehicles through.

    • Can you imagine? And my kids are in the south, some very scared kids are up north. It’s Israeli-macho – Oh, we manage quite well – but it took months for some of ours to stabilize. I’d kidnap them all if they’d let me. – And their parents!

      Mr. Adoni, the village chairman, said residents started complaining about the nighttime noises in 2008 and that he had received dozens of reports from people claiming to have heard an incessant knocking. The reports were passed on to the military, he said, but dissatisfied with the army’s response, the local authorities recently brought in private companies to check for underground activity.

      After the companies traced the route of a suspected tunnel beneath the village, Mr. Adoni said, the army agreed to come in and help confirm its existence.

      For Ilanit Adoni, Yossi’s wife, it began when their teenage son woke her up at 3 a.m. a few months ago, saying he had heard knocking. The next night, at around the same time, Mrs. Adoni, 41, also heard it. “It sounded like it was coming from inside the wall,” she said. “When evening comes I have a very uneasy feeling, like something is about to happen.”

        • They do, you know, we’re all marked by our experiences. It hardens them, that’s partly why Israelis are known to be brusque and abrasive.

          Another reason some who make “aliyah by choice” – as opposed to refugees – can’t adjust and eventually leave.

    • We all should mean it and some will always mean it but unfortunately the modern generation of people in the West have never been taught enough about the horrors of the Nazi’s and what they stand for, this means we will end up seeing the same horrors return to the world.

    • Good to have Holocaust Day over and done with. Israel has one, that’s more than enough. Something obscene about strangers – even enemies – pawing through pix of your great-auntie when she was a human skeleton. Or getting off on visions of cattle-cars and canisters of poison gas.

      All this honesty bubbling over, I’ll add that idle speculation in non-Jewish media about the Jews and their future here, there, or anywhere makes me nervous. It’s profoundly alienating. Useful information is always welcome, purple prose never.

      Krauthammer is a tonic. Here he says just enough; elsewhere he sounds off more stridently. Such a tribal elder is a gift from a loving G-d.

      On the 70th anniversary of Auschwitz, mourning dead Jews is easy. And, forgive me, cheap. Want to truly honor the dead? Show solidarity with the living — Israel and its 6 million Jews. Make “never again” more than an empty phrase. It took Nazi Germany seven years to kill 6 million Jews. It would take a nuclear Iran one day.

  2. Hello there……..its me again…….Don Laird

    …….”Totalitarianism takes it’s “mask-of-the-people” off”……….

    Gun control anyone?……..

    Brilliant line Eeyore……..

    Just for that…….a little musical interlude with a group from Las Vegas……”The Imagine Dragons”

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  3. Hello there…..its me again……Don Laird…..


    One step closer to the meltdown, one step closer to MAID, another degree or two under the pressure cooker, another pound or two of pressure in the vessel………….I can hardly wait

    Muslims planning another ethnic cleansing are disrupted.

    Regards Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

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