Anyone notice a pattern yet? Links post 1 on Jan. 28 – 2015

1. Iran sends warning to Israel via US officials

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — Iran’s official IRNA news agency is reporting the country has sent a warning to Israel through the United States over the recent killing of an Iranian general in an alleged Israeli airstrike.

The Tuesday report quotes Deputy Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian as saying, “We told the Americans that the leaders of the Zionist regime should await the consequences of their act.”

He added, “The Zionist regime has crossed our red lines.”

(For a group that screams about loving death and hating life and eternity in an all-you-can-hump bar and brothel in the clouds, they sure get snooty when they are killed by a Jew)

2. Israeli speaks at PEGIDA. (This is amazing)

3. Gazanians attack UNRWA building after funding slashed.

(Nothing savage like about that behaviour at all. I suggest the Nobel Prize committee introduce new prizes for attacking buildings with rocks and building crappy rockets so that these people can lead the world in Nobel Prizes)

4. Pentagon documents: Obama to request big defense budget hike

(Weird thing to ask for after you have defeated Al Qaeda, crushed terrorism world wide and made the world safe for blind ladies with prams to cross the freeways of the world. I thought I heard him say something like that at the last several state of the union addresses)

5. Meanwhile the Islamic State continues their practice of mass executions. Photos at link. For those not fully desensitized to pictures of living human beings in Orange jump suits being shown with their heads blown in with bullets, think twice before clicking.

6. More on Bowe Bergdhal case

(I wonder why they don’t use his muslim name? You know he has one)

7. First ever Muslim call to prayer  inside the Washington state capitol Legislative building in Olympia on Muslim Lobby Day Jan. 19, 2015

(I need to re read the US 1st amendment again, I think I must have misunderstood it)

Thank you M., Tundra T., Draculea, Richard, GoV.,

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29 Replies to “Anyone notice a pattern yet? Links post 1 on Jan. 28 – 2015”

  1. Hello there….its me again……Don Laird….

    Glen Greenwald is the Leftist/Liberal writer/journalist who, along with Ben Affleck, attacked Bill Mahar and Sam Harris over the truth of Islam and its Muslim.

    But in this talk Greenwald makes some very excellent points about privacy and in so doing makes one very uncomfortable.

    There are also some interesting points about Eric Schmidt and Mark Zuckerberg of Google and FaceBook.

    Give it a watch, 20 minutes of thought provocation, after which you can all send me the names of your email accounts, the passwrds to the same, copies of the contents of your wallets and your banking information with all relevant pin numbers.

    That will be all.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

      • Yes he makes some good points about the need for privacy, but he obviously is under the somewhat masturbatory illusion that he himself is a “dissident” . Mentioning among others Foucault and Rosa Luxemburg is sooooooo conformist that I’m reminded of the best compliment Sartre ever got – it came from his partner Simone de Beauvoir who said of him: “He never tried to be original, and so he never fell into the trap of conformism”. I was very much impressed by that in a time when I was still trying to be very original and was able to quote Sartre, Foucault and Rose Luxembourg at the drop of a hat. Loooooooooooooong time ago 😉

        • @Rita,

          The flatulence of faux-filosophers aside……….the fears are real, the threat is real, the warnings are being ignored.

          Once we reach the point of a “cashless society” the game is over, we will truly be slaves, we will have lost every shred of self-determination, every ounce of independence, we will be at the mercy of mega-corporations that will act as mechanisms of governance.

          We are almost there Rita.

          I don’t wear a tin-foil hat pulled down tight, sitting in a shoebox, at the bottom of a hole, at the back of a cave on the dark side of the moon.

          The threats we face have been screamed in our faces for almost 50 years, yet we still continue to march towards our enslavement.

          In a few months I will post some details regarding a conflict I am in the midst of right now. It involves government and its truly disturbing.

          Regards, Don Laird
          Dogtown Bastard
          Alberta, Canada

        • @Rita

          As for quotations……..

          As for being sexy, cool and “with-it”……..when you’re at all the right parties, with all the right people, in all the right places……Just quote “Don Laird”……….that’ll have you arrested at the drop of a hat and placed on so many intelligence and law enforcement watch lists it’ll make your head spin!!! 🙂

          Regards, Don Laird
          Dogtown Bastard
          Alberta, Canada

  2. The pattern is there for anyone who cares to think for themselves to see, since most people haven’t been taught how to think most people don’t see the pattern.

      • The pattern of the inter connection between all of the various Islamist groups and to a lesser extent the leftist groups. The leftist groups have a much larger internal connection but their connection to the Islamist groups is not as good as that between the groups.

        • “The leftist groups have a much larger internal connection but their connection to the Islamist groups is not as good as that between the groups.”

          Between which groups? I’m kinda thick but it’s important to get it correctly.

        • Protracted pain harms your brain. Changes the wiring, wears grooves into the substance so that the pain persists even after the painful stimulus is gone.

          Worse yet, the primary “reptile” brain is damaged. A patient in profound coma may – some think – continue to register pain.

  3. @4 8% isn’t a big hike, it is still under the real inflation rate.

    @7 The First Amendment doesn’t say that there must be a wall between government and religion it says there shall not be an official religion. Having said that since they are preventing all other religions from doing the same thing this counts as establishing an official state religion and is forbidden.

    • I don’t like it.
      If the KKK started calling itself a religion, would they get to caterwaul in Our Nation’s Capital? Would ‘People of Color’ be expected to stand politely and listen?
      So I protest the racist RoP having a go at it.

      • They would only if the Federal Government recognized them as a religion. The people who wrote the First Amendment went home and set up official religions for their states, other religions were allowed but there was one official one.

  4. RE; # 7 I am not surprised at anything that happens on the ‘Left Coast’, A hot bed of ludacris liberals, who in their childish minds think everything can be solved by pandering, groveling, and singing cum by ah around the campfire.

    • Richard once wrote:
      California has always been a different place, as the expression goes. The US has a tilt and all the loose nuts roll into California.

  5. 7/ They’ve probably got away with this in enough spaces by now to release a couple of albums, like Paul Horn with his flute. Inside the West I & II, sounds of the new New Age.

  6. # 2. There is a lovely dynamic at play there. I bet the Israeli speaker is by nature extremely shy, that’s why his tone sounds so over the top. And the German Pegida crowd soooooo want to adore him – they too need every help they can get – not unlike Israel – but, unfortunately, the “simultaneous translation” is not quite up to scratch and leaves out many of his best points which would have made the crowd go over the top, with the same good will and generosity towards the speaker as he shows towards them.

    Personally I find the speaker’s professed love for Germany poignant because, his family having “lived in Germany for 700 years”, some of its members must have been victims at one stage of the Nazis (to whatever degree doesn’t really matter).

    Anyway, the reaction as I read it, from the crowd was warm towards him and I am glad for that.

      • LOL – you eeeees wicked and truly clear sighted 😉

        PS: you were soooooooooo right with your advice about “hands”. Getting truly fed-up with the slow process of healing and the limitations at the keyboard. I used to come online for a glass of water and some hours later I left after a dive into the Niagra Falls. These days, my hands cause me to stay at most for a bottle of water. But I still read nearly everything at Vlads, best pub in town. 🙂

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