MEMRI: Brooklyn Imam Tareq Yousef Al-Masri on Paris Terror Attacks: We Muslims Must Admit That We Are Time Bombs and We Hate Christians

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Also, since posting this, some rather revealing news about what certainly appears to be this guy have been placed in the comments. For all interested, please click the links offered by the commenters. See if they fit the thesis of this post.

Original site at MEMRI:

(It is larger there, might be easier to read the titles at the MEMRI link)

This is a fascinating clip. Please watch it all the way through before passing any kind of judgment. One of the first curious things I noticed, was an odd sense of suspicion about this imam because early on I noticed he was using reason. Something which is anathema to islam overall.

A few times this site has alluded to the ‘wedge strategy’ and even spoken about what I call, ‘Government imams’. I would suggest this is one of them.

A one on one debate between this man and Robert Spencer would be one for the books although I believe I have seen something like it before, where Robert is arguing for the demonstrably true nature of islam using reason, islamic scripture and islamic history, against an imam who is trying to retroactively rewrite the islamic narrative in order to achieve an outcome most of us would agree with.

I would love it if this worked. But it won’t, it can’t and frankly I think this contributes to motivating young cultural muslims and other young people to join up with the jihadis because of the moral outrage when it is discovered that governments and government sponsored mosques and imams, (not saying this one is but betting it is) are discovered to be exactly that, peddling an acceptable version of islam, easily discoverable to be untrue by even a cursory look at the scripture and facts. For example abrogation is in the koran itself.  While this imam does an admirable job of trying to undo the horrific and incalculable damage the concept has done to humanity and the world, it remains right there in the koran clear as day.

I look forward to the comments on this one.



Thanks to a commenter, ‘Just a thought’, it would appear that someone who looks very similar and who’s name is the same except the last part of it has been changed to ‘From Egypt’ (Al Masry) may have been in the news before where a woman who rebuked his offer to make her his 4th wife or temporary whore annoyed him so much he called her a Jew.

Al MasriArticle here from the New York Post

Do have a look. If it is indeed the same man it demands a few answers and raises a few questions, not the least o which is if indeed he is on the payroll to sell the Obama-Cameron narrative.

Thanks GoV and Just a Thought

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24 Replies to “MEMRI: Brooklyn Imam Tareq Yousef Al-Masri on Paris Terror Attacks: We Muslims Must Admit That We Are Time Bombs and We Hate Christians”

  1. The hostility muslims are encountering in their daily lives is having an effect. Some of them are begining to recognize where the train of their destruction is heading. Fear is seeping into the hearts of Western muslim populations, those that protect them are openly mocked and ridiculed by the average Westerner. Storm is on the horizon, it is going to wash the filth away.

  2. Unbelievably frank speech coming from a Muslim cleric.

    I predict, this brave man will die at the hand or some Muslim jihadi.

    Islam purges all who present thoughts similar to what he is saying.

    • Yes, he is presenting shirk, the belief that Allah is not a Jealous God.
      We will have to wait for a story about the Mardi coming to Earth to teach them to love Allah with all their heart mind and soul, and the second commandment is somehow like it (but only in you understand god is in everything), love your neighbor as yourself.
      The Jewish scripture demanded their messiah be preceded by Elijah, so the teacher of Jesus to find freedom of conscience, John the Baptist became that figure, though nothing remotely like him in killing those who had another god. The long and the short of it, it managed to temper and modify Semitic behavior towards each other’s sects; until the Romans got their hands on it and turned into a Roman Cult that kept people happy as working in their place slaves. (See Socialism).
      Islamic literature says Jesus will return to prepare the way for the Mardi, and as there is no Christian leader you can remotely put that moniker on, so again, it might best to be written as a story, and propagated as real, about a normal man in extraordinarily cruel circumstances of mindset and cultural conditioning to protect the cognitive, emotional and bodily health of children today.

  3. Is the Imam of Oulel-Albab mosque in Brooklyn “Tareq Yousef Al Masri?” or is he “Tareq Yousef Hassan Saleh?” Are they one and the same, or are there 2 Imams of that mosque?

    The reason I ask is because if Dr. Jekyll (Al Masri) is also Mr. Hyde (Hassan Saleh), then the whole “moderate” narrative comes crashing down.

    • Al Marsi just means from Egypt. So we need to know if this first guy is from Egypt. It would be highly amusing if they are the same guy. Would add weight to my thesis that he is a paid imam selling the Obama-Cameron wedge ploy.

  4. At first I thought this guy was being sneaky in some way, but then I started getting what he was saying. He gave a detailed scholarly explanation, compete with names and dates, of the genesis of the radical Muslim problem that is plaguing the world at this very moment. I have never seen such passion in my life; the hair was standing up on the back of my neck. And Bob’s right. The guy probably has a thousand armed Salafists making tracks for his front door as we speak.

    This guy is backing up what Egyptian President Abdel al-Sisi is saying about the urgent need for change in Islam. This should be the cover story on every network on earth. He is clearly expressing the right side of the only truly important argument of our time… He openly challenged the Revelation of Abrogation!

    And if he talked to Robert Spencer, I think he would say, “Merry Christmas, Bob.”.

    • “He’s crazy,” he said of the imam. “He says he’s a holy man, but it’s just a cover to go after women.”

      Perhaps all the brotherly-love talk is his latest idea for getting girls.

  5. Another on the incident with the “weeping and cursed Jewish woman” (what he allegedly called her)…

    And this from April 2009 in which he seems to make sense…

    “Sheikh Tarik Yousef of Oulel-Albab mosque in Bay Ridge, said he counsels increasing numbers of Arab Americans experiencing depression and agreed with the doctor that persons affectedshouldseek both spiritual guidance and medical help. From an Islamic perspective, he said that taking prescribed drugs to treat depression or mental illness was ‘100% halal’, since the onus is on protecting life. ‘Not providing treatment would lead to greater depression and possibly even suicide’, he said. ‘We are commanded to protect life in any way, even through drugs’. He also said that someone who commits suicide due to mental health problems was not necessarily punishable by Allah, since the person’s control over his own mind is taken into account. ‘Someone who commits suicide is not necessarily going to hell’, he said, ‘Why? Maybe he is sick, has psychological problems, cannot control his actions, is suffering and needs to go to the doctor. Anybody not in control of their actions has an excuse in front of Allah’.”

    Not entirely sure what to make of this guy, other than he has a talent for getting into compromising situations, and has a knack for saying what we might like to hear.

    Ok, last for now. Waiting to see what others add.

    • Actually, I seem to remember reading a number of Hadiths in which they checked to make sure the guy wasn’t crazy before they chopped off his hands or whatever. But then, who can say what they used to do with crazy guys…

  6. Unfortunately this man will have very little influence in the Muslim community. I think he should be supported and protected as this will encourage others like him to speak out. However , in the long run , we will probably have to take some quite ugly measures to defend our civilization.

  7. “al-maSri” means, literally, “the Egyptian.” And yes, he is Egyptian. You can hear it in his accent. He pronounces the letter ? like a G.

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