Leftism and Islam: Links post 2 on Jan. 27 – 2015

1. Bill Warner on the Treaty of Ummar:

2. Islamism ‘threat’ greater than Nazism: SD leader

Mattias Karlsson, who is in charge of the Sweden Democrats for the foreseeable future after the party’s leader Jimmie Åkesson announced on Tuesday that he was extending his sick leave, described Nazism as “terrible” in an interview with Swedish broadcaster SVT on Tuesday.

But he added that he felt the threat from Islamism today was “perhaps greater than from Nazism”.
The word Islamism broadly refers to the ideology that says a country’s government and society should operate in accordance with Islamic laws.
“One must of course take all ideologies seriously and fight them in every way,” said Karlsson on Tuesday.

3. a couple of links and videos on the Banghazi commission. Some very interesting testimony going on.

3a. Hillary Clinton will teach an A level course on obfuscation, deflection and sophistry

3b. Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) questions State Department on Benghazi (C-SPAN)

4. Bobby Jindal: “Its not immigration, its invasion!

5. The UK’s FGM Crisis: 500 Cases of Female Mutilation Identified in One Month in 2014

(Wow! This has to be some kind of record! The Dhimmi Govt. of the UK must be adding extra olives to their virgin martinis tonight!)

Almost 500 cases of female genital mutilation (FGM) were identified by hospitals across the UK in just one month in late 2014.

According to the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC), fifteen cases were documented daily in the month of November. However, 25% of the HSCIC Trusts did not submit documentation. This suggests that the number of actual cases is much higher.

FGM is not the same as male circumcision. FGM involved the deliberate total or partial removal of the female genitalia for non-medical reasons. The procedure makes urination painful; sexual pleasure impossible; childbirth torturous. It is a barbaric, tribal, and primarily African practice which can also lead to infertility, incontinence, infection, fistulas, and death.

6. Internal Emails Show Al Jazeera English Banning Use of Terms ‘Terrorist,’ ‘Militant,’ ‘Islamist’

(Must have worked off the list Obama made for the FBI)

7. Gen Keane: Obama Allowed al Qaeda to Grow Fourfold in 5 Years

8. 5 suspected jihadi cell members arrested in France

Paris (CNN)Five men were arrested in southern France Tuesday on suspicion of belonging to a jihadist cell which was recruiting young French people, authorities said.

Speaking at a news conference in Paris, French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said “a new blow has been dealt to terrorism” with the arrests in the Herault region.

Police units carried out an early morning raid in in the small town of Lunel overseen by the anti-terror branch of the Paris prosecutor’s office

Thank you everyone, lots of new people as well, who sent in material in the comments today. M., Wrath of Khan and many many more. It has been a difficult day so many things fell through the cracks. But thanks for sending in news links and all readers of this site are always advised, and perhaps especially today, to check the comments under all the posts.

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  1. What a surprise! (Not really.)

    Electoral Commission warns of ‘ethnic kinship’ voting (BBC, Jan 28, 2015)

    “The elections watchdog has warned that a lack of campaigning by mainstream political parties in British Pakistani and Bangladeshi communities makes those areas vulnerable to electoral fraud. The Electoral Commission said there was a political “void” in some communities. It suggested this void was being filled with “ethnic kinship networks” which could undermine the principle of free choice for voters.

    Problems highlighted include language barriers and social pressures. The commission’s research found that pressure on community members included respect for the decision of elders, to the more serious use of “undue influence” in which women and young adults are denied access to individual ballots.

    It is working with police and returning officers in areas with a history of ballot rigging to prevent fraud ahead of May’s general election. Electoral Commission chairwoman Jenny Watson said: “Proven cases of electoral fraud remain rare, but it is important that no-one underestimates how serious it is when it does occur.

    “We have long known that, when fraud is committed, candidates and campaigners are the most likely offenders and voters are the victims. The research we have published today confirms this.”

    The report also found some voters felt postal voting was “unsafe” and concerns were also raised about an “informal approach” to proxy voting. The Electoral Commission said it would monitor the impact of postal voting during the forthcoming election. Ms Watson added: “Although clear plans are in place to prevent and detect fraud ahead of the elections, there is also a challenge to campaigners.

    “They must ensure their behaviour builds trust with all voters, and all those involved in elections must make it a priority to communicate what is and what is not acceptable behaviour at election time.”
    ‘Middle-man role’

    Liverpool and Manchester universities, along with researchers from the NatCen research agency, carried out a survey of eight areas with high concentrations of voters of Pakistani or Bangladeshi origin, four where there had been problems in the past and four where there had been none. The report found that both communities shared a “wide range of vulnerabilities” including insufficient safeguards for voting procedures and economic deprivation.

    It says: “Our analysis strongly indicates that the primary source of this influence of kinship networks in politics lies in the lack of mainstream political party activity in the areas of concentration of Pakistani and Bangladeshi voters. “This political void is filled by the ethnic kinship networks, which perform a role of a mediator between the British electoral system and immigrant-origin communities.

    “Mainstream political parties were deemed by our interviewees to be only too happy to accept this middle-man role of kinship networks.””

  2. Australia asylum: Sea detention of Sri Lankans legal, court rules (BBC, Jan 28, 2015)

    “Australia’s month-long detention of 157 asylum seekers at sea last year was legal, the High Court has found.

    The court ruled the Sri Lankan group were not entitled to claim damages for false imprisonment.

    An Australian customs ship intercepted their boat off Christmas Island, an Australian territory, on 29 June.

    The Sri Lankans, who had left India 16 days before, were eventually taken to Nauru after efforts to return them to India failed.

    In recent years, asylum seekers – mainly from Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Iraq and Iran – have travelled to Christmas Island in the Indian Ocean on boats from Indonesia, hoping to be accepted into Australia as refugees….”

  3. Pakistan kills 92 insurgents including foreign fighters (khaama, Jan 28, 2015)

    “Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR), Pakistani Army’s media information source says that they have killed 92 insurgents and destroyed their six hideouts in fresh air strikes in North Waziristan and Khyber Agency. ISPR states that 76 insurgents were killed in Datakhil area of North Waziristan and 16 others in Khyber Agency. According to ISPR information, 12 foreign fighters were among the ones killed. Pakistan widened its offensive against insurgents after a warning issued by Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) leader Mullah Fazlullah of carrying out more attacks like the one on a school in Peshawar that left over 250 people killed or injured, most of them school children…”

  4. 1/ Applying those Muslim rules against Muslims living in Western countries would go a long way toward solving our Muslim problem.

  5. Extremists Rampage in Northeast Nigeria, No Troops Fighting (abcnews, Jan 28, 2015)

    “Islamic extremists are rampaging through villages in northeast Nigeria’s Adamawa state, killing, burning and looting with no troops deployed to protect civilians, fleeing villagers said Wednesday.

    More than 40 people have been killed in seven villages as houses and mosques have been burned down and businesses and homes looted this week, according to Emmanuel Kwache and state legislator Adamu Kamale.

    “They don’t spare anything: they slaughtered people like rams and they burned down our houses after looting food,” Kwache said. “There’s no presence of troops, some residents are hiding on top of hills, while those that could not run were abducted, particularly youths and women.”

    Kamale said he has appealed in vain to authorities to send troops since the attacks began on Friday. On Monday, he said, the militants moved from villages to the town of Michika…”

  6. #7
    The thing about Obama isn’t that there is direct proof of his being an enemy agent, there is just such an overwhelming lack of proof that he isn’t. Remember when Donald Trump forced him to produce his birth certificate? Did you all take a good look at that thing and notice that it said, “Computer-generated facsimile” at the bottom? Yes, it did… Didn’t you notice? And where are the old girlfriends and the kid who sat next to him in grade 8 history, and what about his drinking buddies and his dope dealer and his college mates, or even a cop who pulled him over for speeding? And any family members who do show up are as Christian as the Grand Mufti! And how many Christians do you know with words like “Hussein” or “Abdallah” or “Ramadan” or al-Islam in their names? Omar Bradley, perhaps…

    I happen to know, first hand, that the Russians used to spend untold millions of dollars combing the world in search of bright talented young people to woo with nice talk about freedom and equality and “real” democracy; and too, that they would bring these young people back to Moscow for a free education, a little apartment, and some nice vodka-enhanced memories of their new Russian friends, as well as their other new friends – all Marxists – from around the world. KGB agents, by the way, can be the most interesting, funny, candid, ironic, sophisticated, fun-to-drink-with people around.

    And I also remember that the first thing I thought of when I first saw Obama was, “Is this going to be America’s first black president?”. Then I thought, “Please let him be a Republican”. Does anybody think the KGB doesn’t know what charisma is? Have you ever wondered how he got so very, very, very good at the art of oration? Does anybody really think that foreign intelligence apparati don’t think about shit like this?

    If you were a top spy, wouldn’t it be neat to actually get one of your guys right into the Oval Office? Don’t forget, they got Kim Philby right into the depths of the War Room drinking brandy with Churchill and Fleming and the rest. But the most damning thing about Obama – and the most undeniable thing – is the way his every decision makes America’s worst enemies smile and say, “Excellent…excellent…”. Obama’s legacy is going to be the formation of the Caliphate, the atomic bomb for Iran, and the beginning of a nuclear age for the Muslim People in general. Big stuff… Definitely worth spending some millions on…

  7. Is the left waking up or will the dissenters be silenced?

    A French Socialist MP from the department of Hérault (south of France) tweeted, after 5 jihadis were arrested in his region, that he no longer believes in coexistence with Muslims.


    “I’m going to disappoint my friends from the Socialist Party, but I no longer believe in coexistence (vivre ensemble).”

  8. Almost 500 cases of female genital mutilation identified in just one month in English hospitals also links here……


    Hospital deals with 1,500 cases of Female Genital Mutilation in just five years with doctors seeing six victims a week

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2926708/A-single-hospital-dealt-1-500-cases-Female-Genital-Mutilation-just-five-years.html#ixzz3Q7pKXHtF

  9. 2 Israeli soldiers, peacekeeper reported killed in Israel-Hezbollah fighting

    Two Israeli soldiers were killed and seven were injured in Wednesday’s Hezbollah missile attack on Israel’s border with Lebanon, Israeli military spokesman Lt. Col. Peter Lerner said on Twitter.

    A member of the Spanish military serving with U.N. peacekeeping forces in Lebanon was killed Wednesday “during the incidents that happened between Hezbollah and the Israeli military,” the Spanish president’s office said. Cpl. Francisco Javier Soria Toledo was 36 years old. Spanish President Mariano Rajoy Brey tweeted his condolences.


  10. Pentagon documents: Obama to request big defense budget hike

    President Barack Obama will ask Congress for a hefty, almost 8 percent boost for the Pentagon, including $5.3 billion to equip and train Iraqi soldiers and moderate Syrian rebels to fight Islamic State militants in the Middle East.

    Obama will ask for $534 billion for the core budget of the Defense Department — a $38 billion increase — according to “pre-decisional” Pentagon documents obtained by The Associated Press on Tuesday. That means there could be some slight changes when the budget actually comes out Monday.

    more on the page :


  11. First ever Muslim call t prayer inside the Washington state s capitol Legislative building in Olympia on Muslim Lobby Day Jan. 19, 2015.

  12. Canadian Muslim group funnelled $300K to Hamas-linked charity: Documents

    MONTREAL — One of the country’s largest Muslim organizations gave hundreds of thousands of dollars to a Hamas-linked charity, and vocally supported an Egyptian Islamist group, QMI Agency has learned.

    The Muslim Association of Canada (MAC), based in the Toronto suburb of Mississauga, Ont., owns or operates at least 20 Islamic schools and 15 mosques in Ontario, Alberta and Quebec.

    MAC’s website says the group is centred around “holistic educational and spiritual development” and “has no organizational link or affiliation with other organizations.”

    However, QMI obtained an RCMP search warrant linking the group to IRFAN-Canada, a banned charity group and a listed terrorist organization also based in Mississauga.

    more on the page :


  13. German anti-Islam group loses second leader in a week, cancels rally

    German anti-Islam movement PEGIDA looked in disarray on Wednesday, losing its second leader in a week when Kathrin Oertel, who took over after the founder quit for posing as Hitler, also resigned, and the group cancelled its next rally.

    The Dresden-based group, whose weekly marches in the city have rattled the German political establishment, announced on its Facebook page that Oertel and another board member were stepping down, due to threats, hostility and media hounding.

    more on the page :


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