Govt. deception. For us or agin us? Links 4 on Jan. 12 – 2015

1. There are separate sources which are sending me information on the garbage truck driver who sped down a busy shopping street in downtown Glasgow killing 6 during the Christmas rush and on the same week that all the traffic and stabbing attacks by other muslims took place in France and elsewhere. The story is that his name has been put on a ‘D-notice’, apparently meaning that his identity is somehow a matter of national security in Scotland.

2. PEGIDA Dresden had over 40,000 attendees in their march against Islam tonight. Tundra T. tells us that the Finnish leftist media is claiming a much lower number and also claiming that anti-PEGIDA marches were larger. Fascinating. Once again the political left shows its interested in getting results and not truth or good. No wonder it understands islam so well.

3. White house press lackey is grilled on why neither Obama or Biden could make it to the French rally. (I suspect Biden couldn’t make it because he couldn’t find a suitcase big enough for the giant shoes, red mop like wig and big red nose that honks when you squeeze it)

Another link on the possible reasons Obama didn’t make it here at the Blaze

4. Canada: Third Ottawa man arrested in terror probe

RCMP have arrested a third Ottawa man in a terror probe that surfaced with the arrest of two brothers on Friday.

The RCMP Integrated National Security Enforcement Team (INSET) on Monday arrested and charged Suliman Mohamed, 21, from Ottawa with participating in the activity of a terrorist group and conspiracy to participate in a terrorist activity.

RCMP say this arrest is linked to the arrests of Ottawa twin brothers Ashton and Carlos Larmond, both 24, made on Friday.

5. Friend of Paris victim: It’s like a civil war

(Sentimental video at link. But at least they are starting to flood the term in people’s minds. What else could this be after all?)

More to come shortly.

Thank you UK Pete, Buck, M., ML., and a lot of people who sent in material and are currently working on translations now. I suspect this blog may become redundant within a year and a half as people will be able to look out their windows and see what we have been talking about. Things are moving closer to home for all of us. One thing that I feel its very important to remember is that the people arrested and the plots foiled before they happen do not go into the ‘no-problem’ file but into the ‘act of terrorism and attack’ file. People are being lulled into a state of complacency because of the successes of our security services in Canada and thats fantastic that they have protected us, but we must remind people that had they succeeded, they would not view Islam the same way as most still do.

More to come.


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    Wouldn’t it be hilarious if Obama missed the Paris rally because he was so loaded he couldn’t stand up? That would explain his odd absence during the Benghazi crisis too, wouldn’t it. Do the secret service – sworn to absolute secrecy – clean him up and put him into bed at night? Is Barry in the fetal position making quiet mewling sounds and drooling out of the corner of his mouth? Nothing else makes sense, really, unless he actually is a bona fide Russian or Saudi or Iranian or Pakistani agent, that is…

    Think about it. How could he possibly have missed the Paris march? How the hell is that possible? The guy has the nicest jet on earth at his disposal. He could have slept on the way over and relaxed on the way back. There’s just no way he should have missed that appointment…

  2. Egyptian Minister: Paris Attacks Turned Muslims into Aggressors, Charlie Hebdo into Victim

    Egyptian Minister of Religious Endowments Muhammad Mukhtar Guma said: “I would like to tell you that these reckless terrorist acts have turned the Muslims from victims into aggressors and have turned the magazine from an aggressor into a victim.”

    • Has this guy been looking at those old photos of Berlin and Dresden and Tokyo and Hiroshima right after the War? Has it occurred to him that the West might be just as slow to forget their anger as they were to develop it in the first place? Has it occurred to him that when the time comes that Western politicians find that they can get votes by talking tough, that the Muslim World will be in grave danger? They mistake our kindness for weakness, but we’re not weak…not at all.
      The whole game is about to shift – right about now!

      • I pray you are right, personally I think it will take several more terror attacks and at least one of them will have to be real big.

        • Talking with my Russki, a refugee twice over, who’s lived through terrible things.
          He says it has to get much worse.

          Then people just act, as if by impulse. But in fact they’ve stowing away data points, big and small over time. They just don’t realize it.

          Suddenly they’re ready to leave: with only clothes on their backs, to go anywhere, just to get out.

        • The fight or flee reflex, the problem is that there is no place to flee to.

          Yes it will have to get worse, I expect it to get much worse over the next year. We have the race war building in the US that will probably become worse once warm weather hits, and we have the Islamic conquest in France that will probably get much worse when warm weather hits. We will have small actions like the Paris attacks during the cold weather, minor irritants to remind us of what is coming then a big attack will happen. Eventually enough small and large attacks will happen that causes the ordinary people to resort to violence to defend themselves and their families. History if full of stories like this, look at the causes for the French Revolution and what happened in its aftermath.

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    I think you’re right about that. I hear people, at long last, referring to things that only people like us knew about a few years ago. As words like “taqiyya” and “Dhimmi” and “abrogation” enter the mainstream consciousness, the need for whistle-blowers such as ourselves will become less urgent. Good! That’s the bloody idea. Gee! Maybe we won’t all end up living in an Islamic Hell after all. Methinks the sleeping giant has finally stirred. I wouldn’t want to be a Muslim right about now…

    Now stay tuned for the part where our darling Jon-Stewart-raised teenagers start converting to Islam en masse when they discover they can use that to really hurt their parents for forcing all that food and shelter on them all these years…:)

  4. Hey! Maybe one day Eeyore will actually get some credit for all the endless work he’s done in informing the public………………………………………………………………………Nahhhhhh…

    Global can keep their awards. Vlad Tepes Blog has more actual information in it than a thousand issues of Global News, let alone “The National”…

  5. BREITBART – Collapse Begins: Al Jazeera America Cancels All Morning Shows

    Al Jazeera America’s inevitable collapse has begun with the elimination of all of its morning programming. Instead of producing its own programming, the basement-rated cable news network will simply re-broadcast Al Jazeera programs from its parent studio in Qatar. Also canceled is the late morning program, “Consider This With Antonio Mora.”

    […]Although the Qatar government that backs Al Jazeerra America has enough money to keep the network going until the end of time and beyond, the real problem isn’t ratings. MSNBC and CNN’s ratings are not much better than AJA’s.

    No, the problem for AJA has always been traction and impact. Even though no one watches MSNBC and CNN, both of those left-wing cable news networks still have an impact on America’s political and cultural debates. AJA has never penetrated in that way.

    Other than its obvious brand problem, the last thing America needed was yet another left-wing, terrorist-appeasing, America-hating news outlet.

  6. AUSTRALIA – Charlie Hebdo shootings: Queensland cartoonist Larry Pickering says police offered him protection

    Queensland journalist and cartoonist Larry Pickering says police have offered to provide him with protective surveillance after he posted a provocative image on his website.

    He said officers visited him at home on Sunday night after he posted an image of the Prophet Mohammed on his website after the murder of staff at the French satirical weekly, Charlie Hebdo, in Paris.

    Mr Pickering said he draw the image in response to what happened in France as a sign that he “refused to be cowed” by what happened.

    He said the first he knew of police interest in his website was when they knocked on his gate in the pouring rain on Sunday night.

    pic :

  7. #3

    Wow! An actual press conference! At the White House!

    It’s about time somebody started asking more than the all-too-frequent puffball questions.

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