Is the divide between sides solidifying? Links 2 on Jan 11 – 2015

1. Douglas Murray on ‘The Big Question’

(As much as I love these guys, Murray, Steyn, Levant and so many more to speak up for rational rights for us all, they all avoid the big thing. It isn’t about making more of ourselves targets by “Spreading the risk around” thats actually a little crazy. It just lets the muslims know who to kill starting with the highest profile person on down.

What we have to do is fight back in a way that hurts the enemy so badly they stop or are dead. Because that is how wars are won.)

2. Don Laird sent some great video of something that should make us all proud. The Alberta Treasury Building in Edmonton decked itself out in the colours of the French Republic, one would presume in a show of solidarity with France because of the attack by muslim fascists. Thanks for the footage Don.

3. Spain calls to reinstitute border controls (article in Spanish)

(Will look for proper translation)

4. If elections were held now, his (Geert Wilders’ PVV) party would be the single largest in the Netherlands, with 31 seats in the 150-member parliament, more than twice as many as it won in the last elections, according to a Sunday poll.

5. New video shows Paris supermarket shooter swearing allegiance to Islamic State

6. Germany arrests suspected Islamic State militant after return from Syria


Thank you UK Pete, Buck, M., and all. More to come cause Islam cannot let a day go by without bathing in the blood of the innocent it kills.

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  1. #5 –
    A video emerged Sunday purporting to show the gunman who killed a French policewoman and four hostages at a kosher grocery, pledging allegiance to the Islamic State group and defending the attacks on the satirical newspaper and the Jewish store.

    The SITE Intelligence Group said it had verified the video, which shows a man resembling Amedy Coulibaly with a gun, exercising and giving speeches in front of an Islamic State emblem. He defends the attacks carried out on the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo, police and the Jewish store.

    “What we are doing is completely legitimate, given what they are doing,” Coulibaly told the camera in fluent French. “You cannot attack and not expect retribution so you are playing the victim as if you don’t understand what’s happening.”

  2. euronews – Israel’s Bennett urges Europe to get tougher on terror

    – video with audio problems – we don’t hear the interviewer –

  3. #1


    If our present world leaders were poker players they would have lost the family fortune and the farm by now because they simply can’t play poker. You can’t clean the other guy out by being wimpy and allowing yourself to be led around by the nose, you have to take the initiative, always put yourself in the best position, and be as aggressive as the schoolyard bully. But most importantly, you have to convince your opponent that you are out of your fucking mind, too dangerous to even want to tangle with at all. Instead of talking to the reverend Al Sharpton all the time, Obama should be taking lessons from Doyle Brunson…

  4. Holder: No Credible Information on Which Group Responsible for Paris Attacks

    Attorney General Eric Holder said investigators do not have any credible information on which terrorist group was responsible for last week’s attack on French satirical newspaper Charlie Hedbo in Paris.

    Though al-Qaeda’s Yemen branch claimed responsibility for the brutal attack on the publication’s staff, Holder cautioned viewers during several Sunday morning TV appearances against jumping to conclusions, the Associated Press reports.

  5. #1 A few days ago there was a video (that I know I saved but can’t find) of two retired Army Colonels who were saying we needed to go on the offensive, one said we needed to go in and destroy the nations supporting terrorism, the second said that we didn’t want to do that but that we needed to wage economic war on the nations supporting terrorism. In my opinion we need to do both use force to destroy the infrastructure of the nations supporting terrorism and use economic war to destroy their financial base so they can’t afford to arm, train and pay the terrorists.

    • Ok, take that little louse Qatar. We should stomp it like a carrier of typhus.

      But it owns huge chunks of western Europe, and many important American corporations are based in Doha. We even have a military base there, protecting the Louse-in-Chief!

      So we have to live with typhus, lice, and humiliation that weakens us all over the world.

    • I posted that video on Vlad. One Col. said we have to wage total war with weeping widows and smoking ruins. The other said yes, we have to do that as well as economic war.

      You will find it on this site if you scroll back a day or two.

      • Yeah I found it, it was a FOX video and I don’t have a downloader that will download their videos. As I said in a comment on that post I agree with both Colonels.

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