Getting ahead of the muslim tactics.

Any second now, various muslim leaders will come out with denunciations of terrorism and killing of innocents. It is really important that we all understand exactly what they mean by these terms, and not be lured in to feeling any forgiveness based on what they want us to think of their use of these terms.

Please watch this video from last month and encourage anyone else you know to watch it so they know exactly what rhetorical devices are being used by the muslims when they try and deflect.

This is a chance to get ahead of the curve for a change. usually its sweeping up after whatever damage muslims do. If enough people understand what semantic tricks are being employed, then maybe the damage they did to themselves this time can stick.

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  1. As Vlad predicts above, the website onislam has a scholar, ‘a PhD in Islamic Studies from Al Azhar,’ citing the approved portion of Koran 5:32 with regard to the Charlie Hebdo attack to show that ‘killing is a heinous crime that is totally rejected in Islam:’

    ‘Whosoever kills a human being for other than manslaughter or corruption in the earth, it shall be as if he had killed all mankind, and whoso saves the life of one, it shall be as if he had saved the life of all mankind.’

    He quotes it without the beginning of the verse,

    ‘Because of that, We decreed upon the Children of Israel that…’

    without elaborating on what is meant by ‘corruption in the earth,’ and of course without the verses that follow:

    5:33 Indeed, the penalty for those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger and strive upon earth [to cause] corruption is none but that they be killed or crucified or that their hands and feet be cut off from opposite sides or that they be exiled from the land. That is for them a disgrace in this world; and for them in the Hereafter is a great punishment,

    5:34 Except for those who return [repenting] before you apprehend them. And know that Allah is Forgiving and Merciful.

    Covered at 4:00 in the video.

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