When do we admit islam is a threat to civilization? Links 1 for Jan. 7 – 2015

1. Australians warned of possible terror attacks in India

The Australian government has urged citizens to “exercise a high degree of caution” in India because of the risk of terror attacks. Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade said the warning applied to all parts of India.

It also said that militants may be planning attacks against upmarket hotels in Mumbai in particular. It comes a day after the government issued similar advice for Australians travelling to Indonesia. The warnings were issued on the government’s Smart Traveller website on Tuesday.

2. What would life be like in a country where we lived as if the government had declared a war-measures act without declaring it? Read this Twitter feed to know.

3. Sisi first Egyptian President to attend Coptic Christmas mass

(Egypt would appear to have a real statesman now)

Egypt’s President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi has attended the Coptic Christmas mass to mark the first attendance ever made by an Egyptian president to the religious occasion.

El-Sisi arrived at Saint Mark’s Coptic Orthodox Cathedral in Cairo’s Abbasiya district during the mass and gave a brief speech before leaving instantly.

He said that both of Egypt’s Muslims and Christians are celebrating this occasion, asserting that they are “one entity” in the world’s eyes. […] Video footage broadcast by State TV – covering the full mass – showed crowds cheering as El-Sisi entered the Cathedral with churchmen and saluted Pope Tawadros II.

4. Richard Fadden named national security adviser to Stephen Harper

(This is excellent news)

Fadden raised controversy in 2010 after telling CBC News that some provincial politicians had “developed quite an attachment to foreign countries.”

“There are several municipal politicians in British Columbia and in at least two provinces there are ministers of the Crown who we think are under at least the general influence of a foreign government,” Fadden said in the exclusive interview. He had previously named China as an aggressive recruiter in Canada.

5. Very interesting article at the J Post on a ‘controversial’ statement by a Swedish SD politician on Jewish identity.

6. 30 killed, 50 injured in car bomb blast at Yemen police academy

About 30 people were killed and more than 50 injured in an explosion outside a police college in Yemen’s capital Sanaa, police say.

It was a car bomb that exploded near the college, presumably targeting a group of students standing by the building.

The blast was heard across the city and it resulted in a fire, witnesses told Reuters.

Thank you Tundra T., BCF., M., and all.

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17 Replies to “When do we admit islam is a threat to civilization? Links 1 for Jan. 7 – 2015”

  1. 5/ ‘It really isn’t that hard?’ I don’t know. I’m going to have to read that again and more closely when I have more time, but it seems to me a massive problem, living in one country while calling another your home. To put it most starkly, to which country is the allegiance of a Jew resident in Sweden, according to this notion, if Sweden and Israel go to war? Which does not seem to be outside the realm of possibility, the way things are going.

  2. Pres Sisi and reform of Islam

    What is happening in Egypt could well be the dawn of a real Arab Spring.

    There is no doubt that Islam needs to be reformed, and it has to be from the inside. That is, by a Muslim, who also has the armed forces behind him. This Sisi has for the moment.

    External factors are also pushing the Islamic world to reform, as they see the Islamic world collapse due to war waged by the “Crusaders”, internal fratricide (encouraged and financed by the West), collapse of the economy, food shortages etc. Muslims were promised that they would rule the world. What they see is that Islamic world is tearing itself apart, or torn apart, and at the feet of the “Crusader West”, begging for food.

    Either way, Islam is finished. If it continues this way, the rest of the world will have run out of patience, and then all bets are off.

    If Islam reforms, then it is finished, and Muslims, devout believers in God, will turn to Christianity.

    Just think, Egypt a Christian country, sending missionaries to Europe to re-Christianize the continent of Europe. First stop, Cologne cathedral.

    Please pray that God enlightens Egyptian hearts, and they re-join with their Christian brothers and sisters, from whom they were forcibly sundered.

    On that pleasant thought – Happy New Year ALL.

    • DP111, Happy New Year to you.

      My impression from visits to Egypt and from years of working with Egyptian Muslims in the Middle East is that Egyptian Muslims would rather see Egypt endure Biblical plagues than convert in significant numbers to the false religion of the filthy Christians. I don’t know where you get this optimism from. I’m not saying my impression is correct, but I can’t find any other one.

      The hundreds of Muslims around me as I catch up on the news about Charlie Hebdo, in what amounts to an Arab souq, are in high spirits. If any has read the news, it has not darkened his or her mood. It won’t when they do read it. All of them will be pleased in some measure, most I would guess deeply pleased. Charlie Hebdo deserved it. They insulted Mohammed. Too bad for the kuffar. I think that cast of mind, that profoundly ingrained outlook, the Islam that infects every cell in their bodies, is going to ensure that reaction for the foreseeable future. I simply don’t see real change from that direction.

  3. I guess now would be the right time as I sit here watching news coverage of the slaughter in Paris related to the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, previously targeted and firebombed for printing Mo cartoons and other articles mocking Islamic backwardness and barbarity. Absolutely shocking and disgusting but I despair our leaders have the will or courage to take necessary measures to protect us from the followers of an evil ideology imported into our countries with yells of Allahu Akbar as the barbarians celebrate their slaughter/

  4. We must be mindful that a public celebration of any religious festival, other than an Islamic one, is offensive to Muslims. We are going to see even more atacks at Christmas and New Year, unless we do the right thing.

  5. The Egyptian President is a very brave man who is trying to bring Islam into the 21st century, I wish him success but am afraid that the Brotherhood will manage to kill him and take over the country once again.

  6. 5/ I suppose that’s how Jews can live in Europe after the Holocaust. I couldn’t.

    Thank G-d I’m an American. We don’t have to do these intellectual somersaults.

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