Geert Wilders: The West is at war and should de-Islamize

Official press release from the PVV:

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The assassinations of ten journalists and two policemen today in Paris serve as a warning to all the countries in the free world. We are at war. Charlie Hebdo was under police protection following numerous threats because of its outspoken criticism of Islam. Despite the protection by the police, terrorists were able to murder their opponents.

Western governments have to realize that we are at war. We should no longer show any respect for an ideology that rejects our fundamental values. The only way to defend our democratic values and fundamental freedoms is to start the de-Islamization of our societies.

Geert Wilders: “We have to close our borders, reinstate border controls, get rid of political correctness, introduce administrative detention, and stop immigration from Islamic countries. We must defend ourselves. Enough is enough.”

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12 Replies to “Geert Wilders: The West is at war and should de-Islamize”

  1. I agree with Geert, if the only way to de-Islamize is to get rid of the political classes that have Islamized our continent then so be it, they can join the Islamic hordes as they are shipped back to their medieval hell holes, where they can kiss the arse of their filthy Allah for all eternity.
    Will this happen? not yet awhile, nothing quite as revolting and shocking as to precipitate has yet happened, but it will. The day will come when all their command centres (mosques) have been closed, when all their terrorists in Europe have been rounded up and shot. Then we will see the start of a ‘removal’ process that makes anything before seem like a day at the seaside, when the angry beast that Europe will become will roar and assert itself to defend freedom and democracy.

    Vive la France, Vive Europe and democracy, and down with this medieval filthy cult.

    • Just exactly my thoughts, Eeyore.

      To HELL with all this defeatism. Forget those shrines with wilting weeds, stuffed animals, idiot candles. Don’t bury anger in bathos.

      Get MAD!

      Looking at our elites for cues on how to react? puzzling over generic whimpering? That’s for LOSERS!

      FIGHT back!

    • When the black lash occurs it will be the ordinary people who are reacting and their targets will be both the politicians who are helping the Moslems as well as the Moslems. Somewhere the modern version of Madame LaFarge is setting down writing down the names of those who are betraying the west.

  2. And no camels either.

    In some ways I have pity for Muslims, ie those who have never read the koran, and wonder what is happening. They must be confused, as Western leaders assure them that Islam is the RELIGION OF PEACE.

    The time for reckoning is coming though. And politicians who landed us in this mess, while making sure that they have armed protection, must also be worried.

    I wonder if Merckel, Cameron, the entire Labour party of the UK, Democrats in the US, and the entire Lefty know-it-alls, are thinking how they can blame this on the dreaded Right Wing.

    • It took the invasion of Poland to awaken Europe to the dangers of Fascism and it took Pearl Harbor to awaken the US, the US came partially awake with the destruction of the twin towers but the leftist controlled MSM has put us back to sleep. Actions like the current attack are awakening some of the people, hopefully it will be enough.

  3. I would like to round up Anjem Choudry, Abu Izadeen and all the other thousands of Muslim extremists/terrorists and criminals and send to them to pig farms, as food.!!

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