And when the West awakens, it will be like a jove. Links 5 for Jan 7 – 2015

1. #JeSuisCharlie: Charlie Hebdo vigil in London’s Trafalgar Square after Paris shootings

2. Newspaper Editor Killed in Paris Refuted Islamic Intimidation: “I’d Rather Die Standing Than Live on My Knees”

3. MASSIVE Demo in support of Charlie Hebdo in the streets of Paris now!

4. 19 photos from the solidarity with Charlie Hebdo march today in Paris

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15 Replies to “And when the West awakens, it will be like a jove. Links 5 for Jan 7 – 2015”

    • They entered the building at the time of their regular editorial meeting, which everyone was at. How did they know that? Inside information…

      • They were let in by a female cartoonist whose daughter had been threatened, that is probably how they found the location and knew of of the meeting.

        • That doesn’t explain anything apart from how they got into the building. One of the policemen who was killed was a Muslim, and looking at the footage today from the latest incident, I saw a number of uniformed officers with beards and no moustache.

          Who knows what policemen were saying and to whom about what they knew about the Charlie Hebdo offices and their daily routine?

  1. Italy Beefs up Security After France Newspaper Attack (abcnews, Jan 7, 2015)

    “Italy has beefed up security at “sensitive targets” after the attack on the French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo, citing the presence of the Vatican and Italy’s participation in anti-terrorism coalitions.

    Interior Minister Angelino Alfano said Wednesday there were no concrete threats about any possible attacks here, according to the ANSA news agency.

    But he said security was reinforced around “sensitive” French, U.S. and Jewish targets. He noted that the Islamic State group has boasted it aimed to conquer Rome ? the seat of Christianity.

    Pope Francis strongly condemned the attack as “abominable,” saying such violence is never justified.

    A solidarity rally by the Italian journalists’ union was planned for Thursday in front of the French Embassy.”

  2. Gunmen in Charlie Hebdo Attack Called Out Victims’ Names as They Were Shot (abcnews, Jan 7, 2015)

    “The gunmen who killed 12 and injured 11 others today in Paris called out the names of their victims at the Charlie Hebdo offices and shot them one by one in the head, execution style, Paris Deputy Mayor Patrick Klugman told ABC News….”

  3. “Under [ N Y ] Times standards, we do not normally publish images or other material deliberately intended to offend religious sensibilities. After careful consideration, Times editors decided that describing the cartoons in question would give readers sufficient information to understand today’s story.”

    […]The choices news organizations face in publishing the cartoons recall the controversy over a Danish newspaper’s publishing of Muhammad cartoons in 2005 and 2006. The cartoons inspired protests and boycotts around the world, as well as death threats against the newspaper and cartoonists. Some outlets published the cartoons in solidarity with the newspaper, while others decided to censor them: CNN pixelated the images that it showed of the cartoon.

    … photos of the cartoons held by demonstrators during protesters are “OK, if shot wide.”

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