Links 3 for Dec. 15 – 2014. Australia’s trials and Germany.

1. Robert Spencer explains a little about the Iranian Shiia convert to Sunni islam who killed 2 people at the Lindt coffee shop last night.

2. Tonight in Dresden. 15,000 people!

3. Rest in Peace brave souls who endured hours of captivity by a rabid Muslim terrorist and died during it. One of whom, a store manager, was killed in an attempt to knock the gun away from the Shiia/Sunni Sheikh

And another, a lawyer, who I think was one of the people forced to make a demand video for the full on mustard.

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  1. Pakistan: Taliban Attack Military School, Kill 2 (abcnews, Dec 16, 2014)

    “Pakistani officials say Taliban gunmen have stormed a military school in the northwestern city of Peshawar, killing two teenage students and wounding 25. Police officer Javed Khan says the gunmen entered the school on Tuesday morning. He says army commandos quickly arrived at the scene and exchanged fire with the gunmen. It’s unclear if there are any hostages among the students. Pakistani television showed soldiers surrounding the area and pushing people back. Jamil Shah, a spokesman for Lady Reading Hospital, says two teenage students died in the incident and 25 others were wounded. Taliban spokesman Mohammed Khurasani claimed responsibility for the attack in a phone call to media. Peshawar has been the target of frequent militant attacks in the past.”

  2. Spain
    Police arrest seven for recruiting women for Isis

    Spain’s interior ministry said four women, one of them a minor, and three men were arrested in Barcelona, Spain’s North African enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla and in the nearby Moroccan town of Castillejos.

    Cops fear clashes as anti-Islam demos grow

  3. The imam was in a hurry to get his Jihad over, as he knew he was quite likely to be going to prison – then no access to Infidels to do Jihad.

    The lesson the authorities should learn from this is that if they arec planning to charge a Muslim with a serious crime, no bail should be granted. Moreover, precautions taken that he does not do harm to prison officers.

  4. #Illridewithyou.

    Far too many idiot sheep in the West. In addition, our idiot politicans have allowed millions of Halal certified head choppers into the West.

  5. DAILY MAIL – The wife of the Sydney terror siege gunman posted a series of hate-filled videos in which she described herself as a terrorist…

    […] but I’ll try not to be anymore,’

    ‘I regret to say I am a terrorist’: Wife of cafe gunman praised Bali bombings and 9/11 in online rant as row rages about why the accused murderer is free on bail

    In the videos, she described herself as a terrorist and expressed happiness at the 9/11 attack and Bali bombings

    on this page :

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