Islamic State makes video threatening France, asks muslims to make attacks

Youtube is taking copies of this down as fast as they can find them. there is no gore in it but I suppose the strategy is to not allow their platform to be used by monsters to threaten modern liberal nation states. However people need to understand the nature of the threat, so we need to make sure they are available somewhere.

Thanks to all who found, transcribed and translated this video for subtitles.

Islamic State makes a video threatening France by vlad43

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34 Replies to “Islamic State makes video threatening France, asks muslims to make attacks”

  1. As far as this guy is concerned, every single Muslim living in France is a potential soldier in his personal fight against the rest of us. He is instructing the Muslim sitting next to you on the bus to pull out a knife and cut off your head right then and there. He is instructing the Muslim taxi driver to run over people on the street, and the Muslim pizza-maker to poison his pies. If ever there was an argument for cutting all Muslim immigration into Western countries, it is this video.

    But the left won’t see it that way. The left sees this video and see one more nail in the coffins of the hated right wing conservatives and a permanent labor government majority for them. They simply do not care about anything else…

    • @Chris Jones


      “Well said”……not really, it was “half well said” and as such is a half measure and not well said at all.

      Nidal Hassan was not an immigrant, fresh off the boat.

      Alton Nolan was not an immigrant, fresh off the boat.

      I could go on but why, the point is that suspension of immigration of Muslims is only about 10 percent of the solution.

      The other portion of the solution relates to those who are already here, hating us, seeking our demise or enslavement, walking among us, acquiring positions of influence and power over us, and that other portion of the solution includes mosque deconstruction, criminalization of all forms and functions of Islam, removal from tribunals, the judiciary and the bureaucracy of the Muslim.

      This would be shadowed by a program of stripping Muslims, convicted by a tribunal of orthodox Islamic practices (essentially treason and sedition), of citizenship and ordering deportation.

      To do less is laughable and injuriously ineffective.

      But I seem to remember a face to face conversation overlooking a river valley with a certain person who, when faced with the realities of dealing with the Muslim and its Islam here in North America found the thought of deportation so horrific he almost broke down in tears, his voice rising to almost shrieking octaves as he compared a program of deportation of murderers and terrorists back to their own Islamic countries as “just what the Nazis did”………..Personally, I find the utter stupidity of a reaction like that to be a mark of the kind of politically correct, treacherous closet Liberal who condemns the Muslim and its Islam in public but when asked for an effective solution to the murder playing out in our streets offers little more than flatulent cultural suicide, the suicidal solutions of a closet Liberal dhimmi whose cowardice and indecision worsens our problem exponentially and has the Muslim soiling itself with laughter in every mosque from Inuvik to El Paso.

      We will have what this Jihadi seeks, and when the first Starbucks is awash in blood and gore after a machete attack, after the first festival of murder plays out in a shopping mall in a major Canadian city, after the first daycare is set upon and all the children hacked to pieces………will the closet Liberals who tremble and weep at the thought of having to provide a permanent and effective solution to the problems of the Muslim and its Islam, will they reach down the front of their pants, grab their testicles, understand they have a spine…..then square their shoulders and set to the task of shutting their mouths and doing what must be done?

      I wonder?

      I just wonder?

      Regards, Don Laird
      Dogtown Bastard
      Alberta, Canada

      • You are criticizing my comment on the basis of things I did not say, which is a little dodgy, Don. I never said that all Islamic terrorists are immigrants, “fresh off the boat”, but you’re pretending that I did in order to complete your strawman argument and to make me look foolish. I did not say that the sole solution to terrorism is to stop Muslim immigration either, but you just go ahead and say I did, once again to make me look wrong. Disagree if you must, Don, but don’t play disingenuous debating games like that. What I said was that the video made a good case for the cessation of Muslim immigration. Do you have a problem with that, or not?

        • @Chris Jones

          There is nothing “dodgy” about pointing out a course of action which is and would be laughably ineffective.

          I’II repeat myself…..

          “I could go on but why, the point is that suspension of immigration of Muslims is only about 10 percent of the solution.”

          You stumble about Chris Jones so I’ll provide clarity……the “fresh off the boat”….comment applies to those terrorists who have been in North America for years or as in the case of Ontario’s jihadi farm team, were born here, as in “they’re not fresh off the boat”……as such this is the greater threat, these are the fifth columnists that will destroy us.

          As for what you did not say……that we must begin a program of stripping domestic terrorists of citizenship and deporting them…..rang louder that what you did say……, stop stepping around the solution of MAID like it is some giant turd. Embrace it. Discuss it. Debate it. Promote it. Make it happen.

          We have passed the point of no return, we are at the point of civilizational critical mass, we are on the edge of that abyss of blackest theocratic totalitarianism and should we not seek solutions to the Muslim and its Islam, solutions that speak of expediency and efficacy?

          It is our collective stupidity, our collective blindness and our collective cowardice that has brought us to this point, and now, because of that, because of all of that, we are closer to bloodshed, unnecessarily closer to bloodshed that we should be.

          Oh and by way Chris Jones……half measures and your solution of asking our enemies “questions” and (oh tee hee hee)………expecting them to tell us the truth!!!! (bhwwwwhahahahahahah)…..try that with the Muslim population of Dearbornistan…..or Scarborough Ontario, or London Ontario….seriously Chris Jones, take a wander down through those areas in North America tomorrow, approach one of those murderous bearded buffoons that hold either Canadian or American citizenship and ask them if they would kindly pack their bags and leave……..I can assure you that after you ask them that question the amount of time your head would remain attached to you body would be measured in seconds.

          So, in reference to bloodshed.

          Stop dancing around the solutions that will solve our Muslim difficulties, because sooner or later, this will come to bloodshed…..FACT!!

          As for your sensibilities…….I take issue with feeble solutions and those that support them……again, such as “asking” Muslim immigrants if they follow the Koran to the letter……that sort of flatulent lunacy is a mirror reflection of Rona Ambrose and her solution to the lethal threat of our Ebola Tourists…….Ms. Ambrose feels that “asking” our new guests if they have been in contact with Ebola affected areas of Africa is the most effective solution to stopping the spread of Ebola into Canada…….oh that’s just rich!!!!!!

          Lets “ask” our enemies a “few” questions!!!!!…..oh that’ll keep us safe!!!!….oh tee-hee-hee!!!!!

          Back to your sensibilities Chris Jones, a debate is just that, a debate……..speaking metaphorically I like debate filled with truth and reality, a sort of very strong cup of hot black coffee………not lukewarm, topped with whipped cream, sprinkles and loaded with artificial flavor.

          Regards, Don Laird
          Dogtown Bastard
          Alberta, Canada

    • Well said Chris. But, it’s not just the left who are a problem. Our own “Conservative” government has allowed hundreds of thousands of Islamists to immigrate to Canada. The “Conservative” government finances Islam at home and abroad, and MPs like Kenney don’t hesitate to put their stamp of approval on extremist mosques, and organizations – like his trip to the Jaffari Community Center a while ago – despite the fact that the organization is known for it’s anti-Semitism, anti-Western views, and its school put on a lovely little play about beheading. The truth is that all of our politicians have betrayed us regarding Islam, and they aren’t likely to change any time soon. We need a new political party, with a leader who has the guts to speak the truth about Islam, and is prepared to clean up the mess created by our existing “leaders”.

      • I am painfully aware that our conservative government is letting Muslims into the country by the tens-of-thousands, but if they were to try to stop that the left would cry, “racist!”, the media would back them up, and Justin Trudeau would be prime minister in about ten minutes. That is the reality that Harper is facing. It’s the same thing with being honest about climate change…

  2. Pakistan court upholds Asia Bibi death sentence (BBC, Oct 16, 2014)

    “A Pakistani court has upheld the death penalty for a Christian woman convicted of blasphemy in 2010.

    Asia Bibi was found guilty of making derogatory comments about the Prophet Muhammad during an argument with a Muslim woman.

    The Lahore High Court rejected her appeal against the sentence passed by a lower court. Her lawyers have vowed to take the case to the Supreme Court.

    Ms Bibi’s sentence in 2010 sparked global condemnation.

    Two prominent politicians – Punjab governor Salman Taseer and minorities minister Shahbaz Bhatti – were both murdered the following year for calling for reforms to blasphemy laws in the wake of her trial.

    Ms Bibi consistently denied the allegations against her, saying they stemmed from an argument with a group of women over a pot of water.

    Blasphemy is a highly sensitive issue in Pakistan. Critics argue that blasphemy laws are frequently misused to settle personal scores and that members of minority groups are often unfairly targeted.

    Since the 1990s, scores of Christians have been convicted for desecrating the Koran or for blasphemy.

    While most of them have been sentenced to death by the lower courts, many sentences have been overturned due to lack of evidence.

    Muslims constitute a majority of those prosecuted, followed by minority Ahmadis.”

    • Upon entry into a civilized country, people should be asked if they agree with these Pakistani blasphemy laws. If the answer is, “yes”, then they should be refused entry on the grounds that they are ignorant savages. Nobody who actually supports such twisted medieval wickedness – or cannibalism or human sacrifice, for that matter – should be allowed within a thousand miles of a normal democratic country, let alone a polling booth…

  3. Afghan forces arrest Haqqani militant network leaders (BBC, Oct 16, 2014)

    “Two senior leaders of the Haqqani militant network have been captured by Afghan security forces, officials say.

    The group has been behind many of the co-ordinated gun and bomb attacks on Afghan and Nato forces in recent years.

    Afghan officials say Anas Haqqani, the son of the network’s founder, was arrested with commander Hafiz Rashid.

    Haqqani leaders were thought to be based in Pakistan’s tribal areas but reports say many fled to Afghanistan after a recent army offensive there.

    The ageing founder of the Haqqani network, Jalaluddin Haqqani, is still thought to be in Pakistan. His son, Sirajuddin Haqqani, is thought to be in de facto control of the organisation.

    Afghan NDS intelligence officials say that Anas Haqqani and Hafiz Rashid were arrested late on Tuesday in Afghanistan. They added that Anas Haqqani had played an important role in the network’s strategy and fund-raising..

    Intelligence officials told BBC Afghan that Anas Haqqani had particular skills in computing and was the main force behind the network’s social media propaganda efforts. Hafiz Rashid was described as a senior military commander who trained and equipped suicide bombers….”

  4. Islamic State ‘being driven out of Syria’s Kobane’ (BBC, Oct 16, 2014)

    “The Islamic State (IS) militant group has been driven out of most of the northern Syrian town of Kobane, a Kurdish commander has told the BBC.

    Baharin Kandal said IS fighters had retreated from all areas, except for two pockets of resistance in the east.

    US-led air strikes have helped push back the militants, with another 14 conducted over the past 24 hours.

    Meanwhile, the new UN human rights commissioner has called IS a “potentially genocidal” movement….”

  5. Watching freedom eroding in real time… The freaky PC brigade is at it again. Asking people questions is being turned into a (socially) hazardous endeavor. Indeed, people usually answer according to “personal taste.” What else should one expect???

    Family Feud Australia apologises for ‘name a woman’s job’ question (BBC, Oct 16, 2014)

    “Australia’s Channel 10 has apologised for broadcasting a question on the quiz show Family Feud deemed sexist by many watching.

    The show asked contestants to guess what answer 100 people had given when told to name a woman’s job.

    The “correct” answers included cooking, cleaning and dishes. Answers for a man’s job included builder, plumber and mechanic.

    The channel said the answers were “not reflective of all Australians”.

    The programmes format involves two families competing to guess the most-given answers to a question that has been posed to a survey of a 100 people.

    Wednesday’s episode of the programme, known as Family Fortunes in the UK, sparked outrage on social media….”

  6. One explaination of these rape stats is the resent prevalence of rape jihad of minors coming out so much recently.
    Or as I heard this excuse on Absolute 90s FM news broadcast, they described the “Blip” as due to the Jimmy Savell inquirery. (Believe that and I have the authority to sell you Tower Bridge).

  7. Like hell this has anything to do with what France is doing now. Throughout medieval history, the French were effective against Muslim fighters and armies. It is their history and implied threat the asses are braying about.

  8. It would seem that the IS is desperatly trying to draw the west into yet another war we can’t afford.
    Just like the Hamas did with Israel earlier this year.
    What we are currently now seeing is the call to the true islam.
    ‘We will chop off the heads of whoever you bring’: British ISIS fighter dares west to send ground troops in new video rant – despite fanatics being pushed back in Kobane

    • There is just one war, they are all different fronts/campaigns against the Islamic conquest, we are in a war of survival and must fight to the bitter end or become slaves. The cost is going to be more blood, lives and treasure then anyone wants but we either fight or become slaves, make your choice.

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