Down the memory hole. The explosion in Greely called a fire, and no new info for days

I find it passing strange that all my google searches show zero new information on the massive explosion that took place in Greely Ontario with a blast so loud that a neighbor thought an aircraft had smashed into their roof and it could be heard as much as 25 Kms away. The police have started insisting it be referred to as ‘A fire’ instead of an explosion, which it so clearly was and have given no new information since they said it was not a grow up (Some new strain of exploding marijuana I guess if it was) or a meth lab and it was deliberately set. It is now Wednesday afternoon and nothing new on it at all. Do we even have a news service since 911 2001?

If anyone does see anything new, please paste it in the comments. Thank you.


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  1. Sounds like some terrorist blew himself up, or a rival Islamic sect blew up the house both ideas would account for the blacking out of the news.

  2. i am sitting here watching the news of todays horrible incidents with ottawa and the gun men terrorist . and I’m thinking back to the Greely explosion. and i am thinking ,.. no info is new on explosion. why ? what caused it. if its not drug related? i was thinking what if it was some sort of explosion meant for todays incidents? could they be related?

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