The geopolitics of Islam: The Caliphate and Islamic antisemitism etc. for June 17 2014 – 3

1. SUN TV with Brian Lilley: The Ever Expanding Caliphate

(It is always satisfying when a TV journalist notices something true and mentions it even when its unfashionable to do so. Brian and all the folks at SUN TV are pretty good about that generally though)

2. The Iranians claim that Israel and the Jews created and funded and equipped ISIS while in the image below you can see that on the ISIS actual official Facebook page, they claim, if my Tardish is good enough to get this, that the Iranians are all Jews.


3. Also from the ISIS FB page:


The koran is half right. Only people who really understand islam and its consequences feel that way about it. What a shame muslims never stopped to ask why people who know Islam from the outside detest it so much. Maybe if they did, they would give it up and do something socially positive for a change.

4. No matter how much these people hate Israel and Jews, no matter how many terrorist attacks they have funded or organized to destroy the state and kill its people, they still flee there quick as a bunny the moment they have a medical problem that needs skilled attention. Mahmoud Abbas’s wife is getting surgery at an Israeli hospital now. 

5. Antwerp Muslims throw rocks at Jewish school bus  

A Jewish school bus in Antwerp, Belgium had rocks thrown at it by Muslim teens on Sunday, reported Orthodox Jewish media.

The teens surrounded the bus, which was carrying kindergarten students from the Antwerp Hayder school and proceeded to throw stones.

Thank you M, ML, and a lot of people who sent in material. I hope to have more info on Sri Lanka very shortly.

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  1. Punishing debauchery and unislamic activities with an effective suicide commando – what else can one wish for these days…

    ‘Fatalities’ after blast at Nigeria World Cup TV venue (BBC, June 17, 2014)

    “A suicide bomber has killed several people in northern Nigeria’s Yobe state at a venue televising a World Cup match, residents and medics say. A hospital worker told the BBC that truckloads of injured people are being treated in overcrowded wards.

    “The injured people are so numerous I cannot count them,” the worker said after the blast hit Damaturu town. An emergency has been declared in three states, including Yobe, amid attacks by suspected Boko Haram militants.

    Witnesses say the suicide bomber in a tricycle taxi detonated the explosives as people watched Brazil’s match against Mexico. on Tuesday evening….

    Analysts say Islamist militant groups, including Boko Haram, have described football as un-Islamic…”

  2. CHINA – Footage shows axe attack in Hotan, Xinjiang

    SHOCKING footage of an axe attack in China on Sunday has emerged.
    State television broadcaster CCTV posted the video yesterday of the attack in a mahjong room in Hotan.
    In the accompanying description it says: “A calm afternoon of quiet time playing chess turned into a nightmare for people in Hotan in Xinjiang on Sunday.
    “Video monitor footage from inside a chess room in the town shows how 3 men armed with axes attacked unsuspecting civilians.”
    However, it goes on to say that people in the room were able to raise the alarm.
    “That led to nearby shopkeepers and other residents rushing to the scene.”
    The footage shows the victims fighting back, defending themselves using pieces of furniture and later chasing the men out of the venue while brandishing wooden poles.
    “They soon encircled the attackers and fought them off. The clashes resulted in the death of two of the attackers, while one has been arrested.”
    There was no explanation regarding the motive for the attack.

  3. #3 #Eeyore for the Moslems to realize why people outside of Islam dislike them so much would require rational thought on their part.

  4. UK – Manchester – Police could have prevented murder of student stabbed in the chest if they’d properly investigated killer’s ‘trial-run’ 12 days earlier

    – Imran Hussain, 27, murdered Kieran Crump-Raiswell, 18, in January last year
    – Hussain attacked another victim in a ‘trial-run’ in Nottingham 12 days earlier
    – Probe found police failed to conduct a ‘timely investigation’ into that attack
    – Hussain was then ’emboldened’ to carry out the fatal stabbing in Manchester

    […]Hussain admitted killing Mr Crump-Raiswell but claimed it was manslaughter by reason of diminished responsibility after saying he was responding to voices in his head.

  5. 1/ Great byline by Brian Lilley. That has to have helped loosen the iron grip of indoctrination on more than a few Canadians.

  6. People might note, about No.1, that the ISIS map of the Caliphate has no separate “Palestine” instead having a large Syrian province. This is further proof that Jihadists just use Palestinians as pawns.

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