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49 Replies to “Dramatic sword fight breaks out at Sikh temple in India”

  1. Amazing, a collection of bearded lunatics, each and every one running for the presidency of MENSA.

    Yet by some grotesque perversion of logic and reason as found reflected in the tenets of the cancerous dogma of multiculturalism, and according to Leftists and Liberals, somehow these Turbo-Turban Jack-Wagons and their worship of fucking elephants and the flatulently verbose Guru Nanak are on an equal footing with Anglo-Saxon Western culture.

    Fucking ridiculous.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

    PS: by the way, the BO in that place must be scorching,…..like off the charts,……like blinding,…..like Oh Sweet Jesus its peeling the paint!!…..like OMG OMG it killed the dog!!!!……..

  2. Oh and I forgot to add…….

    This is why we object to all those Sikhs, veritable puffed up parading peacocks, wandering around our schools and legislatures with their “ceremonial cutlery”…..simply because they can’t be trusted and completely lose their minds at the drop of a hat.

    To illustrate further….in addition to the video above, I have two words…….


    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  3. Oh, yes, let’s bring in millions more of those. That’s what our country needs, millions more of those. Brilliant! Of course, they never seem very happy to be here, but no matter…

  4. The whole muslim beheading meme must be contagious and rubbing off on those more vulnerable or pre-disposed to it.

  5. I’m not sure what is up with the Sikh hate on this site. Is it because they colaborate with muslims or something? Do they have a ”kill all infidels” equivalent in their religion?

  6. @Rinzai….

    A little thin skinned there Rinzai……a little self piteous whimpering and whining….a little poor, poor , poor me persecution complex?

    Hmmmmmm……..lets see……….come to a country and demand dress code changes in our institutions, demand weapons privileges in legislatures and schools, engage in vicious treatment of your women, engage in gender based abortion, use Canada as a platform to generate logistical, financial and administrative support for act of terrorism and mass murder, blow passenger aircraft out of the sky killing hundreds, then celebrate and deify the Sikh terrorists responsible for the murder of women and children…….in other words drag all the vulgar, barbaric and savage traditions, customs and petty little wars and tribal conflicts that have made your nation and your people a spectacular miserable third-world failure over here to Canada…..and the moment you are criticized you play the race-card…..how pathetic, how predictable…..how third-world……..and even further, as evidenced in the video, act like baboons, like thugs, like sword bearing clowns and you still expect a pass……how bloody ridiculous.

    Run along you little leftist/liberal troll….play your race-card somewhere else.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  7. Not the Sikhs’ finest hour at their Holiest watering-hole for all the world to see what their path leads to…

    But Guru Nanak to blame? I’m not aware of this promotion of violence of satisfying pride. Therefore Don, I’d appreciate if you’d present evidence that he had crippled the hindus who could hear across India. My impression was that when he died it was then that the nine other gurus got worse than the last, becoming a poorer copy than the one before. With Muhammad it is easy, that wolf in sheep’s clothing at the conception, and it was this soul-killer practice of Islam that I assumed Nanak was teaching against, by reminding people that Allah was not God in any form at all.

    The Independent Newspaper:
    “The event of special prayers had been called to mark the 30th anniversary of Operation Blue Star, the 1984 operation by the Indian army to clear the temple of Sikh militants led by Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale.  Reports on the number of people killed during the six-day operation range from around 500 to up to 5,000. Around 80 soldiers lost their lives.

    Four months after she ordered the operation, Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was assassinated by her two Sikh bodyguards.”

    Future Breaking News: All the Western Socialist Leaders were killed in a coordinated attack by their own Muslim bodyguards. The Dhimmis are stunned and can’t understand how it could happen with all the ‘preference status’ they were handed above and over their citizens…

    So returning to the evidence of stupidity in Sikhism, (that I have supposed came out by regurgitating and not comprehending wisdom from a noble man), just as Christianity bled off the back of Jesus. Here is a discussion board rebuttal from one of their ernest faithful, arguing with that oh-so-familiar reasoning of Musselmen, about why they do not cut or pluck out any body hair at all:
    “Now, about people who seek justification for cutting bodily hair, in cutting nails, i would request them to immediately stop cutting their nails and see what happens next? Doing your day to day chores, the nails will break-off automatically, even if you take utmost care to prevent them from breaking. This means Breaking-off of nails is perfectly in accordance of with the Hukum (The Laws of the Nature). 

    For me this fake argument of Nails v/s Hair ends right here! End of the Story!

    The Hukum by the tenth Master to Keep Kesh is simply a reminder to follow this important Hukum ie. The Laws of Nature as ordained by the almighty.”

    And the Oxford Dictionary’s quest for the unknown 20th Century source of the word “hokum” has ended.

    Guru Don, I await a sober response.

  8. @Don Laird

    Race card? I haven’t used it in my comment. Persecution complex? Yeah, what elese are you going to accuse me of? Anyone can read my previous comment and see that you have a case of rabies, Don Lard. Oh, and boy, this Sikh religion is truly horrendous. Too bad that the whole world just can’t seem to wrap it’s head around that fact. I guess that whatever planet you come from Don, is called a ”First-world” and we poor terrans have to inhabit the ”Third-world” where Sikh religion is not outlawed. Shucks! Those First-worlders must be truly enlightened

  9. I don’t have any more enthusiasm for Sikhs in Canada than Don Laird, for the many reasons he lists. There was a time, back in the late 70s. What a change a day makes, or 35 years of PC MC + Mass Immigration.

    Sikhs whine about Canadians being ungrateful to have people from a radically different culture and religion foisted on their communities and given special privileges according to HRC double standards. They boast about their successes in changing Canadian law to suit themselves.

    The downloadable brochure at the World Sikh Organization of Canada site folds to give a front page that has 8 pictures of Sikhs in Canada around a central square reading, KNOW YOUR RIGHTS.

    ‘WSO also advocates for the rights of all Canadians whether it is the right of Muslim girls to wear the hijab while playing soccer or the right of a student of Scottish descent to wear the kilt to his graduation.’

    It is obscene to draw a moral equivalence between those two ‘rights,’ doubly obscene to do it in Canada, with its Scottish heritage instrumental in making Canada the sort of country in which a Sikh might find it desirable to settle (before setting about changing its laws).

    If there was any point in opening the immigration door to Sikhs, it would have been to inform and warn Canadians about the dangers of Islam. Apparently Sikhs aren’t even doing that – a shame, as Sikhs I’ve met in other parts of the world haven’t been such PC tools.

  10. Don L

    I have no info on the situation in the US or Canada but in the UK our connections with Sikhism go back a long way.Any “interfaith issues” are and have been usually contained within the Sikh population.Here in the UK they basically get on with their own lives and look after their old folk and there are really no issues.
    I have visited one of their temples and was greeted with kindness and respect.In my opinion they have no plans for world domination or the destruction of any other religions.These people have suffered under the tyranny of the cult for hundreds of years and have fought to survive.

    As someone “infamous”once said ……. “they are not our natural enemies”

  11. There is no “Sikh hate” on this site. But there are legitimate grievances that shouldn’t be swept under the rug. The Sikhs, along with I think it was Brian Mulroney, started a very real slippery slope into the septic-tank called multiculturalism by demanding the RCMP change its iconic hat to allow a turban and that schools allow Sikh kids to bring weapons to school. Remember now, Sikhs are still the only group to pull off an actual terrorist attack in Canada other than Quebec separatists.

    The British handled it better. Rather than abandon their own culture (back then) they created the Indian Guard to allow turbans with the Beefeater uniform, rather than change the uniform. So American and British readers need to understand why some Canadians have some animus towards Sikhs.

    Now perhaps someone can also correct my understanding that Sikhism is a form of Hinduism that allows for enough aggression to defend itself against Islam and was created as a reaction to Islamic attacks?

    Here is something I wrote on this in 2009 http://vladtepesblog.com/2009/10/08/how-can-canada-save-itself/

  12. It is telling that the Sikh who responded in the comments to Eeyore’s 2009 essay had the brown-man victim-narrative down pat.

  13. What started out as a solution to a problem, became the problem. Guru Nanak was able to see the evil of Islam and Hinduism, for them to become animations of life, that he journeyed with a message to stop, reset and refresh the start button. God is Truth, God is love, etc. Everything, precisely that you are capable of doing for yourself… but don’t have the brains to do when the priest, (reading from a religious text under ‘divine’ reinterpretation) tells you it is after all legitimate to steal, rape, and murder from an unbeliever. The repressed become expressed. The ‘balanced Muslim’. Nothing more than a beaten dog behaves when it escapes the back garden.
    (The koran only has lines to flatter and show the kufar, made clear of their intent by abrogation, and the brave Muslims who try to moderate Islam get killed by the faithful who know this truth).

    So, after Nanak, did the Sikhs go down hill? Any Nobel Laureates for Science? Any truth-seekers treading new paths, (look how torturous it was to discover the universally abundant electricity all around us. How many were religious to not anger God in this pursuit?).

    However, under masses of hair and blocked swimming pools, is a nice kid trying to get out.

    And without Nanak, all of India would be Afgahnistan, and Pakistan would never have had the India the British gave it, for they would have been ungovernable.

  14. Don C,

    I couldn’t see a brown-tinged victim-narrative cultural-relativism argument from Mr Singh…

    “Look what a white man did for 8 years in the White house that America had to bring in a black man to set things right”.

    Oh, I get it…

  15. I have nothing much against Sikhs, after all they are the ones that warned us of the Muslim menace – but I have a theory that if you live in close proximity to Muslims for too long, you start to act like them.
    The Serbs for example use aggression to solve all their problems and can be exceptionally cruel if need be and they’re meant to be Orthodox Christians.
    But when you hear about the suffering they endured and the barbarity that they experienced due to Muslims over a number of centuries then it’s hardly surprising that they do. I’d love to have Serbs fighting on my side, but I’d hate them to be my enemy.
    I bet you too that the violence in this temple didn’t spill over to outsiders either. They probably harmed no tourists who were there (at least not intentionally anyway).
    The Golden Temple does receive a lot of foreign tourists.
    The Sikhs may be vicious when they have genuine grievances but they don’t attack the innocent because their god doesn’t tell them to do that unlike the Muslim god.
    I didn’t see any women or children there either being used as human shields.

    I know a number of Sikhs including some who have abandoned their faith. They are clean shaven and don’t wear turbans. Their families don’t hate them for it and they have no threats of ostracism or death. That’s because Sikhs respect other religions and believe that there are many different ways to find God.
    I’m pretty much against multiculturalism but some cultures are worse than others.
    In a war against Islam, I would welcome both Sikhs and Serbs as our allies.

  16. The Sikhs and the Serbs violent behavior is possibly a learned behavior that they have embraced to protect themselves from the encroaching Moslems, they have learned to play tit for tat and to carryout blood feuds in order to protect their culture and religion. This is one reason I keep predicting civil war in the western nations, when the ordinary people feel that there the government is not protecting them, their culture,their religion they resort to vigilante action to protect the things they hold dear. We are all going to see the European natives that the natives of other nations resort to massive violence to protect their nations and cultures from the Islamic conquest.

  17. It’s all true, but let us remember that we all love our Sikh brothers and sisters and wish them long prosperous lives. A few grumbles doesn’t equal hate…

  18. They are no more or less than Christians or Buddhists in finding solace, entrapment, and some pursuing deeper, realization, escape and peace. Something no Muslim can ever do.

  19. My original comment in relation to the festival of stupidity at the Amritsar Golden Temple stands. The criticism is well deserved and justified.

    I further stand behind my condemnation of those facets and traditions of the Sikh and Hindu cultures which have, much like Islam, made the lives of women an absolute grinding hell. No, the Sikhs and Hindus are not like the Muslims, even remotely, but stupidity and madness do not get a pass simply because you’re not a Muslim.

    I bristle and rightfully so when those who criticized for their acts of mindless stupidity then run and hide behind the colour of their skin with simpering little comments such as the drivel of Rinzai.

    I will quote Softlybob……

    “I know a number of Sikhs including some who have abandoned their faith. They are clean shaven and don’t wear turbans. Their families don’t hate them for it and they have no threats of ostracism or death. That’s because Sikhs respect other religions and believe that there are many different ways to find God. I’m pretty much against multiculturalism but some cultures are worse than others. In a war against Islam, I would welcome both Sikhs and Serbs as our allies.”

    This is very well put and as Bob, I too know a great many Sikhs who are horrified and ashamed of the manner in which their “holy men” conduct themselves. I too welcome those members of those faiths, those communities to join with us, set aside the lunatic hallmarks of their cultures, find common ground and begin to remove from our midst the Muslim and its Islam, begin to remove from our midst that which hates us and seeks, at every turn, our death or enslavement, and as to which, they’re not particular.

    In the end, no one gets a pass, no one and the truth, however awkward, however glaring cannot be mitigated simply because of the colour of your skin.

    Bottom line is that our war with the Muslim and its Islam is forcing us to put our own faith, our own traditions and our own cultures under the microscope. I welcome this as maybe, this is what has been waiting in the wings for over 3000 years, maybe we can move to that state of mind, that condition of peace and peaceful cohabitation, that sense of value of that which is of worth, that enlightenment that will allow us to really and truly understand ourselves.

    We now stand on tip-toes and are reaching into the blackness of space, stretching the tip of our fingertips to touch the face of God, to search the depths of our souls, to find the answers to those questions that have vexed and eluded us these millennia; who are we?, where did we come from, where are we going?……..and simply……why?

    The answers to those questions will not be found on a funeral pyre, nor in the agony of the oppressed, nor in the grinding servitude of the weak, nor in the misery of the enslaved, nor in the arrogance of the self-appointed wise and holy nor at the tip of a sword.

    The answers will be found in the the depths of each and every one of our souls.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

    As for Guru Nanak Perfectchild, I say this, I have not darkened the doors of a church, not because I don’t seek providential comfort and absolution but simply because, as Doc Holiday said, “My hypocrisy knows no bounds”. As such I despise those who take the teachings of the truly peaceful, the truly faithful and smear the excrement of lunacy, barbarism, savagery, self indulgence and power hungry agenda on the same.

  20. @Don Laird

    I haven’t used the ”colour of skin” argument. Not even once Lardo. Stop lying. You on the other hand put all of the Sikhs in one basket and now you had to explain yourself, like a maniac after a fit. Good riddance.

  21. My sentiments the same Sri Don Laird. That we have to work out the idiocy of our own imported religious ideology through the wars of protestantism to meet the idiots who have not reformed theirs while we are trying to battle with the infection of childish spoilt decadence of Socialism fostered by Communists.

    Such are the vile and violent perverts for the hearts and minds by causing humanity to become dumb brutes to react and respond to their calls for favors. In the UK the present socialist government has recently decreed immigrants (the majority of breeders) get £2000 free child care. You could not make government interference and social engineering in the family up. What level playing field? To what purpose of votes and destruction of the British people for profit?

  22. @Rinzai

    Your words…..

    “I’m not sure what is up with the Sikh hate on this site”

    That’s a flaming race-card you little leftist troll……..

    “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet”

    But then again you’re one of these do as I say not as I do types…..one of these simpering uber-politically correct self-loathers who can mange to find an “ism”, and “ist” or injurious offense in everything from breakfast cereal to long-distance calling plans……life must be hell for you Rinzai, having to endure from dawn till dusk and all through the night all those waves and waves of hate-crimes, of oppression, of all that intolerant truth……must be pure hell.

    By the way, the next time you show up for a battle of wits, please try not to come empty handed, its embarrassing for us both.

    Now run along Peaches, stir up a pot of leftist/liberal discontent on some other website…..

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  23. ”A Sikh (/si?k, s?k/; Punjabi: ???? sikkh [s?kk?]) is a follower of Sikhism, a monotheistic religion that originated in the 15th century in the Punjab region.[12] The term “Sikh” means disciple, student, or (?ik?a).[13][14] A Sikh is a disciple/subject of the Guru.”

    That’s a ”colour of skin’ argument, huh? You have an easy time admitting that ”Muslim is not a race” but a hard time admitting that Sikh is not a race? Double standards much?

    Again – “I’m not sure what is up with the Sikh hate on this site” has everything to do with religion and 0 to do with race/colour of skin. You keep accusing me of race baiting and yet you have nothing to show for it except for your frivolous assumptions. Yes, in this case, you’re the one empty-handed. Cool down on accusing people with such ease. I’ve read the comments of other people under my original post and now I know that this site is not really ”hating sikhs” but I’ve also learned that it has a stubborn little liar visitning it very often

  24. A few years ago a Sikh stranger saved my life, at some considerable risk to his own. Then he and his extended family became responsible for my welfare!? Eternally?!

    Never obtrusive, just checks in on me every now and then. If there’s a heatwave, a snow-storm. Did I get that door fixed? Deploying the family if necessary. All with elegant subtlety.

    Respects my religion, doesn’t care that I’ve shown no interest in his. I do call whenever Sikhs are in the news because, for all I know, an auntie or cousin might be affected. I send cute stickers for his little girls’ collection. They bake my favorite chocolate-chip cookies for my birthday.

    Fortunately I’ve got my own resources and they understand that. But it sure is nice to know they’ve got my back.

  25.  Not even once Lardo. 

    As an ad hominem attack Rinzai that is funeeeee, referring to a slow fat-brain, that is slightly short of target, lol. But the ladies should behave themselves when we are trying to get to the nuances of the matter here, it is out of order, and,
    “…these Turbo-Turban Jack-Wagons and their worship of fucking elephants and the flatulently verbose Guru Nanak are on an equal footing with Anglo-Saxon Western culture.”
    still remains un-refuted by you.

    The cultures are not equal. There are no ten Jesuses leading the Anglo Saxons only SovietSodomSocialists.

  26. The canary in the coalmine, the warning of where our quizzling “leaders” where going to take us, was back in the seventies. On top of the denial about the disaster of mass 60s black immigration, and the covering up of the usual, pimping, violence, drug dealing, shootings, and welfare banditry, whilst criticizing police officers for enforcing the law, we had a sikh bloke in the seventies, who insisted on riding his moped without a crash helmet (which is the law, rightly or wrongly).
    The police being out and out racists kept stopping him and arresting him for breaking the law, even though they should have seen that as an asian he was exempt from uk law.
    So what did our political masters do?
    You’ve guessed it, they removed his British passport, and booted him back to his Punjabi hellhole, so he could drive in a place with no laws to speak of at all. What, they didn’t, they change the law, to make an exception just for him and his ehnic cohort?
    Jesus, if they keep doing this we’ll end up with terrorists running schools.
    Oh yes.

  27. @Perfectchild

    Adding a nickname to a liar is perfectly fine. ”Lardo the Liar” will suffice. You’ll be the Hamburger Helper. Keep up your Kulturkampf boys

  28. Rinse Aid,

    You still did not refute that Sikh culture is inferior to Anglo-Saxon Culture ( before it sinks into obscurity by critical mass of immigration).

    Please deliver.

  29. Anglo-Saxon culture has proven itself inferior by allowing mass imigration and tolerating muslims. No great lasting culture does those things. Sikhs will probably outlive the Anglo-Saxons because their culture is not telling them to take it up the bum.

  30. Yep. So? Lardo defends the culture which is inferior and loathes the superior (sikh) one. Now he’s ”Lardo the Masochist Liar”. Damn. Perhaps he was a mujahid in his previous life? Defending an inferior culture and all? His rabid responces attest to this aswell… The plot thickens, ladies and gentleman…

  31. Iraq violence: Dozens killed by Baghdad bombings (BBC, June 7, 2014)

    “A series of bombings across the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, has left more than 50 people dead and scores injured. At least eight separate attacks took place across the city within one hour on Saturday evening, targeting mainly Shia neighbourhoods.

    Earlier in the day, militants stormed a university campus in the western city of Anbar, briefly taking dozens of students hostage. Dozens of people have also been killed in attacks in Mosul since Friday.

    The violence in Iraq has peaked again and reached levels not seen since the heights of the sectarian conflict of the last decade….”

  32. Sikhs are getting slaughtered by Muslims right now in Pakistan, Afghanistan and in the general region of South Asia. Yes, some of us in Canada have some issues with Sikhism but we had better face the facts that the common enemy of both Western people culturally, and Sikhs is Islam and next to that our interests are nearly identical.

    My problems have much more to do with the way Canadian politicians handled Sikh requests more than the issue of Sikh requests. I posted above on that already.

    The requests by Sikhs are not equivalent to Islamic demands much like Jewish ones are not.

    As an example, while observant Jews may want the right to not eat pork they will never demand that other people may not eat pork to accommodate them the way Muslims do wherever they have the numbers to try and get away with such a request. Sikhs want to join the RCMP etc. to try and be good Canadians, not to subvert the institutions themselves for supremacist purposes. They want to retain their Sikh symbols however with the uniform. I am firmly against this as it confuses the message of the uniform. Denying Sikhs the turban with the uniform does NOT discriminate against Sikhs. They still have the choice to either wear the RCMP uniform or the turban but not both.

    I see this as no different from choosing to marry someone who demands that you stay faithful to them. You can choose the marriage or variety but not both. It is not discriminating against someone to offer them a choice. At least it didn’t used to be.

    So the issues here between Muslims and Sikhs are dramatically different and again, my issue with Sikhs really is about the way Mulroney and his Conservatives, as much as I like them otherwise, destroyed the Canadian culture and institutions of state to accommodate other people and create the slippery slope that Islam is leading us down rapidly and to our demise.

    I do not believe that Sikhs would ever do that. They have been great citizens of the UK for a long time and great fighters with the British army against various foes.

  33. Rinzai says:
    June 7, 2014 at 3:56 pm (Edit)

    “Anglo-Saxon culture has proven itself inferior by allowing mass imigration and tolerating muslims. No great lasting culture does those things. Sikhs will probably outlive the Anglo-Saxons because their culture is not telling them to take it up the bum.”

    That is a Darwinian answer. Not that its bad, or wrong, but it is Darwinian and the same argument can be made for Islam in the sense that in much of the world, the lethality, supremacy, intolerance and brutality of Islam has crushed all cultures in so very much of the world and is doing so again now in much of what is left that in the Darwinian sense you have to admit its superiority.

    I think to determine what is better or worse in terms of culture requires more parameters than merely survival to be interesting. How about invention? reduction of suffering? acquisition of empirical knowledge? Tolerance in the genuine sense? I could go on…

  34. Islam only works for the Muslims and only then if there are fresh Infidels to prey on. In the modern world, Islam cannot possibly be anything other than 100% dysfunctional because most of the available “prey” is too well armed to be easily conquered, leaving the Muslims with no way to acquire wealth other than their oil wells. Islam has no place in our modern world…

  35. “Anglo-Saxon culture has proven itself inferior by allowing mass immigration …….”

    The policy of mass immigration was never a “cultural” decision made by the British people but a political eugenics experiment imposed by successive labour and conservative governments and their rich and powerful London elites.
    The conservatives approved of it to provide cheap workers for it’s wealthy fat cats in industry.The labour party embraced it to totally destroy British culture in pursuance of their dystopian socialist utopia.The result is an utterly divided nation.

  36. Rinzai,
    I hope you choose to return. You walked into a family discussion and became IT for a day. If you read some of the threads here, you’ll find a great deal that will interest you and viewpoints you’ll share.

    And some you won’t. That’s ok, isn’t it? There are loads of sites that echo my own positions to pitch-perfection. But what do I learn in an echo chamber? Is it fun? Doesn’t it get boring?

    Sometimes, though, horrific events in the news drive me to seek comfort and reassurance. Chicken soup for the soul. So I visit those sites, find what I need, then come back here. My grown-up home.

    Usually we respect one another and save the vitriol for the real enemy: the existential threat of Islam, its enablers and useful idiots. Here you’ll always find “the enemy of your enemy”. And that’s a great find.

  37. @bains

    Those goverments haven’t elected themselves , they were elected by the anglo-saxon people. That’s democracy for ya, the people’s WILL was to elect them. You’re deluded if you think that the anglo-saxon culture is not voting for it’s own annihilation…

  38. Eeyore forget the idea that the enemy of my enemy is my friend, some times they are but usually they are temporary allies, a prime example of this is the Soviets in WWII and various Moslem governments during the Cold War. As soon as the common enemy is defeated the temporary ally starts attacking you, if you are thinking of them as a friend they can do massive damage because you aren’t expecting an attack.

  39. Rinzai:

    The Anglo-Western culture has been subverted by communists. Some German ones via the Frankfurt school and many Soviet era ones who’s machinations took longer to establish themselves and propagate than the Soviets hoped but nonetheless worked.

    The Anglo-Western culture was effectively made illegal by that. Just try smoking a cigarette and drinking a beer and trying to meet women in a bar these days for example. That WAS Canadian culture not that long ago.

    You may make the argument that we allowed ourselves to be subverted. But then we would have an epistemological argument on our hands. Even so I might be prepared to concede the point with the understanding that subverted or no, cultural weakness or no, we have a problem and informing ourselves and each other and taking incremental measures to fight back is what is needed. At some level it doesn’t matter as much how we got here as what we do about it now.

    The men steering the Titanic probably should have been hauling on that wheel rather than looking at a map to see where they went wrong.

  40. I looked up “epistemology” but I still don’t know what it means.

    Is it like “chicken & egg” or counting angels dancing on a pin?

  41. Sort of. Technically its ‘theory of knowledge’ but could be said to be a branch of philosophy that examines how you can know anything for real. The Chinese Box or Turing Test are kind of examples of epistemological problems in a way or the guy who drops acid and then never knows for sure if reality is closer to the on-acid version or the normal consciousness perception of it.

    How can you know I am a real person responding to you or that you are who you think you are under the circumstances you are in?

    I think its an easy branch of philosophy to solve if you take the Buddhist approach to existence but thats going deeper into it than I wanted to. Suffice it to say that I meant it in the sense that the minutia of the point could easily drown out the point as epistemological discussions usually do, and also that it was an epistemological problem at that level.

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