Calgary Herald following British tradition of serving patent fiction and disallowing any comment on it.

There is an op-ed at the Calgary Herald which is ludicrously untrue in terms of the nature and history of Islam and the motives for the now over and mis-reported slave raid by Boko Haram. So it should come as no surprise that the Herald saw fit to not have a comments section under it, as it certainly seems to for other articles. So I decided to add my comment about the Boko Haram article under one about impending pet restrictions.

Here is a link to the article about BH:

Here is a link to the pet restrictions article:

Below is the comment I left about the absurd opinion piece at the CH.

Please feel free to leave your comments here, I would quite like to read any anti or pro comments about this article.

(Before you read my comment below, its worth reading the article at the CH)


Since the Calgary Herald did not have the integrity to allow comments under the article by Sabahat Ali on Boko Haram called, ‘Antitehtical to Islam, i thought I would do the courtesy of leaving one here about it.

Islam was started by forced conversions. Even the famous letter by the Emperor of Persia responding to islamic armies giving the traditional 3 choices to that empire, convert, live as 2nd class citizens under Islamic rule or face war is mass forced conversion. Many European leaders during the various phases of jihad against Europe in the middle ages record the various forced conversions. Check out Janissaries for that matter. Thousands of young boys taken by force by islamic armies and made to conevrt to islam. Today in Iraq, Egypt and any other country ruled by Muslims where there is a significant population of non-muslims left, Christians and so on are being taken as slaves, forcibly converted and having all human rights removed.

As for the entire life of Mohamed as an example, I’m afraid Mr. Ali is confusing Mohamed with Jesus. Mohamed had a dozen ‘wives’ one as young as six. Hardly old enough to consent t a lifetime sexual commitment etc. and any number of women sex slaves taken as war booty so long as they were not muslims. In one famous case, Mohamed slaughtered a man and his son in front of the woman that was the wife and mother of these men, and then had a ceremony performed and ‘married’ her that night. Muslims sometimes use this as a dodge to claim islam is not antisemitic as the woman was Jewish.

I recommend that people do study the life of Mohamed. Knowing how he lived, and the fact that he is sold to believers as the perfect example for all mankind, allows one to understand perfectly what we see today world wide.

It seems to me that articles like this with no opportunity to respond is the first stage of blasphemy laws in Canada protecting Islam, and islam only.  And worse, not just on matters of belief, but on matters of historical fact and dogma.

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  1. I tried to comment on this at their story about pets. However, only Face Book comments are permitted and we don’t do FB.

    Here’s what I said:

    The cruel history of the Janissaries is a good analogy to those kidnapped girls. Muslims made regular visits/raids in captured territory – Eastern Europe has deep cultural scars as a result – in which young boys were taken from villages, castrated, and raised as a separate warrior class who served the caliphate. Parents were so desperate to keep their boys they would sometimes deliberately cripple them so they’d be ineligible. For this parents and children alike were killed.

  2. Dear Mr. Eeyore,

    I would first like to emphasize in defense of the Calgary Herald that the reason there was no “Comments” section under my piece, is that it was not an article – it was just a letter to the editor. I was disappointed greatly to see that on one end, the tags describing you read a “devout Catholic,” and on the other hand, you were so quick to pass completely uninformed, uncalled-for judgment on a Newspaper; all because you yourself didn’t take the time to actually read and realize that my piece is a letter under the “Opinion” section of the online paper, which is why it does not have a comments section.

    Your conspiracy theory is a tad bit dramatic, I must admit, as you assert that “the Herald saw fit to not have a comments section under it, as it certainly seems to for other articles.” I’m shocked that you are willing to go to such extremes in your theatrics of trying to attack the Herald’s integrity. The melodrama is unnecessary and frankly based on a misunderstanding on your end.
    Speaking of which, it seems that you’re flitted top to bottom with misunderstandings – your first mistake throws light on your habit of passing wrong judgment on things due to your lack of knowledge.

    Your flagrant disregard for taking the time to actually investigate the issue is what forms your highly uninformed opinion of Islam.

    Ignorance breeds intolerance. Perhaps if you had had the integrity to actually investigate your claims before hurling them blindly at Islam, you would have realized that each and every one of your claims is not based on historical data. It is absolutely absurd that a lone man could “Coerce” and entire country into believing in him.
    I ask you this: Have you studied the Holy Qur’an in its entirety? Have you studied a single book of Hadith (the Sayings of the holy Prophet) in its entirety? Have you even studied a single Book of History in its entirety? On what basis, then, do you make your conjectures? Each and every one of your comments make it clearer than daylight that you have not, in fact, read a single one of these sources in their entirety, otherwise you would know that each and everything you have purported is untrue.
    My friend, I invite you to heed your own words where you “recommend that people do study the life of Mohamed.”

    Firstly, you assert that “Islam was started by forced conversions.” Please, have some self-respect, if not respect for History itself. Every single history book agrees that the first thing Muhammad did was invite his close relatives to eat with him, where he announced his prophet hood. After they laughed at him, making terribly nasty remarks, he once more invited them to food. Each time they were at full liberty to accept or reject. That dinner is where Islam started – There were no forced conversions, proving that your statement is even less accurate than the one made about the Herald.

    His wife’s comments when he told her that God has spoken to him bear a tremendous testimony to how he “lived his life,” as you assert. The women he had lived with for 15 years. The woman who was also one of the most celebrated businesspersons in all of Arabia. If anyone knew Muhammad, it was the woman who lived with him for over a decade. When Muhammad expressed that he feared for his life, what did she say?

    “Nay, nay, such can never happen, rather glad tidings be to you. By God, All?h shall never disgrace you. You treat your kith and kin with love. You are truthful, and assist others in discharging their responsibilities, and have gathered within yourself lost virtues. You are hospitable, and a helper to others in the way of truth.” (?a??? Bukh?r?, Kit?bu Bad’il-Wa??, B?bu Minhu, ?ad?th No. 3)

    It is such an ignorant notion to try and assert that Islam began by force. The first four years of Muhammad’s call was tremulous for him and his followers had to hide and pray. There is not a single account of forced conversions. Not in a single history book, or authentic source.

    Your comment about the “traditional three choices” reveals how little you know of Islam. The choice to live as “Second-class citizens” is absurd. Please do read his life first. If you need, I will personally provide you a link to read his life, as collected by the most authentic sources.

    I would probably feel the same way about Islam if I were you. But the truth is that what you find so disgusting about Islam is not at all Islamic. It is just the adulteration of barbaric cultures hijacking Islam.


    Sabahat Ali.

  3. Mr. Ali-

    You offer no sources for your claims about your prophet. Where are you Koranic chapters and verse?

    Islam is not a religion, it is a politico-legal system which seeks world dominance. Where the conflict lies is in which form of Islam will prevail…

    I have my own copy of “Rules for the Traveller: A Classic Manual of Islamic Sacred Law” so I know how minute those laws are for a Muslim. I suggest you get a copy – you’re so lost in your own verbiage that logic gets left in the dust.

    This is the American version, but Canada Amazon has one too:

  4. Hello there…….its me again…..Don Laird,

    RE: Sabahat Ali of Calgary

    Where does one begin?

    First, lets start with a fact, not a Muslim/Islamic kind of fact, but a really, really really real kind of fact, a fact that’s based on truth and reality, you know, the kind of uncomfortable and inconvenient facts that the Muslim hates.

    The reality of Boko Haram is they are living and breathing the commandments of Muhammad, the Koran, the Sira and the Hadith and this poisonous little Muslim worm, Sabahat Ali, probably knows it.

    From slavery, slave taking and slave trading to the butchery of women and innocents, to mass murder, to piracy, to assassination, to rape, to pedophilia, to torture, to those human beings that the “right hand of the Muslim male may possess”, to sexual sadism, to enthusiastic and drooling acts of bestiality, to prolific acts of unparalleled savagery, brutality and grotesque sexual deviance and on and on ad infinitum, these are all things that the Muslim is commanded to do to its enemies, to other Muslims and to non-believers. This and so brutally, so murderously, so fanatically much more. This, and so much more, is what Boko Haram, as commanded by Muhammad the Lunatic, is doing, and Sabahat Ali is likely aware of it.

    Personally there is little surprise in this grandiose flourish of Taqiya (the art of Muslim lying as commanded by the Koran) as presented by Sabahat Ali, as he is simply being a Muslim.

    Unfortunately for civilized Canadians, Sabahat Ali, all puffed up and parading about, literally and otherwise, is following in the footsteps of the corrupt fraud he worships, Muhammad.

    After reading Vlad’s call to arms, I began sorting through the corn-laced turds in the Internet Toilet, and lo and behold, I stumbled across another of the prolific Sabahat Ali’s little masterpieces of reworked CPP (Camel-Poo-Poo, real Albertans call it bullshit, but I’m being culturally sensitive in honour of Sabahat Ali)). And true to form he takes the Holy-Taqiya-Truth-Trowel and smears a really, really thick lathering layer of more of his CPP (Camel-Poo-Poo) on truth, reality and historical fact. Quelle Surprise!!!!!

    Here it is and it’s a whopper!!!! and goody, goody, the comments section is open.

    (I don’t have a Facebook account so someone can, with my permission, copy and paste my comment in the box……SVP!!!!!)

    Wrapping up. What exactly is it about Muslims in Calgary anyway?

    We have a borderline effeminate, potentially closet homosexual Muslim mayor.

    We have the warmth and friendship of a den of venomous little community minded sophisticates called the “Muslims of Calgary”; a group of Muslims who misunderstand Islam just like Sabahat Ali and they, humbly and peacefully, call for all manner of hatred and poison to be shown by Muslims to the filthy unbelievers.

    And then we have the “Cartoon Cowboy of Calgary”, Syed B Soharwardy. We all remember this little Pakistani weakling don’t we?

    Syed B. Soharwardy is the overly litigious, thin-skinned, whining, manipulative, conniving, pompous little blowhard and windbag that, claiming to be related to the Chief Pedophile Muhammad himself, experienced waves upon waves upon waves of hate and intolerance when he spied with his poisonous little Muslim eye, a cartoon illustration of the mass murdering pedophile Muhammad gracing the pages of the Alberta Report. (horrors, shocka!!!!)

    After Syed B. Soharwardy recovered from the horrors and injurious impact of the aforementioned hate-crime (cartoon), he, in order to assuage the bruising his massive ego and delicate Muslim sensibilities took from the horrible hate-crime (cartoon), trotted off to the Alberta Human Rights Commission for a bucket of soothing cool cash to smear all over the aforementioned horrific hate-crime (cartoon) injuries.

    Did I mention Syed B. Soharwardy was a weakling?…… it turns out, the owner of the Alberta Report, Ezra Levant, kicked Syed’s pathetic Pakistani ass up around his shoulders and Syed had to limp away, without his bucket ’o’ jizya cash!!!!!

    But do you know what the very, very, very best part of the whole Soharwardy incident is????………EZRA LEVANT IS A JEW!!!!!!!!……how utterly poetic is that.

    I wonder, perhaps Syed B. Soharwardy and Sabahat Ali can put their heads together and somehow put a favourable spin on the ass-kicking Syed got at the hands of a (gasp, cough, cough, nudge, nudge, wink, wink) Jew.

    In closing.

    Boko Haram is opening the world’s eyes to the truth and true nature of the Muslim and its Islam, and the wider those eyes get the closer to my dream I get.

    Just the other day Canada’s high courts upheld the use of security certificates by the Canadian government to remove the poisonous Muslim from our midst.

    Read about it here:

    Now this Algerian born, alleged piece of murderous human garbage, Mohamed Harkat, is going to be deported. Now we have one more mechanism to deal with the Muslim and its Islam. Now we are closer to my dream.

    [redacted by ed]

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

    PS: I think this may be the prolific author himself, Sabahat Ali, reciting a pompous piece of poetic pornography to a collection of his fellow Ahamadi self-detonating sophisticates at a political and military planning center (mosque) in Vancouver, British Columbia.


  5. @Sabahat Ali,

    Here is the beginning of your education, an education so badly needed in order that you never “misunderstand” Islam ever again.

    “Boko Haram is every Muslim and every Muslim is Boko Haram”

    Word to live by……..seriously…….word that give you a true understanding of the Muslim and its Islam and as such keeps you alive.

    Words to live by.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  6. Sabahat Ali,

    If Mohamed’s wife recognized the One True God™ when he couldn’t, why aren’t you all worshiping her instead? What’s the point of his prophethood when his pagan wife can vouch for this Allah chap and has to ‘nay, nay’ her husband into it?

    But then again, my ‘friend’, having you dismiss all the atrocities perpetrated by this man, on the grounds that he first threw his relatives a ^$@! dinner party, just couldn’t better illustrate the mind-boggling lunacy you all suffer from (Islamozombia), thanks for the chuckles,


  7. Sabahat Ali,

    It appears you are one of those Ahmadi Muslims practicing ‘the Jihad of the pen’ urged by Hadhrat Khalifatul Mashih V in a 2006 Friday Sermon in response to the Danish cartoons, ‘so that we may have our influence in newspapers and such places’ and ‘these vulgarities can be stopped.’

    ‘If after all this, someone is still obstinate,’ the gentleman continues, ‘ they would come under the category of those upon whom is Allah’s curse in this world and in the Hereafter.’

    Hadhrat Khalifatul Mashih V warns all those who do not desist from ‘hurting Allah and his Prophet’ that ‘Allah the Exalted has the power, even today, to punish the pain and torment you inflict.’

    How does that work, you reckon? Do the Muslims have a role to play in the earthly ‘punishment’ of the ‘obstinate’ vulgarians?

    You suggested reading a Life of Muhammad. I have just now been looking over the ‘Life of Muhammad’ by Hadrat Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmud Ahmad available for download at The Official Website of the Ahmaddiyya Muslim Community:

    I wonder whether you consider this a reliable account of Muhammad’s life? If so, and for starters, why do you think that in quoting ‘the passages of the Qur’an which bear on the subject of war’ (page 109) the author segues from 9:4 to 9:6 with no mention of Qur’an 9:5? Not relevant to the subject of war? And if it’s not too tedious to ask, why is there no discussion of 9:29?

    That ‘Life of Muhammad’ handily includes the famous letter to the ‘King of Iran’ with its thinly veiled threat (p. 133) and Emperor Chosroes’ outraged reaction to it. ‘The fit of temper which Chosroes showed on this occasion,’ of course ‘was the result of the pernicious propaganda carried on against Islam by Jews…’

  8. Tens of thousands of young white girls have been made sex slaves in the UK. Similar situation in Europe in general. We also read of similar actions by Muslims in Australia, Burma, India, Pakistan etc etc.

    There seems far too many Muslims who have totally misunderstood Islam, and its injunctions to respect women.

    Maybe these Muslims have read corrupted translations of the koran. They need to read the classical Arabic version of the koran, where those injunctions are clearly stated.

  9. U.S. Becomes Chief Enabler of Christian Persecution

    “We are looking for the bishop of this church to slaughter him — we are tired of the existence of this church near our mosque and the noise they are making.” — Church elder quoting Muslims who attacked a priest, Zanzibar.

    “Muslims wanted to punish [him]…because he had recently organised a demonstration against violence in Islam.” — Local priest of a murdered Christian, Bangladesh.

    “O people of the Scripture [Christians]. Do not exceed the limits of your religion….Cease! It will be better for you….” — Koran, 4:171, Billboard in Nazareth, Israel.

  10. As I have said for a long while. Every Muslim state that the US and the UK have liberated, they have also made “Christian free”.

  11. Every Communist, every Muslim, every sexual-identitist, have the same thing in common: their destructiveness of civilization. Within a generation you can programme through ignorance to fear, envy and hate and use their lust to reward them.

    At every gate, this hoard will assail. The politicians were elected to protect our boarders.

    To this end the Historical Letters from Omar Ibn Al Khatab Khalifat Al Muslemin
    To Yazdgird III Shahanshah last king of Iran of the Persian Empire (reign 632 – 651) are as fresh and valid today.

    “Our lord is Ahura Mazda & it is strange that you people also, just discovered him & named him Allah O Akbar! But we are not the same as you, we are not in the same level as you. We help other human being, we spread love among humanity, we spread Good throughout the Earth, we have been spreading our culture but in respect for other cultures throughout the whole world for thousands of years, yet you in the name of Allah invade other men’s land! You mass murder the people, create famine, fear & poverty for others, you create Evil in the name of Allah. who is responsible for all this catastrophe?”

  12. Perfectchild:

    The Pope didn’t think so when he quoted part of it and got quite a bit of heat for doing so and had to publish some kind of retraction-apology.

    But so what. The fact remains that The Pirate Red Beard, AKA the ‘Prophet’ Mohamed would lead his armies to a population and demand one of the three options he presented to be the truth. If the document about the Persian King is false, not all of them are.

    Check the factual record on Vlad Tepes. That should be good enough for anyone.

  13. To all respondants,

    While I appreciate your sentiments, each and every point that has been raised can be answered through the books of history, and is based on misunderstandings of the highest order, and/or lies.

    Each and every question will be answered through the following two books. They are well referenced, and are based on the Holy Qur’an and the Ahadith.

    This will be my final comment under this discussion, unless somebody is willing to, in a civilized manner, ask sincere questions with the intent to learn; not to create further hatred.

    Anybody who has the decency to carry on a civilized discussion can contact me directly, and I would be happy to discuss any questions that may not have been answered in the two books above. I am very thankful to the few who maintained the humanity to comment with some respect.

    Those who simply want to start discussions by calling others things like “poisonous little Muslim worm,” simply do not deserve any attention until they are willing to civilize themselves beyond an 8th-grade disposition.

    I will only respond to those who actually want to learn, and seek to create peace between people and encourage harmonious living.

    As for Mr. Don C – Muslims – Humans, for that matter, are not the one’s who have to bring about God’s punishment. That has, and always will be from God Himself.

    Those who take Divine “cleansing” unto their own hands play God.

    Here are the sources to the books. I invite all who actually want to learn, to read with an unbiased mind.


    Sabahat Ali

  14. I see Sabahat Ali has declined to continue the discussion because of so many knowledgeable people exposing his lies.

  15. Richard,

    Looking over the materials on their websites it appears the Ahmadis are specialists in sophistry and evasion. No surprise that Sabahat Ali here would make himself scarce.

    Sabahat Ali,

    So by limiting discussion to those two files, are you admitting that the ‘Life of Muhammad’ on The Official Website of the Ahmaddiyya Muslim Community is a load of rubbish? Because I certainly think it is.

  16. There have been quite a few comments on this thread, and it deserves a lot of comments. After all, if Mr. Ali and other islamic leaders have their way, even rational and truthful observation and criticism of Islam will be illegal and hell, it almost is now.

    I would like to add my response to Mr. Ali’s un-rerfrenced sophistry which he posted as his first response to my condemnation of his letter to the editor. The one with no comments allowed, unlike his other letter to the editor on another islamic matter which did allow comments. Curiouser and curiouser.

    First, I had to wade though several paragraphs of ‘Ipsum’ to get to any actual substance.

    ( )

    Ill start by parsing what little substance his comment has:

    After 4 paragraphs of mild ad hominem and unsubstantiated claims and accusations, I get to:

    “Firstly, you assert that “Islam was started by forced conversions.””

    I might concede that in the Meccan phase of Red Beard’s new religion he was a decent fellow about it. Randomly plagiarizing the old and new testament and mixing in what ever was in his interest as he started his ‘prophethood.’ But there is no question that as he moved into his Medina phase, he was all about forced conversion and Islam is to this very day. Just check with any Christian church or mission in an Islamic country about how many girls are slave raided from their families, forcibly converted to Islam and then made chattel to some islamic male. So I’ll give you that Mr. Ali, it did not start that way. It was however, abrogated to mean it became the correct way.

    It is also true that he was married to a wealthy business woman who was older than him. He quickly compensated for that by ‘marrying’ some dozen women the youngest of which was SIX YEARS OLD’ and was ‘given’ to him by her father. The rest of the world would call that pedophilic slavery. Mohamed should have been killed for that or at least a lifetime in sex offenders prison. Just like anyone else who does that today.

    The rest of Mr. Ali’s comment is unsubstantiated nonsense just like his letter to the editor which started all this. He knows like all muslims know, that whatever mohamed is reputed to have said later abrogates everything else he said on the same subject earlier. So when he said: “There is no compulsion in religion” early on, that was abrogated by “He who changes his religion (away from Islam) kill him”.

    Mr. Ali knows all this most likely and chooses instead to dabble in the most insignificant errors of how I may have chosen to write up my rebuttal and ignore the gestalt of the matter. Islam is the only ideology in the world which consistently takes slaves and murders people or subjects them to 2nd class citizens (Dhimmitude Mr. Ali and please do not pretend you do not know what that is. It is in all Islamic states and increasing now that the Colonial influence which forced liberalism on Muslim lands, is at an end)
    and denies basic freedom of conscience and defies the right to set organizational principles for any people other than Islamic sharia based ones.

    I know you have the Prime Minister of Canada fooled with your kitman. I know you have many nice well meaning Canadians fooled. But I recommend heeding the words of Abraham Lincoln on fooling the people.

    Below, a more honest muslim explaining how liberalism is in contradiction to the example of mohamed and Islamic precepts.

    • Mr. Eeyore,

      As I agreed to carry on civilized discussion, and you (unlike many others) had the humanity to speak in a somewhat sincere tone, I respond below.

      Firstly I would like to emphasize that I am not an Islamic leader, nor do I represent the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. I am simply a Muslim who is standing with the truth. I see that an innocent man is being reviled against contemptuously, and so I stand up for him.

      Secondly, the Calgary Herald does not generally allow comments under letters. I do not believe that either of my letters in the Herald have a comment section under them.

      The unfounded conspiracy theories go on.

      Your comments demonstrate that you have not read the two links I sent

      If you really were after the truth, then you would at the very least read these two books which are more heavily referenced than most books on the Holy Prophet Muhammad.

      You are a perfect example of what Mr. Thomas Carlyle alludes to when he says:

      “The lies (Western slander) which well-meaning zeal has heaped round this man (Muhammad) are disgraceful to ourselves only.”

      But clearly you are more well-versed than he was in Islam.

      Thomas Paine, when he says:

      ““Some Christians pretend that Christianity was not established by the sword; but of what period of time do they speak? It was impossible that twelve men could begin with the sword: they had not the power; but no sooner were the professors of Christianity sufficiently powerful to employ the sword than they did so, and the stake and faggot too; and Mahomet could not do it sooner. By the same spirit that Peter cut off the ear of the high priest’s servant (if the story be true) he would cut off his head, and the head of his master, had he been able. Besides this, Christianity grounds itself originally upon the [Hebrew] Bible, and the Bible was established altogether by the sword, and that in the worst use of it — not to terrify, but to extirpate. The Jews made no converts: they butchered all. The Bible is the sire of the [New] Testament, and both are called the word of God. The Christians read both books; the ministers preach from both books; and this thing called Christianity is made up of both. It is then false to say that Christianity was not established by the sword.” – The Age of Reason.

      But clearly, you’re more educated than he was.

      Or George Bernard Shaw, the Nobel Laureate, must not have been so grand a scholar as yourself when he wrote:

      “Sir George Bernard Shaw in ‘The Genuine Islam,’ Vol. 1, No. 8, 1936.

      “If any religion had the chance of ruling over England, nay Europe within the next hundred years, it could be Islam.”

      “I have always held the religion of Muhammad in high estimation because of its wonderful vitality. It is the only religion which appears to me to possess that assimilating capacity to the changing phase of existence which can make itself appeal to every age. I have studied him – the wonderful man and in my opinion far from being an anti-Christ, he must be called the Savior of Humanity.”

      “I believe that if a man like him were to assume the dictatorship of the modern world he would succeed in solving its problems in a way that would bring it the much needed peace and happiness: I have prophesied about the faith of Muhammad that it would be acceptable to the Europe of tomorrow as it is beginning to be acceptable to the Europe of today.”

      – ‘The Genuine Islam,’ Vol. 1, No. 8, 1936

      For God’s sake Mr. Eeyore,

      Read the two links with an unbiased mind, and have the humility to accept that perhaps you don’t know the true Islam, and that those who have hijacked Islam are our common enemy, and the common enemy of the world.

      Until you have actually read these two books which are a powerful conglomerate of the actual teachings of Islam with a LOT of references, I invite you to abstain from making tall attacks based on lies and deceit. I do not say that you are lying or deceiving in any way. But please do consider that perhaps the Islam that you have come to oppose, I too oppose at the highest level, and Muhammad himself opposed it.

      Read the two books if you care enough. Once you have read the two books cover-to-cover, I also have part 3 which covers the remainder of his life.

      Thank you for your time, and for the refreshing decency with which you chose to respond.

      Lastly, you and I are both believers in God. Please do pray for me, and I promise I will do the same. I pray that we can one day work together to speak out against the hideous cultural menaces that have adulterated Islam, and the world at large.


      Sabahat Ali.

  17. It was my first post in this thread to assert that every Communist, sexual identitist and Mohammadan will pop up in every generation. There is no enlightenment. It is simply a poisoned soil for a child to be blinded in. Like a fungal virus infection taking hold, when the soil within their home is no good.

    Too alkaline, and the world owes them a favor, too acidic and Allah does, and too filthy, well, we know that modern lifestyle of absence of affection.

    The mental health is such that all go into a rage when challenged.

    What they do not have is logic, but half-fallacies.

    The first half of the Koran is beauty and harmony, the seduction; the second half is ugliness and disharmony. A double-handed game.

    The first half of Socialism is eradication of poverty and onward for egalitarianism; the second half is slavery and preferential diversity.

    The first half of sexual liberation is destruction of marriage and family; the second half is reconstruction of marriage and family.

    So you meet a nice Muslim, Communist and Homosexual? You will be introduced, by association, inevitably, on to their handlers. And then, for you and your kids, it will be too late. The hard core, do not take prisoners.

    So with a Sabahat Ali, Communist or Sexualist, the first attack is to feign offence on behalf of someone else, that you indeed wounded them, as though a newspaper needed protecting, and then with your guard down, thinking you have to address this, the knife goes in. Because have you read every genetic study on Homosexuality or the works of Stalin in their minute detail, in their entirety? To intimidate you, make you doubt you are not an expert, and unable to discuss the subject. And imply that they are, because they have submitted to the cause.

    And then your offence is translated to be that to them. You have been buggered and cornered, and the proportionality of that of your spirit that has been made low, theirs has grown, to demand an apology and your submission, or with enough friends around, your justified death. The sadist can only get it up, over a victim.

    This is how the three receive their life. Without it, in the light of reality, they are pathetic specimens of animalists.

  18. So, the ground rule is:

    1.Feign offence on someone else’s behalf
    2. Intimidate them that they themselves were being abused
    3. And then get them to apologize to you, and kiss their belief system.

    How do you get to 1? The Socialists in Europe made it Law.

    How do you get from there to Communism? Make the indigenous population resentful. Give the Orthodox Jews and Muslims free housing and payment for large families. Give Homosexuals Marriage and access to their children with a ticket of central-government clearance. Care agencies never used to employ gays. Spread sex offenders around, and go for pedophiles of fifty years past, avoiding those active today. Create such an anger, and then turn the tables and watch inhumanity at work.
    This is the Communist method of revolution.

    Vlad should be applauded therefore for providing a platform of reasonable discussion on the vile deeds of islamic inspiration.

    So back to the quote of Thomas Paine:
    ” but no sooner were the professors of Christianity sufficiently powerful to employ the sword than they did so, and the stake and faggot too; and Mahomet could not do it sooner.” 

    This is true: no sooner was Jesus dead and buried did they conspire to twist his words into believer and unbeliever, to remove what he meant from distinguishing conscious and unconscious people. In Mohammad’s lifetime tyranny and booty was from the get-go.

    And then quote after quote of more ‘important’ lerned people than Eeyor… the pecking order, no more than the mind of a chicken-brain, when Jesus said out of the mouths of babes will be more wisdom.

    Mohammadans and the Churches and the Socialists are the anti-christs, anti-children, for they love only those by memorization of knowledge – that gives them Pride and a sense of life they do not have.

    George Bernard Shaw’s book is a fraud.

  19. ‘The Life & Character of the Seal of the Prophets’ is comedy gold! This being what Sahabat Ali is steeped in it is no wonder he has so much trouble putting and responding to arguments.

    Volume 2 has 8 pages of Advanced Hadith Calculus purporting to show that Aisha was not 9 but ‘a full 12 years of age or nearly 12’ when Mohammed raped her. Then after all that, this:

    ‘However, hypothetically, even if the age of nine years is accepted as being correct, there is still no point of objection, because it is not out of the ordinary for a girl to mature at the age of nine or ten years in a country like Arabia. Even in our own country, India, some girls who possess extraordinary faculties of development mature at an age of ten years. In actuality, the age of maturity depends primarily on weather and climate, food and the surrounding environment. In colder countries, and especially in such countries where hot spices are used in foods to a lesser degree, girls generally mature at a later age.’

    ‘Since the country of Arabia is even hotter and dryer than India,’ this apologist for child-rape, ?a?rat Mirz? Bash?r A?mad M.A., reiterates, ‘the average age of maturity is even lesser than that of India, and many girls can be found who reach the age of maturity at nine or ten.’ And besides, ‘Aishah possessed faculties of development which were higher than average.’ What’s that mean, Sahabat Ali, she had big boobs for a nine-year-old?

    I’ve lived in Arabia, you sorry excuse for a man, Sahabat Ali. 9-year-old girls look like 9-year-old girls there.

  20. @Sabahat Ali,

    How rich, how utterly predictable.

    Truth, reality and over 1400 years of irrefutable fact and all of this compounded by the Muslim’s own Koran and the supporting Islamic jurisprudential texts, the sum total of which crushes, completely obliterates the lies and propaganda of a Muslim who, sniffing and sniveling, wrapped in the cloak of a deception, wrapped in the cloak of a bonafide religion and in so doing demanding all of the privileges and protections of a bonafide religion, uses the bully pulpit of deferential mass media to spread those same lies and propaganda.

    Yet when faced with the utter truth, the utter failings of the supremacist political ideology of Islam what is his next tactic? He then resorts to vague generalities, and further, in regards to substantive academic argument and debate, we hear nothing, absolutely nothing from this Muslim who uses the bully pulpit of deferential and complicit mass media to spread lies and propaganda but more lies and propaganda.

    How rich, how utterly predictable, how Muslim.

    It is no wonder your are mocked and reviled in a true academic world where you cannot stand on lies, myth,sleight of hand, intimidation and blustering threat, where you cannot stand on the currency of the mass murdering, war mongering pedophile you worship so blindly, where you cannot stand on the currency of the lunatic Muhammad.

    Run along little one, go and play somewhere else.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  21. So if a Muslim says they are shocked and offended on behalf of a newspaper, just say the newspaper in question has the right to be offended. Don’t accept that gift of “fairness” Socialists offer that no one ever in the world should be offended, for once you do, they will move onto themselves being offended and you must make reparation.

    This is why you see White Guilt, where the Left can without fighting back scrawl on white people’s faces their crimes, as was done by Chinese Communists on wall to denounce their opponents of capitalist thoughts.

    The Muslims see that, and become a Race when it suits them.

    The ‘lucky locket’ was what Travellers would give to passing strangers, and when received with bemused politeness and gratitude, were asked in return for money for their hungry children, for one free good deed demands kindness in return.

    So don’t ever accept someone was offended on behalf of someone else. (Did the newspaper proprietor discuss this with the Musselman? Of course not. So he started with deception. Taqyya.).

    Instead of giving something “good” for “free” he was giving you something bad, by declaring you had broken the Socialist’s Law. An accuser. And in Canada’s Human-Unrights Law, that is good enough for them to get their legal department moving.

    It is your right to offend and to decide to be offended. If someone on the radio says, “all men are idiots” real men will shrug and say they all have been stupid at times; if they say this of women, they’ll burn the studio down.

    Thus it is easy to spot the feminized religions and societies. No books or famous speakers need to be quoted to know them. A child can see.

    And you can’t argue with those who change their spots to suit, those who are strong before the weak and weak before the strong.

  22. Mr. Ali:

    My tone may have been only somewhat polite, and again I accept that observation. But I can promise you it was entirely sincere.

    Islam has a lot of rhetorical weapons that it uses to achieve its goals. Chief among them is teh proprietary use of common words. You use the word ‘truth’ but do you mean in the Islamic sense, meaning the truth of islam and sharia etc. etc.? Or in the greek sense of coming to an understanding of what is measurably and demonstrably true in an empirical sense. I suspect the first use of the term, as you have not referenced any of your claims except by a couple of little texts which do not seem to agree with the Koran, hadiths or suna.

    Now you may be trying to start your own religion which is devoid of the classical Islam and I understand that. Many have tried it before, most notably Russia and Turkey, and with some limited success. But in the end, it didn’t work.

    Back to your comment…

    Your comparisons to Christianity are also irrelevant. Even if you are correct, and you are not for the most part, today it is Islam which is ethnically cleansing all its territory while playing the victim and if anyone resists these attempts and demanding multicultural tolerance where they do not quite have the numbers to openly destroy competing ideologies such as liberal democracy, atheism and other religions.

    I do like the fact that you picked a few Europeans who you call scholars who liked Islam. Hitler also said the same thing as Shaw by the way. He felt that it was a better religion for Europe because of its war like nature while Christianity with its cheek turning was pitiful. Hitler’s Nazis had a great relationship with many Islamic leaders of the day and even today most antisemitic national socialists prefer Islam to Christians. The BNP in the UK certainly did, as does Jobic in Hungary. Its too early to say about Golden Dawn but they may be the exception.

    However enjoyable it is to pit argumentum ad populi, (sp) mine against yours, it doesn’t actually matter. What does is, what does the Koran, sunna, hadiths and so on say, and what do the majority of Muslims believe that it means? I get that you interpret it differently and carefully avoid dealing with the classical texts and point people to your own but then you should give your thing a new name. Unless its just a better disguised classical islam waiting for sufficient penetration of course. In which case carry on.

    Now the last logical fallacy you use is called, ‘The True Scotsman’ fallacy.

    It goes like this:

    “The Real Scotsman always puts sugar in his Porridge”

    NO! Argues the other man,

    A REAL Scotsman NEVER puts sugar in his porridge!”

    Now the difference with islam is we have 1400 years of history, the example of the warlord and pirate Mohamed, who I refer to as ‘Redbeard’ for his habit of putting henna on it, and we have the various hadiths, the actions of Muslims across the world today and lastly, The Reliance of the Traveler, which is the most authoritative book on sharia law period as witnessed by the authorities that signed off on it, from Al Azzar in the Sunni world to the various ruling councils of mullahs in the Shiia world.

    Your last point is a great one if sincere. The subtle difference is I don’t think its corruption that has permeated Islam and you claim you do. I believe that your version of Islam is a corrupt one, not meaning that its a bad one, if I understand you right it is a considerably better set of organizing and ethical principles than genuine islam is and I wish you all the luck with it, but it is not the ‘true’ Islam (see True Scotsman fallacy)

    If indeed we hold common values in terms of the way people should organize, that people should have the freedom to engage in debate including blasphemy, actually especially blasphemy to be frank, as without that no real dissent is possible, that each should be free to choose his or her own path, and that includes the freedom to become a subordinate to an ideology or another person, and then change ones mind as evidence and experience dictates, than yes I hope we can meet and do something together to promote these values.

    For the moment I hope you will understand why I will continue to fight against what I believe to be ‘real’ Islam with every waking breath, as it is the most pernicious and life destroying principle ever to overtake man’s sadly fragile mind, communism not withstanding.

    Thanks for engaging us all Mr. Ali. By the way you may notice that Don Laird did link to another letter to the editor of the same paper in which there were comments allowed. So you might also understand my suspicion, as this has become the norm in Canadian journalism and British, to prevent the public from responding to Islamic sophistry.

    Thanks again.

    Eeyore for Vlad.

  23. @ Eeyore said:

    “…I do like the fact that you picked a few Europeans who you call scholars who liked Islam. Hitler also said the same thing as Shaw by the way…”

    Actually the so-called “quote” from Shaw seems to be fraudulent in typical islamic fashion, see link provided by Perfectchild:

    PS: I do hope you have a good digestive system, after having this Mr. Ali for breakfast 😉

  24. @ yucki

    “Mr. Ali
    If you’re the person singing the poem above, you have a lovely singing voice.

    He seems to have a wicked sense of humour too when he says the following about Boko Haram’s most recent slave raid:

    “…This is not Islam. Muhammad’s entire life bears witness to that.”

    Good one ! Teeeheee

  25. @Yucki…….you can stop with the compliments on his cater-walling… seem to have come down with a blistering case of Stockholm Syndrome……I think.

    I was in the mountains tonight and watched a sow black bear with two cubs, a sow grizzly with one cub and sat in the dark and the rain listening to the hoo-hoo-hoo of an owl.

    I much preferred that, the clean air and the company of animals to the company of the Muslim and its Islam.

    As for this insipid little liar, Sabahat Ali, I fail to see why the majority of you have been so utterly accommodating and quite diplomatic in your rebuttals of his transparent attempts to sell us articles of a quite ridiculous and certainly, most injurious nature. Then again my style wanders between the investigative journalist to the amateur academic to a miserable ill tempered and sarcastic sod.

    And, while I am brow beating my contemporaries, I notice you all avoided, purposely or otherwise, the recent court decision that upholds the terrorist security certificate and moves us all one step closer to selective large scale deportations of the Muslim and its Islam. (be still my beating heart).

    Now I know many of you, much to the benefit of the Syed Soharwardys, the Omar Khadr’s and the Sabahat Ali’s that walk amongst us, step around the suggestion of deportation as if it were one giant steaming turd on the roadway…..but underneath it all, the concept of deportation resonates with clarity and has much more support that one thinks.

    In the link below, a Continental airlines flight was graced with two Muslims who started screaming Allah Akbar and were immediately set upon by virtually every male passenger, in fact, watch the video and watch the women, some close to tears, describe the actions in relation to the Muslim and its Islam.

    Now, after watching that video, after seeing more anti-sharia laws being passed in the USA, after seeing the recent Canadian court decision, you can not deny that massive public support for deportation sits just under the surface.

    Now, lets work on that sentiment, let us massage it, nurture it and breathe life into it so that it stands on its own and we can then move toward the removal of the Muslim and its Islam from our midst, so that we can remove from our midst that which hates us so, so that we can remove from our midst that which has sworn to either destroy or subjugate us…..and as to which, the Muslim is not particular.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  26. For ‘moderate’, ‘tolerant’, much and unjustly maligned ‘peaceful’ Muslims, these Canadian Ahmadis are remarkably candid about their endgame. From their website:

    ‘Khilafat Day, 27th May 2014 (i.e. Caliphate Day)

    On 27th May Khilafat Day will be celebrated across Canada at various local and regional centres where members of the community join to praise Allah for the blessings of Khilafat-e-Ahmadiyya.

    Allah had promised to those among you who believe and do good works that He will surely make them Successors in the earth, as He made Successors from among those who were before them…. (Surah Al-Nur, Verse 56) ‘

    The commentary to their own Koran says: ‘The verse embodies a promise that Muslims will be vouchsafed both spiritual and temporal leadership.’

    I suppose the properties they have bought and settled in Canada are now Mohammedan lands, by Mohammedan logic. So even if, as they seem to like saying, the Ahmadis have foresworn offensive kinetic jihad, they have 100 ready excuses for defensive jihad.

  27. So, Don, all that is left is to rerun the video:

    “Firstly I would like to emphasize that I am not an Islamic leader, nor do I represent the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. I am simply a Muslim who is standing with the truth. I see that an innocent man is being reviled against contemptuously, and so I stand up for him.

    Yet we know Mohammad had the blood of men , women and little hymens on his hands. He was no Messenger of God. So how is it possible to stand up for such a depraved person? Oh, I get it, Ahmadiyya’s declare “there is no God but Allah”. There is no room for God by any other names. The US Bill of Rights that asserts you are welcome to serve your own Gods, does not apply within Shariah. And of course, the man who introduced this version of Allah to the world was none other than sweet-tempered Mo. Between a rock and a hard place for anyone who would be killed for apostasy.

    “Lastly, you and I are both believers in God. Please do pray for me, and I promise I will do the same. I pray that we can one day work together to speak out against the hideous cultural menaces that have adulterated Islam, and the world at large.

    So one can pray to his Jesus-God and the over to his Allah… sounds inoffensive and warm and snuggly…

    However, let’s look closer at this magnanimous and ‘fair’ deal…

    If Jesus-God is real, Sabahat wins by being allowed to grow alongside the wheat, and if Allah is real, Sabahat wins the true and faithful slave.

    But turn this around… if Allah is fake,Eeyor get’s nothing more than someone talking at the floor five times a day, and if Allah is real he is killed unless he submits.

    It is no more than the lamb lying next to the lion and asking “what’s for lunch?” or the sexualist asking the child “what shall we play?” One religion hates and is intolerant to the unbeliever, the other loves them and prays they see through the same rose tinted glasses as they do.

    This was a suicidal offer that Socialists in The West have embraced.


    Sabahat Ali.”

  28. Perfectchild,

    They certainly are practiced victims, these Ahmadis. I suppose they have the benefit of the years of intramural persecution.

    Per the three stages you described above: feign offence on behalf of Allah; an offense against Allah is an abuse of the Muslims (“I will only respond to those who actually want to learn, and seek to create peace between people and encourage harmonious living” – Sabahat Aii); use the confused Western human rights apparatus to stop the ‘abuse’ by silencing criticism of Islam and thereby facilitate its advance.

    I suffered through this speech yesterday, delivered in 2008 by Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih Vaba in Virginia, partly it seems in response to the Danish cartoon affair:

    It’s rather a tense performance, a tightrope walk, I would say because he has to choose his words with great care so that he can tell his half-truths without getting caught in any outright lies. Even so –

    “It is a fabrication that the Koran incites to holy war unconditionally…. The Koran only permits fighting against those who prevent the people of God from believing and entering his religion and from abiding by God’s commandments and from worshipping him. And God permits fighting against people who fight Muslims without reason, and who drive the believers from their homes and their lands…and who want to annihilate the religion of Islam, and prevent persons from becoming Muslims.”

    That’s the heart of the speech. “Jihad with the sword has ended from this time forward,” he says a bit later, meaning offensive jihad presumably, but who needs it when you can be a permanent victim merely struggling for “justice” and “an atmosphere of peace and love” in the world? Hopefully, as Don Laird says, Canadians are coming to grips with this.

  29. @Don C



    I enjoyed the comments and the thought they provoked. Thanks.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  30. I do think his voice is pretty.
    Kinda girlish, but if they don’t want females to sing, this is an alternative.
    Unless they go for castrati.

  31. Don Laird,

    You are very welcome.

    There are ‘the inverts’ that walk the earth who preach peace, love and fairness, and yet by their actions are the most vile hateful vain destructive creatures you will ever meet.

    Their pride stinks, their debauchery permitted as superiority for themselves. They intimidate the children to doubt by violating them – with exposure to sex, world catastrophe and God’s Plan, to make a choice to submit or else be excluded and die.

    Enlightenment, is not knowledge. You are never going to know everything. Enlightenment, is to not to be afraid to enquire of the unknown. Not to be browbeaten by ‘betters’ who read and followed something in a book.

    The spirit blows like a wind, you can’t capture it or predict where it goes.

    What I understand therefore, is what these three inverts of religion, society and humanity have in common, after their sweet talk, and they are, demons. Jinns, Mindfulessness and Compulsions. They are shackled. To be afraid, forgetful, and addicted to compulsions. These are their excuses from their own mouths for being caught: someone made them, diminished responsibility, couldn’t help it. And as they never will escape, they make a pact with the Devil within, (for it has grown into a Personality in their minds), and they hear voices instructing them. And we’re back to Mohammad, the greatest manipulator, murderer and whore yet known to mankind.

    At least he impressed Hitler.

  32. It is generally not thought necessary to provide character references for people who are considered to be prophets. But in the case of Mohammed it is certainly necessary. The referee that did step up to the plate was G.B.Shaw. And Shaw indeed provides a glowing reference for Mohammed. This reference is much quoted by Islam’s apologists. However, it should be noted that G.B.Shaw also provided glowing references for both Hitler and Stalin.

    How Shaw defended Stalin’s mass killings
    By Will Bennett, Art Sales Correspondent

    Shaw also argued that deaths in Auschwitz were caused by overcrowding.

    But it is not references that define Mohammed but his actions. As for Mohamed and his life, how he practised hudna, slaughtered the Jews of mecca and arabia, and made a gift of Jewish women to his followers, is all a matter of islamic historical record. He was a thief, a mass murderer and a slaver, and in a nutshell, a sociopath. Taqqiya wont work anymore.

  33. May 17 2014 – Boko Haram kills one Chinese, abducts 10 others in Cameroon

    (AFP) – A Chinese national was killed and 10 others were feared kidnapped after an overnight attack in northern Cameroon believed to have been carried out by Boko Haram militants from Nigeria, a police said on Saturday. ‘Boko Haram Islamists attacked a camp (of road workers). A Chinese was killed. Ten Chinese cannot be found since the attack. We think they have probably been kidnapped,’ a local police chief said on condition of anonymity.

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