Wheel-well stowaway wanted to go back to Africa

“And then of course Bob, it’s bringing up a lot of security issues as well, we get pulled over for our nail clippers and our bottles of water as we go though security and here somebody just hopped the fence!”

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21 Replies to “Wheel-well stowaway wanted to go back to Africa”

  1. Hello there……its me again……Don Laird

    Where to begin……

    Hmmmmmmmmm……….lemmmee see………

    For starters………no oxygen found, or very little oxygen found at jet liner cruising attitudes and then there is the issue of temperatures plunging into the minus 30 Celsius range at altitude…..that’s just for starters ,never mind the hardships created by no in-flight snacks, movies or washroom privileges.

    Now, on another note.

    Did anyone notice how easy it was for this Mensa member to stowaway on the plane, imagine the damage done if he had been wrapped with explosives…..I can guarantee you this little point has not been lost on potential suicide bombers around the globe……but of course the TSA sexually molesting non-Muslim children before their flights is the best way to prevent another airline attack.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  2. Is it possible for somebody to survive at such a high altitude for so long and with so little oxygen?
    Well, brain cells die without oxygen and the more brain cells you have, the more oxygen you are going to need.
    I guess only a tard could have survived this flight. Like cockroaches, they can probably survive without a head.
    I mean, let’s face it, the little genius couldn’t even get on the right plane.

  3. Don I agree with you the terrorists are checking out the weakness of security and planning an attack as I set here.

  4. Good luck to this kid, who could be decent, after all. If he’s a Tard, he’s a genuine African Tard, who’d rather go home than stay with crazy Dad and his rag-tag second (3rd? 4th?) family.

    I’m an advocate for any and all of those who want to go home.

  5. @Richard and Yucki,

    Support deportation, its the only reasonable, expedttious and effective solution to the problem of the Muslim.

    And Richard, a bomb, human or otherwise, going off in a wheel-well and that plane is done.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  6. I do support deportation, I only vote for people who support it.

    Yucki I am with you on supporting those who want to return home.

  7. I’d help pay their one-way fare, if it came down to that. Israel’s doing it. Plus a stipend.

    Watched “Pettycoat Junction”. So delightful, such rich old Americana. The best soldier is a rebel with a cause, never one who just follows orders.

  8. Trivia bit the engineer on the train into Pettycoat Junction was Smiley Burnett one of the comedy sidekicks in the old singing cowboy westerns.

    I watched Hard Ground last night, a western staring Burt Reynolds that was filmed sometime this century.

  9. Thanks, that’s the TV series classic, “Gun Smoke”. All episodes! That will be fun to watch after the orginal, see how the characters change.

  10. The Murph was a hell of a man and today most people don’t know who he was.

    I man drop off the net for a while due to a bad hard disk, I think mine is developing some bad sectors. If I do don’t worry I will be backi.

  11. The bio is slightly wrong, he was 17 in 1942 when he enlisted you could and can enlist at 17 with your parents or guardians permission. I also thought he died in 68, and according to the military reports I have read the Army credited him with 400 kills.

  12. He was such a slight, soft-spoken man. Astonishing, really. Terrible “combat fatigue” or PTSD.
    Be good to your disk, I’ll be looking for you.

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