An article on the major uptick of religious muslim terrorism in Nigeria, and the triumph of cultural Marxism in Western nations.

When you read the article linked here, Please try and imagine that Christians armed with AK47s and grenades smashed their way into a high school in Edmonton and kidnapped over 200 girls and forced them to become sex slaves and think on how the media would handle it. Almost proves the majority of the Western legacy media is both communist and racist in terms of how they deal with this issue.

From DW Germany:

This year alone, an estimated 1,5000 people have been killed in attacks attributed to Boko Haram. All teaching was suspended in Borno several weeks ago. In a reaction to the increasing frequency of attacks by the Islamist extremists against schools they regard as western-oriented. The kidnapped schoolgirls had only just returned to their boarding school to take their final examinations.

Kidnappers were disguised as soldiers

The kidnappers claimed to be soldiers who had come to take the students to a place of safety as they had been alerted to an imminent attack. Only when they had boarded the waiting trucks and buses did the girls realize they were being kidnapped. Some escaped by jumping out of the moving trucks. The others were taken to an unknown destination.

Children outside a school in Nigeria Fear is growing among parents that their children’s schools could be targeted

There are reports that Boko Haram extremists deliberately kidnapped schoolgirls in the past to force them to work for them and abuse them as ‘sex slaves.’

In this article you see the near total triumph of cultural Marxism. That a totalitarian lesbian could set up a nun this way and have her destroyed in such a calculated manner is worthy of the kind of anti-Church street dramas the Soviets used to have back in the heyday of communist misery.

From Christian Concern

A Christian nursery nurse has lost her job after a conversation in which a gay colleague pressed her about her beliefs, and then took offence when told that the Bible regards the practice of homosexualty as a sin.

Sarah Mbuyi is claiming unfair dismissal on grounds of religious discrimination.

She says that in January 2014 her colleague at Newpark Childcare in Highbury, London, initiated a conversation about Christmas and went on to ask a number of other questions relating to the Christian faith. In this context, Miss Mbuyi’s colleague raised the issue of what the bible teaches on homosexuality.  The colleague felt unhappy that she could not marry her female partner because of the church, and said that she thought God condoned homosexuality.

Miss Mbuyi explained: “When I said no God does not condone the practice of homosexuality, but does love you and says you should come to Him as you are, she became emotional and went off to report me to my manager.”

At an internal disciplinary hearing Sarah was confronted with her colleague’s allegations, which included the false claim that Sarah herself had raised the issue of homosexuality on a number of occasions.

Sarah says she was wholly unprepared for such distorted allegations which left her feeling shocked. The result was that the nursery directors instantly dismissed Sarah for gross misconduct.

There is so much logically wrong with everything that took place and at so many levels. For one thing, the lesbian could just as easily make up her own god or gods and explain that being a nun was offensive to them. Why is it that she causes misery to a woman who meant her no harm and who’s beliefs are voluntary? This lesbian was on a crusade. And that is the sole motive for her actions. Cultural Marxist totalitarian determination to scrub the world of all that doesn’t fit her narrative. And I would bet quite a bit that the lesbian is the one who thinks she is the tolerant one.

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16 Replies to “An article on the major uptick of religious muslim terrorism in Nigeria, and the triumph of cultural Marxism in Western nations.”

  1. Foreigners killed in Kabul attack (BBC, Apr 24, 2014)

    “Three foreigners have been shot dead by a security guard at a hospital in the Afghan capital, Kabul, officials say. A spokesman for Afghanistan’s interior ministry described the foreigners as “medical staff”. It is unclear if the attacker has been apprehended by security forces.

    Afghanistan has seen a spate of deadly attacks in recent months, which intensified in the run-up to the presidential election, which was held on 5 April. The final result of the presidential poll is yet to be announced. “

  2. A Lesbian, Muslim and Homosexual were all seated at table 1 at a Save Another Child Charity fund-raiser, tasked to create a Bill of Rights For The Child.
    The Lesbian took charge and decreed, “all children must have care-providers”. To this, the Muslim having four, she having one, and Mr H knowing of two eager-beavers, were enthusiastic.
    The Muslim pronounced, “Every single child is born to surrender their will. It is the path to enlightenment”. His neighbors agreed. This Holy Sanction was more than they could ask for. Of course he meant to Allah, who would eventually destroy the other two, but it was obvious no child could choose what they were; and this path of angst, struggle and submission revealed their inherent truths.

    Mr H, the only feme, who was rather tolerated than respected for his services as sperm-donor and stress-release worker, (yet aware the king-maker is always the king), said, “unless a child is Born Again she will not enter the kingdom of The Unconflicted .”
    The Muslim snorted and quickly cleaned himself in The Ritual Way, “how can a child enter the womb a second time?”
    “How else did we three come into being?” They looked at each other and then at their robes of office. Two of them felt very naked. The speaker, proud of his attire continued, “The child must be raised as their parents are orientated!”
    Relief, and affirmation of the Diversity of The Family ensued. They all said the same things, but to each and everyone, they meant only what was in their hearts. When such two or more are gathered together there, their compromise resolutions will be.

  3. Does anyone know more about this?

    I mean if they don’t know who the end user was supposed to be, surely they might know the religious affiliations, but hey they are keeping very quiet about, so the golden silence rule. FSA ???

  4. The Legacy media is very anti Christian and very racist, they don’t care what happens to the other races as long as they keep voting for the left.

  5. The Legacy media is exactly that. The people and systems that inherited the ability to broadcast to the public in general. It needs to be replaced by internet based, more free and more diverse agenda driven media. People typically call it the MSM but I think it is no longer main stream or should not be if it is. Legacy is what it actually is and it should be thought of as a relic of the past when a few people could bottleneck information to make sure it suited a certain agenda.

    The reporting on Islam, and frankly everything else has now been filtered by a Frankfurt school template and it must be seen for that. The only way is to broadcast actual Greek style logical thought and genuine Western values as codified in law through whatever means possible. This means websites like this one, while its legal.

  6. I always thought legacy was something to treasure, like a military family with generations of service. Or if a hospital wing is named after your grandpa (who paid for it), you still look kinda proud, think “that’s my legacy” even if no one else knows.

    Richard, “lame stream” sounds urological.

  7. “Vahey’s abuse caught up with him when he was confronted about the images by a colleague at the American Nicaraguan School in Managua, Nicaragua, where he had most recently been teaching. He confessed that he was molested as a child and had preyed on boys all his life, plying them with sleeping pills before abusing them. The photos were catalogued with dates and locations that corresponded with overnight field trips that Vahey had taken with students since 2008, but he had led pupils on such outings for his entire career.”

    Such are those of the childhoods of angst, struggle and submission. The bully leaves their imprint. A kick out of every convert. A meme that infects all the shocked and violated child’s mind. They become what they loath, it becomes sexual and repeated fantasy becomes real, and it is them, look a new speciest of human, recognised by the absense of affection. Please, let his kind sit at table one.
    The degradation of sex, called love.

    Red Flag of the Motherless, Black Flag of the Fatherless, Rainbow flag of the individualess. Seeking comfort in an external mom, pop and identity.

    Sitting next to frauds. Get a real life by facing it and stop demanding acceptance of your denial from everyone else!

    And marriage is only about one man and one woman. The child deserves that right as they contain their genes, a half of each. To study from the best teachers. The rest of the world does not get in.

  8. Did one Lesbian, Muslim, Homosexual, Pedophile ever get ‘saved’? To come to full consciousness to the horror for what they had done to weaker, more vulnerable people? To enlightenment, to be separate from their Life-Giver’s Identity had that only asked in return that they must serve them?

    “Our Lord, take us out of this city of oppressive people
    and appoint for us from Yourself a protector
    and appoint for us from Yourself a helper”?

    – Qur’an 4:57

    If you can’t deal with suffering, then submit to whoever stronger will take it away, in order to retain your pride of judgement and fairness.

    And the four drank the elixir of life for self-glorification, instead of declaring they served no master.

    There are two paths to take: Be humble and face your demons or jump yet again and serve a greater demon. That’s all that Communism, Islam and Apostle Paul’s hiding from sexual immorality were. Fear. Fear of men, fear of women, fear of same-sex attraction. Their kingdoms remain escapist bastions. Fear of capitalism, fear of art and creativity, fear of sexuality. So their economics are crude, their cultures are crude, their genders are crude. The fruit is in their offspring who do not know how to fend for themselves, of what is moral, of what is love.

    Table number 1 should never exist as a fixture… zilch, not of 40% or of any %.

  9. St Paul’s sexual immorality?

    Run away from problems’ or completely submit… and neither path will find peace nor will they avoid the scorn of a child.

    So they enter the houses where the children are gathered. To teach them the art of denial and correct-speak.

    To try to cover the outside of the cup with new legal-statutes and accolades, to overwhelm by indulging in the stimulation of the senses as normal; or the salvation of surrender that all your troubles will fade away when you change your name and identity and enter the Witness Protection Program where the Great Personality picks up the tab and writes the tune.

    All children have to protected from these table number 1s. In the UK there is a central database called the Disclosure and Barring Service DBS, a method of permitting social-ideological conformists to pass unnoticed, where character does not count. It is an approval system every innocent person has to opt into. One day, all citizens will be recorded this way. No dissenters will go unrewarded. No protection for children at all.

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