Very odd explosions from Russian ‘fuel tanker’

anyone else think this is odd behaviour from a fuel tanker? I mean, I might expect one explosion, or possibly two if the fuel tank explodes separately for some reason from the main cargo area but this is plain weird.


OK I have to take off my tin foil hat on this one. I had the suspicion that it was covert delivery of munitions to the Ukraine front by Russian forces but I have been well and truly corrected.

Leo advises:

OK, this is how it started.
It turns out that the vehicle was an Isuzu truck, carrying gas canisters…

Many other people in the comments have added experienced observation as well

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16 Replies to “Very odd explosions from Russian ‘fuel tanker’”

  1. It’s a GAZ “gazelle” mini-van. Some models are equipped with a bi-fuel gas-petrol engine. Also, this particular vehicle was carrying additional gas-tanks.

  2. Hello there…..its me again……Don Laird

    Not odd at all.

    This is the detonation of containers or compressed gases like either oxygen or acetylene, used in either welding/industrial applications or oxygen in industrial/hospital applications.

    This transport truck will be burning and losing its side fuel tanks. Next goes the cargo which obviously consists of large containers of either gasoline, diesel or kerosene. The one container that exploded and cartwheeled across from the burning truck was most likely pressurized either by the fire or as in a bottle of acetylene.

    This is all quite normal for a load of dangerous goods, flammables, being burned.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  3. I could have said propane, but the flames seem too orange and the smoke too black and sooty.

    I could be wrong.

    Don Laird

  4. This one has been making its usual rotation in all those “Russian Dash Cam” crash videos on YT for some time. Improperly stored tanks in an accident = awesome explosions!

  5. There is a move in the USA to convert all industrial trucks to use LP gas. Those tanks exploding were in the 20-40 pound range. Think about a one thousand pound tank cooking off after a traffic accident.

  6. Yucki: Many years ago, decades ago now, i was driving on Ottawa’s major highway through the city, then known as, ‘The Queensway’ behind a large truck piled high with logs. I remember thinking to myself how perspective plays funny tricks on us as it looked to me like there was no way that the truck could make it under the bridge it was headed for.

    Seconds later there were cars all over the highway and logs everywhere and I just managed to make it to a nearby exit and avoid the chaos that followed.

    So yes. Don’t drive too closely behind large trucks.

  7. Remarkably it appears as though the driver of that canister truck (cluster bomb) escaped relatively unscathed. Arms, legs, and even his eyes (note how he spots the median concrete barrier and easily scrambles over it) all seem to be in good working order. At least I presume that was the driver exiting to the left immediately after the container truck rear ends the bus/shipping van/motorhome and then explodes. I replayed that part of the video several times and it seems to me that the person who was driving the vehicle ahead would have been pushed further down the road from the point where this very lucky man emerges from the flames and makes for the center median. I suppose its possible that several gas canisters were catapulted all the way over the front vehicle or that the front vehicle exploded as well which would explain how some other driver is seen running through the middle of the fiery debris field, but the other video taken from the opposite lane doesn’t appear to show a debris field extending far enough down the road for that to have happened. And no other burning vehicles are visible.

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