Counter Jihad news April 20 2014 – 2



3. Britain First – Muslims Call For Jihad in London After 1st Blood Moon

4. Short and stunningly understated explanation of Boko Haram, yet still more honest than one would expect from the BBC

5. Immigrants bullied into leaving The Hague district, mayor pledges action 

(Of course, if you read the actual article its a little different. It seems closer to people of the region  no longer respecting the governments because while local indigenous Dutch people may wait years and years for a home to become available, muslim immigrants get them within weeks of arriving. This tends to make a people lawless quickly)

6. New terror threat emerges in Egypt

(Dunno how rebranding tards is new but it is to the Germans I guess)

The attacks have all been claimed by Ansar Beit al-Maqdis, a shadowy militant group based in the Sinai Peninsula that has emerged as one of the biggest terrorist threats to the country in decades.

“When you look at the training, the weapons and the technology they have, it’s much more sophisticated now than ever before,” said Ihab Youssef, a former police officer who served more than 20 years in the Ministry of Interior and founded Risk Free Egypt, a Risk management firm in Cairo. “From my point of view, we still have a lot to see. It’s not going to end soon.”

7. President Assad stages Easter visit to Christian town in Syria

 Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has visited a historic Christian town recently retaken by his regime forces. During the Easter visit to Maaloula, Assad met with a Christian priest.

As Pope Francis called for the two sides of the Syrian civil war to “boldly negotiate” peace in the three-year conflict, Assad made a rare public appearance in the town of Maaloula, a historic Christian town known as one of the world’s oldest Christian settlements.

The town was recently held by rebels that oppose Assad’s regime, but Syrian army forces – backed by soldiers from Lebanon’s Hezbollah movement – recaptured it earlier this week.

Thank you M, Fjordman, Wrath of Khan and all who sent in material. It is much appreciated. More to come. Actually I am waiting on a couple of translations that may be quite interesting. Thanks to all who are working on them as well.


Thank you M, Wrath of Khan, Fjordman,

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  1. Nigeria: Gunmen Attack Secondary School Staff Quarters, Kill 5-Year-Old (allafrica, Apr 20, 2014)

    “Police in Bauchi State said suspected gunmen set ablaze some houses in the staff quarters of Government Girls Secondary School (GGSS), Yana, killing a five-year old girl on Sunday.

    The police spokesperson in the state, DSP Haruna Mohammed, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Sunday in Bauchi that the gunmen also burnt a telecommunication mast in the town.

    He said they stole a private car belonging to the principal of the school, assuring the public that other students in the school were safe.

    “Unknown gunmen attacked the staff quarters of GGSS Yana, Shira Local Government Area of the state, around 2.30 a.m. on Sunday.

    “They set the school bus ablaze; and in the process, a five-year-old girl was killed in the fire while they destroyed the vault of a bank,” he said….”

  2. I never imagined I would ever be rooting for Bashar Assad, but compared to the guys he’s fighting, he is the obvious good guy. What the West seems to be unable to grasp is that Assad didn’t just start killing “his own people” simply because he’s evil, he’s fighting back against a foreign-led insurgency of Sunnis Muslims who would be more than happy to murder every Alawite Muslim and Christian in the country. Muslims obviously are not evolved enough to be able to handle living in a democracy, so the regime of Bashar al-Assad is as close to reasonable as you’re going to get in the Arab World.

  3. How dare Assad protect Christians in Syria. Doesnt he know that the US and the UK oppose any policy that protects Christians in the ME.

    Barnabus Fund iasks for your prayers for Christians in Syria – the very country where Christians were called Christians.

  4. Chris Jones wrote: . Muslims obviously are not evolved enough to be able to handle living in a democracy, so the regime of Bashar al-Assad is as close to reasonable as you’re going to get in the Arab World.

    I’ve been saying this for years. Our idiot political elite thought that Saddam Hussain was evil. But when he was in power, Iraq was a wealthy country, with a developed infrastructure. Women had genuine rightrs unheard of in the rest of the ME, bar Syria. Christians also had freedoms, were in the armed forces in numbers, and heck, were even in positions of political power. Now look at Iraq- Women cowed into submission, Iraqi Christians scattered all over the world, infrasrructure destroyed, and a murderous fatricidal war with no end.

    In retrospect, we should have let Saddam annex Kuwait. This would have got rid of the backward emir of Kuwait, increased freedoms for Kuwaitis, and put a real spoke in Saudi Arabia’s global Jihad policy.

    Richard North on the EU and the US policy in Ukraine: That that was not to be became quickly evident, from the growing rhetoric of the “west”, with bellicose words and actions from NATO, the European Union slipping into its “headless chicken” mode, and the United States working with its usual competence in its foreign relations, for which it is justly famous.

    But it applies just as well for the ME.

  5. Islam, Communism and their abandoned ‘love’-child, all live through emotional feelings. The rationalize injustice is why they hurt, not knowing they hurt because they are missing self-esteem. If you have what they don’t have they are envious. You have wealth and technology they’ll take it or destroy it so you can’t have it, the same with education, the same with marriage. Anything that is the fruit of civilization.

  6. During the Cold War the left pushed the idea of good guys and bad guys, in reality the West is often (at times it seems like they are always) has a choice between bad guys and badder guys.

    The reason Iraq was invaded and Saddam was removed was his support of terroism, specifically providing training and money to al Qaeda, I know the MSM ignored this and other non WMD reasons for removing Saddam. But that is no reason to make a good guy out of him, he was a murderous thing with sons that raped anyone they liked. Any woman that caught their eye was kidnapped and raped.

  7. The left is always critical of everything. Before the revolution, Iran was known to travellers as by far the nicest place in the Middle East. Talk to some expat Iranian working in a grocery store and he’ll tell you that life was great under the Shah and that it is absolutely horrible now. But the left chose to ignore all that and focus only on the SAVAK secret police and the inevitable torture chambers reserved for Jihadis. It’s all about “critical theory” and the Left’s constant desire to tear everything down.

    To the Muslims, the “free” democratic West must seem like an unpredictable monster that loves you one day and wants to incinerate you the next.

  8. DP111 No, it had the potential of being much better but the left as usual interfered with the rebuilding of them and their society. Germany and Japan are much nicer places (well Germany was) then before WWII because we went through their political groups and removed everyone who had been supporting the pre war war parties. In Iraq we were restricted in what we could do and forbidden to do things we should have done. These facts combined with the betrayal of our friends by the early withdrawal of Allied troops has lead to a power vacuum that Iran and the Brotherhood is taking advantage of.

    The entire world is going to pay a very heavy price for the actions of the left and their useful idiots in preventing the west from removing the Brotherhood and allied terrorists from the middle east.

  9. I still believe that we were right to invade Iraq, Saddam was providing money, intelligence, weapons and training to terrorist groups that were attacking the US. We went into Iraq to stop that from happening, even though Iraq is now a hell hole that will come back to haunt us they aren’t (at the moment) supporting terrorists to attack us.

  10. Richard

    All Muslim states provide money and weapons to the Jihadis, and that now includes the US and the UK. But the most generous backer of the Jihad is Saudi Arabia. Most of the 9/11 Jihadis, and quite likely their backers, were Saudis. And yet somehow, SA has got away scott free.

    What concerns me is that innocent ones, such as Christians, are the ones suffering the most. Yet this was predictable from the start, and when it did happen, the Allies willfully, and studiously ignored it. And continue to ignore it, as in Syria. There is hardly any doubt that Assad is by far the better option for all Syrians. If the SLA and its al Qaeda allies, backed by the US and the UK, ever gained power, Syrian Christians will also be wiped out.

  11. DP I know, that is why you take out the strongest enemies first and some of the weaker ones will surrender then. At the risk of sounding callous and uncaring we can’t be so worried about the fall out from our actions that we do nothing. What we need is to prevent internal enemies from gaining enough power to reverse our actions that helped protect the US. Case in point, Obama pulling us our of Iraq and giving the terrorists the green light to kill the Christians, and his defunding of missile defense programs.

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