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6 Replies to “Robert Spencer on RT”

  1. A question: Yesterday a nearly exclusively Western Main Media manipulated acquaintance told me that Putin is sooooooooooooo bad, he did bad things to the poor Chechnians and now stole Crimea and does unmentionable things to the good Ukrainians who simply are pro-European etc. etc.

    I started well (I thought) by launching into: We should be grateful to Putin (whatever else he is) for being the only political leader of significance to try and stem the effluent of islam into the West…the pro-European Ukraine will be the next wide open window for islamists to get into Europe….Crimea was taken away from Russia by Krustchev (spelling?)…. and where there is violence etc. she should always look deeper into it and look for an islamic connection….and same thing in Crimea where the so-called persecuted victimised minority of Tatars (or Tartars) are really Muslims…. and that’s where I got stuck, offered another glass of wine to my friend and changed the subject.

    Tatars (or Tartars) – when I researched a little (not much time during this Easter break) I could only find confirmation of them being “poor victims” etc. etc.

    Anyone knows the story happening there now and could dumb it down for me?

    Ta muchly and happy Easter.

  2. Hello, Rita.
    Of course in the Western media, you will find only whining about Tatars being “poor victims”.
    Reality, of course, is not so simple
    Right now, understandably, russians are planning to crack down on Hizb-Ut-Tahrir and various “islamist” front-groups in Crimea. Most Crimean Tatars nowadays are merely “nominal muslims”, but various wahhabi, salafist and turkish neo-ottomanist organizations are certainly active there.

    This is serious: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mongol_and_Tatar_states_in_Europe
    And this is funny: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reply_of_the_Zaporozhian_Cossacks

  3. I thought that Tatars got rich supplying White booty (especially White women booty” ) to the Arab- Muslim slave markets.

  4. Thanks everyone for the great info about “Tatars”. (it took me so long to answer, because sorting out the “Halal – certified chocolate Easter eggs” from the good ones was very time-consuming – YES you heard right: HALAL certified easter eggs – Let’s BOYCOTT Cadbury chocolates, a dhimmy organisation if there ever was one: they even mention somewhere, as if it was a good thing – that they have “no Kosher” products for sale).(*)

    yucki said: “My grandfather could silence his bickering offspring with a grimace and ‘le mot juste’ : “Tatars”

    For a long time I fought what I thought were the prejudices of my “elders”, but the more time goes, the more I find many of them actually confirmed as justified.

    (*) More details about “Halal” here: http://www.qsociety.org.au/halalcertification.htm

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