M links on Russia and Ukraine

1. Biden announces Kiev visit as war of words continues over Ukraine

2.Russian Media Report CIA Director Held ‘Secret Consultations’ in Kiev

Russian news agencies reported Sunday that U.S. CIA director John Brennan had a secret meeting with Ukrainian officials in Kiev before they began operations against separatist forces that had taken over buildings in the country’s east.

3. Sunday April 13 2014 – UKRAINE Clashes between pro- and anti-govt activists in Kharkov

4. SUNDAY April 13 2014 – Ukraine: Mariupol activists prepare for battle for seized city hall

Pro-Russian activists seized the city hall building in the south-eastern Ukrainian city of Mariupol on Sunday.
Activists prepared Molotov cocktails other materials, while hundreds of locals stood outside the seized building late into the night.

One of the activists at the scene said, “we are scared for our families, for our homes, because, for that little we have, we have paid with our own sweat and blood.”

5. SUNDAY April 13 2014 – Ukraine: City Council building seized in Mariupol

The building of the Mariupol City Council was seized in Ukraine’s Donetsk region on Sunday. Protesters barricaded themselves in with rubber tyres, chanting “Russia, Russia, Russia” and then unfurled former Soviet and Banner of Victory flags out on the landing.

Funny how, at least it seems, that when the Muslims rioted, murdered, raped and burned stuff to create an Islamic caliphate the Western press called it, ‘The Arab Spring’. And as far as I can see, and I do stand to be corrected, but this appears to be huge groups of actual free people who desperately want to be independent of a corrupt Ukraine and/or reunited with Russia proper of their own free will and nearly totally without violence. Yet this is not called an ‘East European’ spring. I wonder why. Again, I could be reading it way wrong.

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  1. #2 The problem I have with this report is that the Russian media has the same about of credibility as the Obama administration, I want two to five other sources of the information before I believe either.

  2. ” A Russian fighter jet made multiple, close-range passes near an American warship in the Black Sea for more than 90 minutes Saturday amid escalating tensions in the region, U.S. military officials said Monday.”

    She said further, the Gay Pride and Women Solidarty Celebration party was being spoilt by a trawler that had been stalking them since they entered the region and was upsetting the crew. A clear protest had been made by the captain signalling them that there were no weapons of mass destruction on board and that if it came to blows they would surrender to a kinder, fairer, more peace-loving government that they were.

  3. The problem now is that, when Crimea broke away from the rest of Ukraine, you just had to look at a map to know that could become the new status quo only with the very greatest of difficulty, and only with huge efforts directed at improving stability in the region.

    That that was not to be became quickly evident, from the growing rhetoric of the “west”, with bellicose words and actions from NATO, the European Union slipping into its “headless chicken” mode, and the United States working with its usual competence in its foreign relations, for which it is justly famous.

    As a result, we have a mess, entirely predictable although, in this case, not predicted by me as I was too busy elsewhere – and it takes no skill to predict a train-wreck when the locomotive has already left the rails.

    Fortunately, the military impotence of the “west” precludes any serious direct military action – which underlines the stupidity of the US military despatching warships to the Black Sea, and makes the deployment of four British Eurofighters to points east almost comedic. I am sure the Russians are wetting themselves, if only from laughter.


  4. Obama Promotes Islam in the Czech Republic

    “US Government Promoting Islam in Czech Republic,” by Soeren Kern at the Gatestone Institute, April 14:

    The Czech government has approved a new project aimed at promoting Islam in public elementary and secondary schools across the country.

    The project—Muslims in the Eyes of Czech Schoolchildren—is being spearheaded by a Muslim advocacy group and is being financed by American taxpayers through a grant from the US Embassy in Prague. (The US State Department is also promoting Islam in other European countries.)


  5. VICE NEWS – Pro-Russian protestors in Luhansk, the most Eastern city in Ukraine, took over the headquarters of the state security services on April 9. Armed with guns they found in the building, the demonstrators were determined not to leave. VICE News correspondent Simon Ostrovsky visited the occupied building, which despite the occupation, was surprisingly calm.

  6. Sure Ukraine’s government is corrupt, and so is Russia’s. But this isn’t any popular uprising. It’s raids on government buildings by actual Russian soldiers trucked in from Crimea. Don’t be sucked in by this Russian bilge.

  7. April 14 2014 – Obama calls for irregular forces to lay down arms in Ukraine

    Washington (AFP) – Presidents Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin clashed over pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine, in a tense phone call as tensions between Moscow and Washington soared.

    The fast escalating crisis was exacerbated by two episodes which had a dash of Cold War-style intrigue : a confrontation in the Black Sea in which a Russian warplane “buzzed” a US destroyer and a visit to Kiev by CIA chief John Brennan.

    Obama told Putin that all “irregular forces in the country need to lay down their arms.”

    He urged Putin to “use his influence with these armed, pro-Russian groups to convince them to depart the buildings they have seized,” the White House statement said.

    The White House also took the rare step of confirming that Brennan had flown into Kiev over the weekend.

    Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov had demanded an explanation over Brennan’s visit.

    Russia’s Interfax news agency quoted an unidentified source as saying Brennan recommended Kiev use force against pro-Russian militants in eastern districts.

    […]The White House and the State Department signaled fresh sanctions could be coming for Russia over what Washington says are provocations in eastern Ukraine, including the seizure of administrative and police buildings by Moscow-backed armed groups.

    In a new sign of US pressure on European allies, Obama spoke to French President Francois Hollande by telephone. 🙂 🙂 🙂


  8. Perfectchild LOL

    Kozak I agree, we have two corrupt governments and most of our information is coming from one of them.

  9. DP111 the lack of a credible Western military is what is so dangerous, this fact will allow Putin to keep making moves until the west is forced to fight and the rearmament of the west will grow as the fighting grows. History shows that there is peace only when both sides are strong enough the other doesn’t want to fight them. Europe is use to the US footing the defense bill and being their protector, now Obama has cut our military and invited another major world war.

  10. We’re watching a coup right now in plain sight, let alone all we can’t see.

    If we have an election, will it be Tweedle-Dee or Tweedle-Dum? Who gets the next crack at the Supreme Court?

  11. I know, we are also watching the beginnings of a second American Revolution, the stand off in Nevada is probably the Boston Tea Party of the Second Revolution, the trick is for the people to hang together and for them to find a good leader. There are several good ones out there but so far no one has stepped up front.

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