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19 Replies to “NATO, New Russian troop buildup and Ukraine”

  1. Hello there…..its me again…….Don Laird….

    Treachery is a commodity in abundant supply here in the West.

    Look no further than the Kurds when, armed with the assurances of the Americans that they would support their efforts, clenched their fists, faced down and began fighting Saddam Hussein. Only, in their moment of greatest need, to turn and find that there was no support, no Americans, no weapons, nothing.

    Then, with the deafening silence of outrageous betrayal, the slaughter of the Kurds began in earnest with Hussein sitting, self-assured and steeped in the benefit of American and Western treachery, counting the tortured, the gassed, the raped, the butchered, counting the dead in the tens of thousands. Look for our false promises reflected in the lifeless eyes of mothers clutching equally lifeless infants. Oh what efficient and relentless killers can be found traveling the highways of political expedience and Western rhetoric.

    Closer to home, bear witness to the tortured dreams of a drug addled general cum senator, Romeo Dallaire, as the faces, severed limbs and dying screams of the slaughtered Rwandans, in their hundreds of thousands, shuffle through avenues nocturnal and with determined and maddening persistence, beg give them answer to the silence that was our Western response, a symphony of indecision, betrayal, hypocrisy and political expedience, the requiem mass composed by cowards for the innocent and defenseless.

    But, as for the Ukraine, they are now going to pay a hefty price for the “peace dividend” of stripping themselves of nuclear deterrent. They are going to pay a hefty price for the weight of the American arm of friendship and alliance that wrapped around their shoulders on sunnier days.

    This, it may well be argued, a price the Ukrainian people have earned in their abdication of their responsibilities as free men and women empowered with the power of original thought and self determination, this the price to be paid for allowing criminal fools and charlatans to man the helm of the Ukrainian ship of state.

    As for America, sadly, spent and worthless, bankrupt, a shell of her former self,having been ravaged through the efforts of her communist/muslim administration and 13 years of war, she is hardly able to stand much less march to the defense of those in need.

    As for America’s nuclear arsenal, worthless really as it is cancelled out with the Russians and something called mutually assured destruction.

    On second thought, perhaps a mutually assured destruction would be a good idea from the myopic and fanatical view of the Muslim who resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, a wonderful way to usher in the 12th Imam.

    So perhaps all the Ukrainians will get will be sandwiches, and a bloodbath. In any case, I wish them well and hope they find the courage they will need in the coming days.

    In any event, these are interesting times we live in, bearing witness to the many ways to one can reveal the truly grotesque face of human nature.

    I am reminded of a line from a song, Southhampton Dock, by Pink Floyd.


    “Still the dark stain spreads between their shoulder blades”

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Crankville County
    Alberta, Canada

  2. Masked men seize police station in eastern Ukraine, hoist Russian flag

    Anti-Kiev demonstrators have taken control of police office in the town of Slavyansk, Eastern Ukraine. The town’s mayor, however, believes police have taken the side of the protesters, and are going to back their calls for a secession referendum. Kiev has promised a heavy-handed response and sent special forces there, but they are being blocked by demonstrators in the regional centre, Donetsk.

  3. Around 600 pro-Russia protesters gathered outside the occupied Security Service of Ukraine building in Lugansk on Saturday.

    Brigadier Ivanov, senior member of the People’s Council of Lugansk, gave a short speech to the crowd, who cheered and sang former Soviet anthems.

    Several hundred people are currently deployed around the seized building, and between 600 to 1,000 people are staying inside.

  4. Russia’s Eastern Ukraine operation is pretty slick. They’re not using any troops, having briefed the local pro-Russian police and special forces on how to a) take over administrative and police facilities, and b) protect the forces inside with a crowd of supporters outside. So far a few shots, but no one injured. You can’t do this kind of thing without the general support of the public, and police, which Russia appears to have.

    I don’t know what NATO, the EU and the US are moaning about. Annexation without violence is hardly an invasion; more like an agreed redrawing of borders. There will, of course, be a referendum.

  5. @Eeyore,

    Excellent point, no doubt they are watching closely down in Texas and California but I can’t see the Mexicans succeeding, in their case they have the backing of whom and what? Comparing the threat of Russia and Putin to the Mexicans and Nieto is like comparing a Rottweiler to a Pomeranian.Although an attempted annexation of Texas and California does have its comedic aspects.

    This begs the question, is Thief Theresa Spence and her legions of roadblocking ne’erdo-wells planning an annexation of her own?

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Crankville County
    Alberta, Canada

  6. Don: According to Stratfor, there are already places in the US which have moved their borders Northwards often by tens of miles or more because the area near the Border became so Mexican in nature that it became impossible to control. So while the line on the map hasn’t moved the practical border has. What did Steyn say? “Demography is Destiny?” something like that. Yes, the situation isn’t 100% analogous but the effect is.

  7. @Eeyore,

    Point conceded, but only on the agreement that these “borders” or safe zones have resulted from the feet of clay whose footsteps can be heard at all levels in Washington DC.

    The reality is that were Texans and Californians, the real real really real kind, were given the opportunity to clean house, the borders would be back where they belong.

    I wanted to point out that perhaps, while your blogroll is long as it is now, you may want too consider adding Stratfor and http://www.longwarjournal.org to that blogroll.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Crankville County
    Alberta, Canada

  8. LUGANSK – UKRAINE – An iconic framed picture of Maria and Jesus recovered from Ukrainian Security Services (SBU) Building was returned to the Russian Orthodox Gurje Samoma Gavija church in Lugansk, Sunday.
    Crowds cheered and applauded as heavily armed guards carried the icon across the barricades. Once arranged inside the church worshippers flocked to worship the picture.
    The event was hailed as an Easter miracle on Willow Sunday, as Orthodox Christians celebrated the Sunday before Easter. The icon disappeared during the Soviet era and hadn’t been seen since the Iron curtain fell.

  9. Ukraine: Behind the barricades as pro-Federalists hold Slavyansk

    Armed pro-federalisation protesters prepared molotov cocktails behind barricades in Slavyansk as the Ukrainian government have reportedly launched an operation against the activists pushing for more autonomy from Kiev, Sunday. Despite some media outlets reporting that casualties and fatalities have been inflicted on both sides of the divide, the occupied police station remains under demonstrator’s control, with the Russian flag still flying above the building.

    Kiev’s Rada-appointed government announced an ‘anti-terrorism operation’ in the city after pro-federalisation activists seized law enforcement buildings in Slavyansk on Saturday. Gun fire was reported in evening, 150 kilometres (90 miles) from the Russian border, at a checkpoint emplaced by pro-Russian protesters.

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