News links for April 4 2014 – 1

1. WTF, or as I like to call them, ‘The Organization Formerly Known as CAIR’, seems to have bitten off a little too much this time.

Thanks to Snaphanen and David Wood for these

2. ‘youths’ in Montreal riot for more of other people’s money


3. Some rather significant new revelations about the manufacturing of the Danish cartoon crisis.

(One should keep in mind that just because the riots were engineered in much the same way a fire is by throwing matches onto inflammables, this event could not have happened if the Islamic culture was not indeed a large fire pit of incendiary material ready to catch fire on contact with a spark. The fact that these agencies conducted that orchestra does not mean the orchestra wasn’t there and ready to play)

4. Leader of Australian Defence League Nathan Abela shot at in targeted attack on Greystanes home  

(Whatever CAIR and other Islamic advocacy groups may say, it is still far more dangerous to be openly opposed to increased Islamic influence than it is to be openly muslim or even openly jihadi as we now see in our cities pretty much every single day)

Nathan Abela, 24, said “up to seven” shots were fired into his Greystanes townhouse around 11.15pm in what police said they believed was a targeted attack.

He said a man walked to his door and asked if he had the right house before firing into his front door and windows, forcing him to duck for cover.

H/T Fluffi

5. North Korea to reportedly execute 200 officials believed loyal to Kim Jong-un uncle

The Chosun Ilbo reported the pending executions Tuesday, citing a source who said that North Korea’s State Security Department had conducted a sweep to root out Jang’s remaining supporters in the government. Under Pyongyang’s brutal “guilty blood” system of criminal sentencing, the Chosun Ilbo’s source told the paper that up to 1,000 more people, all family members of the condemned, could be sent to North Korea’s infamous prison camps.

(This makes me wonder about another NORK policy. Given the order that all men are to get the now-classic, Kim Jong Un haircut, what will happen to the patterned bald? I am guessing they are more nervous than an Ethiopian chicken at this point. Possibly gluing the hair of their female neighbors on their pates as cleverly as they can manage)

H/T Fjordman


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5 Replies to “News links for April 4 2014 – 1”

  1. #2 Riot season is starting early, I predict a long hot summer all over the world

    #3 We all knew that there was coordination between the various groups and protests, this gives us proof that the left and the useful idiots will ignore.

    #4 The attack proves the danger the ADL talks about and the left continues to attack the ADL.

  2. UK – The Telegraph – The British Muslim is truly one among us – and proud to be so

    The integration of mainstream Islam in the UK is one of our great success stories

    […]While the Dutch and the French have huge troubles with integration, and are caught in agonised struggles about their national identities, Britain is marked out by the trouble that we are not having. Dig a little deeper, and the real story is the striking amount of harmony.

    […]Anyone serious about either religion will know that they both worship the same God – and their stronger ties are, in part, forged by the knowledge that they have a common enemy in secularism. The kind of secularism that would stop people wearing crucifixes and skullcaps in public, as well as the niqab.

    […]British Muslims don’t really feel a sense of otherness. In fact, polls show they’re much more likely to identify with Britishness than the general population.

  3. April 04 2014 – Kenyan cops, Muslim youth clash in Mombasa

    Mombasa – Kenyan police and Muslim youths clashed in Mombasa on Friday following weekly prayers, witnesses said, days after a firebrand Islamist cleric was gunned down in the port city.

    Security was tight and tensions high around the Musa mosque, seen by Kenyan authorities as a terrorist propaganda hub and recruiting ground for jihadists.

    After Friday’s prayers, worshippers and police fought brief running battles including stone-throwing and the use of tear gas.

    AFP reporters at the scene said the protestors quickly dispersed amid a massive security presence.

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