Deflecting from the truth by using racism

By now everyone is familiar with the British strategy of deflecting from horrific actions motivated by Islamic scripture, ideology, dogma, teachings and core beliefs by using the term, ‘Asians’. I have written here many times on this repellant and racist method of reporting and fictionalizing important events by the BBC and other major publications, most notably in the UK but elsewhere also.

This is ipso-facto racism beyond any doubt by the BBC, which would of course consider itself to be as non-racist as any media could be using the broadest definitions of racism one could make up at a workplace seminar-weekend in sensitivity training.

So for the sake of reason, I will operationalize the term ‘Racism’ for this article and perhaps even general use.

Racism: the passing of judgment on a person because of his race as opposed to his individual motivations, ideological or otherwise. The dismissal of his own attributes in favor of a determinist idea that his race, i.e. skin color, facial features and other attributes of gene pool membership, are what are responsible for his behaviour, usually referring to antisocial or criminal aspects of said behaviour.

While its possible, and even likely that certain aspects of this definition are actually true, people with African ancestry on average have a higher aptitude for sports and athletics while people with East Asian ancestry will show a higher aptitude for mathematics for example, this is not the concern. That the media falsify the truth of events in very important and strategic ways to create and preserve a narrative that is neither truthful nor in the public interest and is deliberately intended to protect government policies from public scrutiny is what needs to be addressed.

Let’s say that reports started coming in from all over a given region that Jewish people were being beaten up in a certain manner and with no obvious motive. Let’s say that the media did report it as a ‘hate-crime’ against Jews and that the Jewish identity of the victims was the motive for the attacks and none other. What if the the papers and TV referred to the attackers as, ‘white’. Or, ‘Germans’ even though let’s say a significant number of the attacks were committed by non germans and arguably even non-whites?

Lets say that a few small papers and witness word-of-mouth reported that all those who did the attacking where wearing Nazi uniforms and chanting Nazi slogans and often had Nazi literature on them at the time of the attack but that all of this had been omitted from official reports in favor of a more generic and racist ‘white people’ attacked these Jewish individuals. The logic reads that since not all Nazis are attacking Jews and since many fine Nazis who are major contributors to our various nations must be protected from any backlash, physical or opinion based, that the media will protect the ideology actually responsible for these attacks and instead, blame the actual race or ethnicity. “White people did it” or, “Germans did it” etc.

This is of course, the same as blaming Russians or Chinese or Cambodians etc. for actions motivated by communism or Italians for fascism. The actions are motivated by an ideology which influence the person, in this case by many orders of magnitude more than any racial potential bearing on behaviour.

In today’s report on the attack on a Jewish temple in Malmo Sweden (please see item 1 here) there was no mention that it was Muslims who did it. In France they prefer the term, ‘youths’ (although more recently they do not mention or describe the attackers at all) even if the people throwing firebombs and attacking police stations are well into their 30s or 40s or older, or ‘Moroccans’ when muslims in Holland commit classically Islamic crimes, or Pakistanis in the UK where they cannot possibly avoid the group membership question, and this is doing a criminal disservice to all people both victim and anyone who gets put into a pen with people who have chosen their criminal actions and ideologies. Like for example, all of non-Muslim Asia.

I have quipped a few times that Chinese and Japanese people should sue the BBC for using the term ‘Asians’ as should Christian Pakistanis and other non-Muslim South Asians as the media is being deliberately racist when it is simply one ideological-political-religious group committing the overwhelming number of these crimes. (please see report on forced white-child prostitution gangs in the UK) But this isn’t a matter for a civil suit entirely. According to UK law, people are jailed routinely for far far less racist actions or words than what is actual policy for the BBC and other major media there.

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  1. The left has done this for years, this is the reason most reasonable people no longer believe most claims of racism.

  2. Teenager was still alive as boyfriend started to cut off her head with a knife before stabbing himself in the chest, court hears (dailymail, Apr 1, 2014)

    “A man decapitated his teenage girlfriend while she was still alive then stabbed himself in the chest, a court heard today.

    Aras Hussein, 21, had allegedly blackmailed 18-year-old Reema Ramzan by taking sexual photographs of her and threatening to share them with her family if she broke up with him.

    Sheffield Crown Court was told that on June 4 last year, he killed her by cutting off her head with a knife before inflicting stab wounds on himself.

    Prosecutor Graham Reeds QC outlined the case against Iraqi-born Hussein, who denies murder and actual bodily harm.

    ‘Bruising into tissue wounds suggest that Reema was still alive as the defendant started to remove her head,’ the lawyer said…”

  3. The mere recognition or use of the concept of racism in any way shape or form including making an accusation of racism is in fact……..”racist”.

    This clip of Godfrey bloom originally from UKIP being pursed by a channel 4 reporter accusing him of racism as UKP posters had no ethnic faces is excellent.

    Bloom accuses him of racism for actually noticing in the first place!

  4. There is a microscopically small strategy for why Muslims are superior to Musselmas, or the argument of the open ocean for Communists. It is so you cannot reason. For who would argue over a dot or a mountain? The Asians are not used as the whipping-post (for they are non-white and therefore innocent), but to defeat scrutiny. If they made no reference, or without sounding like they made a reference to those who are collectivist rapists and murderers, they would invite riddicule. This is their best compromise – until reporting is under full socialist control and we are told another group did it.

    To argue racism, is to deny intent, which is precisely why Sainsburys stopped delivering to an elderly British Subject when she remarked how nice her coloured deliveryman was.

    The traitors to the UK are everywhere, waiting to be offended. They have neither eyes to see nor ears to hear. Characterless and slaves to the outward imprinting. The souless cowards.

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