News links for March 27 2014 – 2

1. Erdogan, the Prime Minister of Turkey, doing his best Mickey Mouse impersonation explains why he is now also banning access to Youtube for the people of Turkey. Story here

2. Bilal mosque in Rochdale UK gets a minaret! (How exciting! Now the local tards can finally train their snipers for a certain altitude!)

3. Not just in Geert Wilders’ Holland but also in Denmark: Morrocans are the most criminal

Geert Wilders is under fire for wanting fewer Morrocans in Holland, despite the fact that 60 percent of Morrocans in Holland under 23 is know by the police, and Morrocans in general are 22 times more likely to commit violent crimes. They are 7 times more likely to be on welfare.

As can be seen on the scanned statistics from JyllandsPosten, Morrocans are also the most criminal group in Denmark.

Morrocans most criminal group in Denmark

4. Two car bombs hit Iraqi Sunni neighborhoods

5. Nigeria’s Boko Haram insurgency ‘affects millions’

More than three million people are facing a humanitarian crisis in three northern Nigerian states hit by an Islamist-led insurgency, the government’s relief agency has said.

6. Obama’s visit inspires very creative protests in Rome.

The conflict has displaced about 250,000 people since January, it added.

7. Femen founder denied asylum in Switzerland.

her application for asylum was turned down by the Swiss Federal Office for Migration on technical grounds, 20 Minuten newspaper reported on Thursday.

Because Hutsol had previously stayed in France before coming to Switzerland, the office ruled that it is up to French authorities to consider her application as an asylum seeker.

8. Burma tells Medécins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) to leave state hit by sectarian violence
Rakhine people protest in Sittwe
Rakhine Buddhists hold placards during a protest against Medécins Sans Frontières on Sunday in Burma. Photograph: Nyunt Win/EPA

Médecins Sans Frontières has been ordered by Burma‘s government to suspend all operations in a conflict-riddled state because of what officials described as a lack of impartiality in medical treatment.

“The state government decision is not against MSF as an organisation,” the presidential spokesman, Ye Htut, told the Guardian. “But in Rakhine state, even the local authority do not fully trust their impartiality in the crisis and that is why we have suspended [operations].


Thank you M, Nicolai Sennels, Wrath of Khan, Fjordman and everyone. More to come tonight.

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  1. ‘I did a good deed by killing Turkish gendarme’ (thelocal, March 25, 2014)

    “A 23-year-old Swiss citizen has admitted to killing a soldier in an attack last week in the centre of Turkey that left three people dead and five others wounded, Turkish media reported on Tuesday.

    The man, identified as C.R., was implicated in an incident that occurred last Thursday at an army checkpoint in the province of Nigde, the English-language version of the Hürriyet newspaper reported online.

    He was with two alleged accomplices, a German-Chinese and a Macedonian in a pickup truck, Swiss media said.

    “I did a good deed by killing the Turkish gendarmerie soldier,” the Swiss man, originally from Kosovo, told police, the Dogan News Agency said.

    A soldier and a policeman were killed in the attack, the agency said.

    “I don’t render an account to anyone but Allah,” the Swiss suspect said.

    “I will not give any testimony — you are all pagans,” he was quoted as saying.

    He reportedly said that Turkey was considered an enemy for being a Nato member….”

  2. Man held in Turkish killings not Swiss: report (thelocal, March 27, 2014)

    “The 23-year-old man implicated in the killing of three people and wounding of five others in Turkey last week is not Swiss, a newspaper in Switzerland reported on Thursday.

    Le Temps said, contrary to Turkish reports, the alleged killer does not have a Swiss passport and lost his C residency permit after spending three years in a prison in Lenzburg in the canton of Aargau.

    The man, described in Swiss media as a jihadist, was arrested with two accomplices, a Macedonian and German.

    The three men were in a pickup truck last Thursday at a Turkish army checkpoint in the province of Nigde in the centre of Turkey when the attack occurred.

    “I did a good deed by killing the Turkish gendarmerie soldier,” the man later told police, the Dogan News Agency said.

    Identified by his initials, C.R., he is alleged to have killed a policeman, a soldier and another person.

    Le Temps said he was originally from the Balkans and had lost his residency permit for Switzerland.

    Because of the “serious risk* he posed to the security of Switzerland, he was expelled from the country and his C permit was revoked, the newspaper said.

    It cited the Federal Migration Office confirming this information….”

  3. # 2. The table mentions Yugoslavia, that’s strange since it doesn’t exist anymore. This is probable whitewashing of individual parts, I.e. Bosnia, Serbia, and Kosovo likewise. No. One holds a Yugoslav passport so the information has definitely been distorted.

  4. It is not fair to blame Muslims for criminal behaviour, when all they are doing is Jihad, as mandated by allah and his prophet.

  5. Exposed: Obama states Kosovo left Serbia only after referendum, but there was NO referendum at all

    Barack Obama’s speech on Ukrainian crisis seems to have left the public confused as he claimed that Kosovo broke away from Serbia “after a referendum”. But attentive listeners quickly pointed Obama’s gaps in history – there was no referendum in Kosovo.

    President Obama was speaking Wednesday at The Center for Fine Arts in the heart of Brussels, Belgium, and was telling the youth crowd mostly about Russian-Ukrainian conflict over the strategic Crimean Peninsula.

    He lashed out at Russia for “violation of international law, its assault on Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

    Obama recalled the conflict around Kosovo and NATO’s involvement, making a counter-argument to Russia officials’ statements, in which they cited Kosovo independence from Serbia in 2008 as the precedent.

    He said: “And Kosovo only left Serbia after a referendum was organized not outside the boundaries of international law, but in careful cooperation with the United Nations and with Kosovo’s neighbors. None of that even came close to happening in Crimea.”

    The RT commentator pointed out that speech writers should do their research before giving speech to the president. But I think this is not the case here. These days, it is more important to rebut using a lie, knowing full well that a majority of people will believe without bothering to fact check. Polls are all that matter.

  6. Thanks for this dp 111.

    You have to compare Obama s speech with Putin s, different league of speech writers!

    Today’s France

    Extract from le Monde

    ” Anyway, racism, it is finished in twenty years, is persuaded Bachir, who cannot vote as he doesn’t have French nationality. The one who is a racist today, his daughter or his girl tomorrow will get married to Arabic or black. ” ” It is clear “, answers Mounir with its sunglasses. ” Look I. My girl friend,is French. At first,her father, we didn’t get on, but now it’s getting better. On the other hand, her grandparents “. ” If the FN makes the city live able again, so much the better “, concludes Bachir, before going to see if a customer has dropped in his hairdressing salon.

    Notice it’s the use of daughter, not a frenchman marrying a magrebi woman!

  7. Lena

    Our political masters have brought the West to an abysmal state. Its a pity, but a lot of people are going to suffer as a consequence.

  8. Outrage as judge claims: ‘Muslims feel they can beat their wives’

    A judge has caused outrage after saying he thinks “Muslims feel they can actually beat their wives” during the trial of a Somali man accused of burglary at his former wife’s house.

    Judge Anthony Halpin’s comments made before a packed courtroom yesterday caused a government minister and the Immigrant Council of Ireland to say he needs to immediately clarify or withdraw the remark made during a criminal case.

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