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15 Replies to “Israel deploys “Iron Beam” laser based defense system.”

  1. Carter Complains Obama Doesn’t Call Him For Advice

    Jimmy Carter has been very active in the decades since his presidency, and his successors have occasionally called for his advice. Except, it turns out, the current occupant of the office. A clip from Carter’s upcoming Meet the Press interview reveals that President Obama is the first president since Carter left office not to solicit the Southern Democrat’s advice.

  2. In the time of Mohammed, the Jews were known as good weapons-makers. That, and their money, were probably why Mohammed got so cheesed-off at them when they refused to join his little religion. That, by the way, is the real reason there’s a problem in Palestine. It has nothing whatsoever to do with Israeli “occupation” or anything like that. It’s all about a 1400-year-old slight to an evil warlord’s ego. No kidding!

  3. The Laser system is a Line of Sight system. Scattering and attenuation will reduce the effective range on top of the inverse square law

    To be effective, it will have to be mounted on a missile.

    Of course, there are simple countermeasures that can be deployed.

  4. Well, it’s not feasible to mount similar lasers on missiles, simply because it would require a pretty huge missile to carry such a system. (We still have to work on miniaturization of these devices). However, for the purpose of neutralizing the crude rockets that jihadists launch at Israel, these ground-based laser systems can be effective, I suppose. Cheaper too, and that is good for economy.

  5. I understand the thermal blooming problem was fixed when micro computers got bigger and could adjusts the focus to compensate.

  6. There is no “inverse square law” with lasers. That law applies to point light sources and the reduction of flux the further away from it, the amount of lux falling upon a surface.

    The fact we have a video of graphics rather than watching an actual event, does not bode well for the technology to date to transfer enough energy to the target to excite it in a split second to disable it.

  7. Perfect child

    Inverse square law applies but the gain of the antenna has to be put into the expression. For scattering, inverse square law applies.

  8. Isn’t it possible that showing an event would actually give up too much information? For example if the laser is a certain hue of blue then coloring the rockets the same shade might make them considerably more resistant to the laser’s effect. Its also possible that the laser is invisible and makes for a very poor demonstration. Its certainly also possible that it doesn’t really work yet.

  9. Vlad you are right, often demonstrating a new weapons gives your enemies enough data to work on a defense against that weapon.

    Yucki I hope they do.

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