News links for March 18 2014 – 3

1. Muslim woman, 22, who refused to remove niqab in court jailed for six months for terrorising mosque security guard because he allowed non-Muslim women inside

A Muslim convert who refused to remove her niqab in court was jailed for six months today after she terrorised a mosque security guard because he allowed non-Muslim women inside without veils. Last week Rebekah Dawson, 22, was sentenced to 20 months at the Old Bailey for making three videos glorifying the murder of Fusilier Lee Rigby while her husband Royal Barnes, 23, was jailed for five years and four months.

2. IDF FOOTAGE: Palestinian Islamic Jihad Fires Mortar at Israel   

3. Police: More than 2,000 child grooming tip-offs in 10 months 

A new system set up a year ago – in the wake of the town’s sexual exploitation scandal – has kept track of every single piece of intelligence passed to officers relating to the crime.

It means police can form a better picture of potential victims and offenders, while helping to protect children and spot trends.

The figures, which have been analysed for Stockport MP Ann Coffey, who is investigating how agencies have responded to the scandal, show 2,286 pieces of intelligence have been received in the 10 months to January from worried members of the public, teachers, social workers and officers. And 693 of those were in Rochdale.

(Remember. This is JUST for Manchester)

4. Missing Malaysia MH370: Search planes grounded by ‘red tape’

(Video at source)

18 March 2014 Last updated at 12:17 GMT The aerial search for missing Malaysia Airlines MH370 flight has been hampered by refusal from Indonesia to let planes overfly their territory.

5. Report: CIA suspends chief of Iran operations

The division arranges and oversees spying on Iran and its nuclear program.

6. Netherlands: Muslim rapper threatens to murder Geert Wilders

7. Activists at U-M trying to force engineering students to study race and ethnicity

A proposal, drafted by members of the Central Student Government, aims to reform the requirement that all students in the College of Literature, Science and the Arts study race and ethnicity before graduation. Moving forward, all students–even those in the Colleges of Engineering andBusiness would be forced to take a class with a racial component, if the proposal were approved by faculty.

(This is the purest form of Marxism I have seen so far in a Western school)

Thank you UK Pete, Yucki, Gaia, Fjordman and all. More to come.

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  1. #3 with so many child-abuse reports… And such an easy profile of the perpetrators… Yet, I know, why not have a centralized register of all adults over 14 who must annually submit a GBI form to the police? Sorry, Guilty Before Innocent background check that disbars a person from going out after dark when their name they paid for is checked against a database. It is self-funding and pays for a Committee. There’s all your stats and complete surveillance of the population. Thank you Islam for allowing the Communists to move in so quickly, when it may have taken them decades. That’s why the Socialists brought in the Mohammedans. To make the masses give it up for free-speech in return for peace.

  2. #7 The far left is in control of the white house and the Senate, they think fraudulent voting will allow them to continue control and force the US into full communism. We are seeing more and more reports of actions like this.

    Here is an example of the leftist actions, the ATF has ruled that the metal receivers are not guns and purchasers don’t have to have background checks, they have also ruled that the plastic receivers are guns and background checks must be carried out. The ATF wanted the customer list of all who ordered plastic receivers, a court issued a restraining order on the ATF forbidding them to seize the customer list until a court hearing was held on the double standard. The ATF went ahead with the raid and seized the customer list.

    More ignoring the law and common sense.

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