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3 Replies to “Caroline Glick on CBN speaks to the Israeli-Palestinian issue.”

  1. Caroline’s solution is not quite right, good though it is.
    A one-state solution will only work if Islam is disinfected and removed as well. The Palestinians don’t just need to live under Israeli law, they need to be completely weaned off Mohammed’s disease. Islam needs to be outlawed from every square inch of Israel. I don’t care if the Arabs, the Iranians or the rest of the World burst blood vessels when this happens. Islam is the real evil behind all of this!

  2. More on that “Trojan Horse.”

    Forced out by fanatics: Head teachers reveal how they’ve been bullied, smeared and driven from their jobs for resisting Islamic extremists (dailymail, March 19, 2014)

    “Erica Connor’s eyes widen as she reads the four-page letter purportedly outlining a plot by Muslim fundamentalists to take over state education.

    It brings back terrible memories for the former headmistress who won £400,000 in compensation after religious zealots forced her out of the primary school she loved in the English Home Counties.

    ‘It’s a letter that makes me realise nothing has changed in our schools,’ she tells us with a sad smile. ‘Muslim extremists used an identical strategy to get rid of me and nearly ruined my life.’

    At the height of the vicious campaign to oust petite, impeccably dressed Erica as head of New Monument school in Woking, Surrey, she faced vile abuse from school governors and was smeared as a racist hater of Islam in a parents’ petition.

    She was even advised by police to carry a personal alarm in case she was physically attacked. One evening, she only narrowly escaped a skirmish with youths who surrounded her threateningly in the playground at the school…”

  3. @ Softly Bob: “…they need to be completely weaned off Mohammed’s disease…”

    I’m afraid, I think it’s a terminal disease.

    Am a great fan of Caroline Glick who is also behind the exquisite Latma TV. Perhaps the extraordinary Jewish sense of humour is one of the reasons, the laughter-less tards want to kill them.

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