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12 Replies to “BREAKING: More evidence that the missing aircraft was diverted”

  1. I would suspect more the computer generated turn was done by the pilot or someone else in the cockpit who had access to the flight controller to set the flight path. Not exactly something you could do from the cabin with COTS computer gear. I do a lot of automotive OBDII hacking and almost all these systems are proprietary, and require detailed knowledge of how it works to get in and reflash or otherwise reprogram them. I would think a commercial jetliner is 1,000,000x more complex and difficult to get into unless your on the plane and in the cockpit.

    Screams of Captain Jihad or a trained passenger overtaking the cockpit. More sophisticated than 9/11 for sure, and that alone makes it all the more scary. Hijacked without even knowing it.

  2. Kenya arrests two after bombs ‘found in car’ (BBC, March 18, 2014)

    “Police in the Kenyan port city of Mombasa say they have arrested two people who were driving a car with two improvised bombs hidden inside it.

    The suspects, one Kenyan and the other of Somali origin, were planning to attack an unspecified target, they say.

    The arrests followed a tip off, a police official added.

    Kenya is on a heightened state of alert after militants from Somalia’s al-Shabab Islamist group attacked a shopping centre in Nairobi last year…”

  3. Afghan suicide bombing at market leaves many dead (BBC, March 18, 2014)

    “A suicide bomb attack in northern Afghanistan has killed at least 15 people including women and children, officials have told the BBC.

    Another 27 were wounded in the attack in Maymana, the capital of Faryab province, Provincial Governor Mohammadullah Batash said.

    The bomber is believed to have detonated his explosives near the entrance to a busy market.

    The attack comes as Afghans prepare to hold presidential elections on 5 April.

    No group has so far said it carried out the bombing.

    However, Taliban insurgents and the al-Qaeda affiliated group the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan are active in the region…”

  4. Bracing article in this morning’s Jerusalem Post by Caroline Glick.

    “With a five-and-half-year record of selling US allies like Poland, the Czech Republic and even the Syrian opposition out to please Putin, it should be obvious that Obama will do nothing effective to show Putin the error of his ways in Ukraine.

    Obama doesn’t have a problem with Putin.

    And as long as Putin remains anti-American, he will have no reason to be worried about Obama.
    Consider Libya. Three years ago this week, NATO forces supported by the US began their campaign to bring down Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi.”

    According to “Al-Jazeera”, Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie was brought down by IRAN, not Libya. This is a stretch, but Glick uses that assertion as a springboard.

    “Since its inception, the Iranian regime has been at war with the US. It has carried out one act of aggression after another. These have run the gamut from the storming of the US Embassy in Tehran and holding hostage US diplomats for 444 days, to the use of Lebanese and Palestinian proxies to murder US officials, citizens and soldiers in countless attacks over the intervening 35 years, to building a military presence in Latin America, to developing nuclear weapons.

    And from its earliest days, the same Iranian regime has been courted by one US administration after another seeking to accommodate Tehran.

    A similar situation obtains with the Palestinians. Like the Iranians, the PLO has carried out countless acts of terrorism that have killed US officials and citizens.

    From the 1970 Fatah execution of the US ambassador and deputy chief of mission in Khartoum to the 2003 bombing of the US embassy convoy in Gaza, the PLO has never abandoned terrorism against the US.”

    The sense of the article is Debka-esque, but it makes for a good read.

    “Why Obama will not change gears”

  5. The FMS (flight management system) computers are designed in such a way that all flight-plan/profile changes must be entered and confirmed by the pilots in the cockpit ONLY. It’s fairly easy, but there is no way to control the flight management computers remotely, or from the passenger cabin. It’s a security feature.

  6. Yeah is is looking more and more like a hijacking with the plane being landed to be reconfigured for some type of a terror attack, I say terror attack although this could be a more sophisticated version of the piracy of freighters to rename and reflag them for your own country. Either way we are witnessing the world move further into a Dark Age and a new era of in flight danger.

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